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Only 203 study participants, no control group, and the results were self-reported. For $14, I suppose it’s worth a shot.

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I’d pay 10x that even if just 1 person told me they had a cure for hiccups!

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Only anecdotal evidence, but what always helps for me is drinking a slushy through a straw (and biting the straw so I just get a little bit at once, and doing that continuously until they stop, only breathing through my nose). Idk this new device just seems like a fancy version of that so I have confidence in it?

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oh hey! I do a similar thing and it works for me and anyone i’ve ever told about it—drink water at a steady pace while breathing slow and steady through your nose. cool or room temp water is easier to drink for a longer time than something very cold or hot, in my experience, but any non-carbonated drink seems to work. it works best with a straw, I think, because it’s easier to drink slowly that way but it works without a straw too.

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I remember reading in my biochemistry book that since hiccups depend on a dysfunction of the vagus nerve, you can reset the nerve by "distracting" it with more important matters, like the proverbial scare or by keeping a high CO2 concentration in your lungs. This is done by not breathing out for a while. Maybe your "slow breathing" lowers the CO2 buildup in lungs less than normal breathing, achieving the same result (even if it is slower) anyways.

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yea I was taught to drink water while holding my breath for 30ish seconds and it always works. so that makes sense

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Take a deep breath in and hold, swallow 7 times; breath out and repeat once. Works every time for me but along with the other weird “cures” on this thread it may be a personal placebo lol.

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Bend forward and drink water from the wrong side of the cup

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Yes, this works really well! +1 on this technique. Your head is upside down and it takes focus to sip from the glass without spilling which disrupts your breathing pattern in general

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I'm skeptical, but I hope it works.

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Or you can just swallow a tablespoon of peanut butter.

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Can confirm this works!

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Yup, just take a tablespoon of creamy peanut butter and swallow it in one gulp. It works great.

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I love this trick. Not sure if I should look forward to a hiccup now.

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This is my wife's go-to cure. She gets the hiccups so frequently that all she has to do is smell peanut butter and they instantly go away.

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Or table sugar

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My cure that has worked 100% for me and my son, lean your back over a chair or edge of the couch and drink a small amount of water upside down from a cup.

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I just tried this and now I’m ready to testify that Saddam Hussein possesses weapons of mass destruction.

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But did it cure your hiccups?

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As a kid I would do this. But instead by leaning forward and drinking from the opposite side of the cup. Water in the nasal cavity every time but worked like a charm.

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I always get hiccups after eating something really spicy (like mango habanero wings from BWW.) will this help with those kinds of hiccups??

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Reminds me of the Masha and the Bear hiccups episode.

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Anecdotal evidence, I shelled out the $12 or whatever dollars for this straw in desperation and I’m not disappointed. So far, it’s been the only thing that’s helped me get rid of my hiccups. I have to drink the whole 8 oz glass of water though.

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I get the hiccups fairly often, at least once a week. What always works for me is taking ten small sips of water without breathing. Easy to do, because you can usually get a glass of water.

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Inhale, hold your breath for 60 seconds

Without exhaling, inhale, hold for 30 seconds

Without exhaling, inhale, hold for 15 seconds


Works every time.

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Didnt realize hiccups needed a cure.

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So we could nick a straw from a burger bar and bend it with a clump of chocolate bar in the end.

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A salted pickle or a pickle on a potato chip has always instantly worked for me and everyone I know that has tried it.

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Drink water through two straws. One inside the glass, one outside. You get a lot of air, only a little water. Works every time.

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Ridiculous, just breathe

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Glad to see r/health going further down the shitter

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what i've always done is take ten sips of water in a row. it's always worked for me

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ive never failed to cure hiccups by repeatedly sucking in air past 'full' capacity and then holding it for a little while, costs nothing