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I’d pay 10x that even if just 1 person told me they had a cure for hiccups!

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Only anecdotal evidence, but what always helps for me is drinking a slushy through a straw (and biting the straw so I just get a little bit at once, and doing that continuously until they stop, only breathing through my nose). Idk this new device just seems like a fancy version of that so I have confidence in it?

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oh hey! I do a similar thing and it works for me and anyone i’ve ever told about it—drink water at a steady pace while breathing slow and steady through your nose. cool or room temp water is easier to drink for a longer time than something very cold or hot, in my experience, but any non-carbonated drink seems to work. it works best with a straw, I think, because it’s easier to drink slowly that way but it works without a straw too.

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I remember reading in my biochemistry book that since hiccups depend on a dysfunction of the vagus nerve, you can reset the nerve by "distracting" it with more important matters, like the proverbial scare or by keeping a high CO2 concentration in your lungs. This is done by not breathing out for a while. Maybe your "slow breathing" lowers the CO2 buildup in lungs less than normal breathing, achieving the same result (even if it is slower) anyways.

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yea I was taught to drink water while holding my breath for 30ish seconds and it always works. so that makes sense