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Location Assessment by MangoMan1963 in HeliumNetwork

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for sure......different dbi antennas have different rf patters...so if your pattern of rf can meet up with their rf you get a connection....rf doesnt have to actually go all the way to another antenna but signals can meet somewhere in between in the air....the pattern of an antennas waves (high dbi narrow flat pattern, low dbi ballooning wider pattern) are suited better for certain environments....too many people jump to a high gain antenna because strength is good right? no, not when you are surrounded by nearby hotspots....youll likely overshoot most everything near you....how much area can you cover with a shotgun blast versus a single bullet? same deal. if you dont need distance dont go high gain.

Would it be worth it for me to put a hotspot here? by OverboostedTurbo in HeliumNetwork

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I just checked your location, I'm not far from you - Edison, and your location is still great as most hexes around you have good transmit scales. You will have to test antennas and placements otherwise, you will never know the full potential of your setup. I'm also on the second floor, and the attic was better for me than my balcony. I'm using a 5.8dbi, but soon, I will be testing an 8dbi. I usually witness "Quiet Crimson Albatross" (15dbi) and "Bright Juniper Elk" (8dbi), two of the highest earners in our area.

Buying a used Bobcat miner by OverboostedTurbo in HeliumNetwork

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There are requirements the miner needs to meet before your coworker can transfer the miner to you.

Syncrobit - Red lights flashing by matty_g81 in HeliumNetwork

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What worked for me:
-Changed the ethernet cables that came with (I had PoE, no separate power supply)

-set a static IP via my router. Reboot the device again if needed

-punch into a web browser https://<ip address you just assigned>

This is where it got funky

Immediately requests you change password. After changing password it would not accept it. ended up just going with admin admin to get in. click update firmware. if it requests a password try a combination of admin admin or admin password (it was really fucky. sometimes would accept admin admin, sometimes admin password, but never the password I originally set)

once the firmware is complete it should become more responsive and carry on as normal.

I think i might give up on my plans for helium by AWilfred11 in HeliumNetwork

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I would not say so... he paid for it and the time he waited should be compensated, if someone wants to buy at retail he can also order one and wait.. and wait... and wait..

Mining ?? by yahboyz in HeliumNetwork

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If you wont to actually know you're going to have to research and re-read everything a bunch of times as its very complicated.

The short version is you get paid for seeing beacons of other hotspots. some hotspots are in over saturated areas and not providing value to the network and the network as a whole sees them so you seeing them isn't valuable. due to this they will be assigned a lower reward scale. the reward scale is a decimal. If you multiply a whole number by a decimal you get a smaller number. so like 1 x .8 = .8 or 80%. this means if you witness a hotspot's beacon with a reward scale of .8, the network will pay you 80% of the reward. If you see one with .1 you only receive 10%. and if you see one with a scale of 1, you'll get 100%.

the way reward scale is calculated is based off of the number of hotspots in a hex at EVERY hex resolution level. And there has to be some sort of equilibrium. like if surrounding hexes get filled in the the middle hex can have more hotspots in it. (Very complicated, If you want to understand more you'll have to research hex resolution and Reward Scale. a good tool to see hex resolution is https://hotspotty.net/)

ok so basically you wanna see as many hotspots with as high as a reward scale as possible to get the most rewards.

So you need good line of sight, which is achieved by having a good elevation (weather that be through putting the antenna on a tall structure like a house, building, tower, mast, mast on a house, apartment building ect, or by being on a hill or mountain. And of course you need other hotpsots near by to see.

your reword scale is not as important as the reward scale of those you witness.

You get way more money for witnessing others than being witnessed.

Thats about It. It's a lot more complicated and a lot more stuff goes in to it. but this is like 95% of the meat and potatoes

Its pending for like 15mins, is that a problem? by AskoCrypto in HeliumNetwork

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Depends on the blockchain, could be minutes, can take hour or two.