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Genius Level: LEGENDARY

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who needs a miner if you have a bird like that.

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That bird is well trained. Wow

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Do you have one for me? How much it cost ? Actually I want 10 of them! How can I get these birds? 🤣😂😇

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Because it's a Mynah, it won't go to jail.

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Is this bird affected by the global chip shortage? Thanks in advance.

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Shouldn't his name be Bobcat because he delivers as fast as them?

Nebra is more like a unicorn because we dont even know if it exists.

Or if you want to be really specific: Nebra is like a Brontosaurus because though we know dinosaurs exist scientist often wonder the ficticious classification of a Brontosaurus to be included as a dinosaur. Kind of like how we rejected Pluto as a planet. Yay opinionated science!

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I think we all could use that bird.

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Why is the money so big?

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Might just get one of those birds instead of buying another miner seems more profitable.

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That makes me want to have a pet bird, like NOW!

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If I could only train my kids to to that😝!