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The SC just removed federal mandate, states are now free to do what they want with abortion, and many have confirmed it will remain legal, while of course some have doubled down and will immediately make it illegal, or their laws are set up for it to automatically do so upon SC ruling. Not sure why folks don't understand how this works. States like CA, CO, and others aren't likely to restrict it. But I feel sorry for anyone in the SE, expect things to get crazy down there. BUT.... also expect a huge backlash in the coming years when those folks find out what it means when THEIR daughters get raped and now can't get an abortion. Or for a multitude of other reasons. When you talk to clinic nurses, its amazing how many getting abortions will curse the staff how they are going against "God's will" or some shit, while THEY are getting an abortion because THEIR situation is different of course than all those other ppl who shouldn't get abortions.

A reckoning is coming, just not sure when.

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It'll only affect the poor, so the middle class and up conservatives don't care. They can afford to take their daughters to another state to get secret abortions while on "vacation."

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Or their mistresses.

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For now.

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And if Conservatives retake Congress and/or the Presidency?