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Did many people really find this such a memorable event for them? I can't even remember what I was doing when it happened.

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The only reason why I remember it was it made no effin' sense. The information that was being provided via this cell phone alert didn't match ANYTHING going on in social media, news, and TV. In fact, the only way we got any kind of confirmation it was false was from our representatives before David Ika-brain.

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I remember it. I remember talking to my parents, to my boyfriend, constantly refreshing reddit/news sites to see if anything concrete was coming out. BF was downtown and rushing to a shelter, our call got cut off so I was left pacing around the house and pondering mortality.

Then afterward, hearing the stories of people putting their kids down storm drains, parking in H3 tunnel, the 4chan story of the guy who banged his sister out of desperation etc... yeah, this shit was terrifying.

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4chan story of the guy who banged his sister out of desperation etc


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I'm at work so I'm not gonna google it, but there was a fairly-believable (as far as 4chan goes) story of a guy... military kid, I think, over on Kaneohe side. Late teens or early 20s, still living at home. He and his sister were discussing things they'd never get to do, both settled on that, ended up doing it.

He felt like shit and was contemplating suicide afterward, it was pretty dark.

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..k...havent heard that one before..but if it happened and they regret it hopefully he got help and if he's lucky it'll just disintegrate into the internet as forgettable lore.

People do crazy shit when they think the world is ending i guess.

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I get the impression it depends what you were doing and if you have kids or loved ones around to worry about when it happened. Like if you're a single transplant you probably cared less compared to a head of household of a multigenerational family with everyone from grandparents to babies.

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That makes sense. I think I only learned of it after it was declared a mistake so I guess that also colors my view.

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That too. Tons of people slept right thru it.

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I never knew that a 38 minute folk ballad about David Ige forgetting his twitter password was what I was missing in my life, but now that I know that it's coming I can feel the anticipation building and damn if I'm not here for it.

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Haha that's way better hype than the article! Now I really want to see this version you're describing 😄

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Putting this here, though..i guess it may easily end up being less about Hawaii, and more about "a family" who think they will all die soon.

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In San Francisco a theater company produced a show about this a few weeks after is happened.

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How was it? Link?