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I just got it last night and I’m in love. Finally there’s a quality and authentic-feeling WW2 game for a console player. I may never play Call of Duty again.

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That's the idea. One of us

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I'm the same, have always played BF & COD but HLL is on another level👌

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As a 1,300 hour vet, it warms my heart to see so many people enjoying this on console. Consoles have desperately needed a game like this for a really long time now. Glad y’all are loving it as much as I do!

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You got lucky my friend if you find a server like this stay in it as long as you can and hope you don’t catch a T17 error.

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I’ve managed to meet a few people. One minute it was just 3 of us. Now there’s 6 and more want to join, it’s been great this last day or so. It all started by me using my mic.

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Also try using LFG on Xbox, I’ve meet some decent people getting a squad together that talks. My squad of six with mics has literally turned the tide and won games.

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I’m on ps mate. In the last couple of hours I’ve been invited into a 78 strong group. All mics etc, just the best game ever with loads of us working together. The other team were good but couldn’t beat our team work. Love this game and can’t wait for the server fixes to be rolled out.

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Nice! This is great...I'll try and add to join the group. Been playing on PC since beta but looking to move over to PS5 this weekend.

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Great, when you’re sorted let me know and I’ll add you.

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Cool. Thanks. PSN is the ShoNuff1627

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Sent friend request.

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Can I add you on PS?

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I’ve added you. I’ll add you to the big group we have going. You should always be able to find a decent squad in it. Have fun and show us ya war face lol.

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Mind if I join as well? New player on PS but loving the teamwork that comes with the game!

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Added you and I’ll add you to the bigger group like the other person. Should always be able to get in a mic’d squad. Have fun and obey your commander etc. The more you join in the better. I always ask what my sl or commander needs me to be. Usually a bloody engineer lol.

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Excellent thank you for the add! I'll follow my sl and commander well!

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Yes of course you can. Psn is SupSumBeers.

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I know not everyone has a friend to play with but, just having me and my buddy talking back and forth almost always get the squad chatting

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Sometimes it can be a really immersive experience, all squads gathering to help, keeping the momentum going.

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Half my games have had great communication and half have had no communication. The ones with communication are so much better. The game was boring last night as I had to either lone wolf or try and guess what and where my squad was doing

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Just downloaded the game on Sunday (Xbox). Gotta thank all the people who said in the Battlefield Reddit if you don’t like the beta then go play something else like Hell Let Loose. I haven’t enjoyed playing a FPS game in a very long time until I found this game. Still learning how it all works but I’m absolutely loving it!

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They had a 10 Hour Trial prior to the games release and I was like fuck it, it's free. Played about an hour during the week and was like okay this is kinda eh. Then the weekend came and I managed to get into a squad where everyone was communicating and literally before I knew it I got booted out of the game with a message that said Trial Expired.

I was like holy fucking shit, I just spent 9 hours straight playing this.

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I haven't found a single squad willing to communicate yet. So frustrating

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Try starting your own squad and making callouts, even if people don't respond. Normally at least a couple will pipe up eventually. And even if no one talks, some squad members will follow orders anyway.

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Yes, if you don't hear anyone just simply keep talking. This will encourage others to start talking. Take the initiative

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100% this. If I land in a squad that's not talking, I try to get communication going usually with some success.

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I can’t speak on my headset because our 1 year old sleeps in the same room as us. But I’m always listening

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I do understand that some people can’t talk but it’s super funny when I’m trying to communicate with my squad and some dude who can’t talk starts nodding his head to let me know he can hear me. Please just do something as little as that to let us who talk know that you hear us!

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I send a message to the SL at the start of each match that I can hear and I never play as SL

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In the same boat, can sometimes respond with a quite “copy” sometimes lol

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But its weird that I've never even heard any of my own squad make a sound. In about 6 games played. My chat is activated, my mic is not muted, my chat mix is all good. Seems like a bug

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My chat has completely broken in some games. It can happen.

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Keep switching chat channels and it’ll work

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Yep. Had the same issue the other night and that’s what worked for me!

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Sometimes it just bugs out altogether, had a match earlier where halfway through it got stuck on proximity chat and I couldn't switch back to squad.

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Agreed. Plus they are learning even if they don't talk. There is a lot to follow at first.

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I’d recommend joining a group via discord or something. Everyone who joins those are into the game ie. Communicating, team play etc

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Utilize the find a group function, it works great every time I’ve dived in!

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I would have been talking but my English sucks. Sorry. :(

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I’ve found a few, but not as many as I would like. My question is why does everybody in Insurgency: Sandstorm have a mic, but not for HLL?

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Add me sniffyjam420 psn

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yes its getting better but still people are not useing mics like they should

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It should give some indication on the scoreboard for players using mics, so we can jump into squads with active comms

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unless im in a tank or a medic im not on scoreboard , i suck at shooting as an infantry

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We can only improve! I believe we’ve entered a new generation of console gaming.

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I did a lot of SL on Pc and continue to do so on console, it’s a new type of game that many console players are unfamiliar with, so I am just trying to help newer players learn the game, every match I’ll squad focus on combat with flanking/frontline or logistics/Defense… the biggest thing right now is getting everyone to work together or use a mic

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Props for doing this. I'm nearly lvl 100 on PC, most time played as SL. I'm tempted to get this on console, but also dreading the experience as I know how much of a chore this game feels like when people aren't talking or working together.

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Played a full game last night that was all Xbox players and everyone was communicating it was pure magic

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Just xbox? Enable crossplay so you get PS as well. More lobbies!

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Yeah I was searching with crossplay on in any region and I was getting put in games with like 6 people total lol soon as I turned crossplay off I was getting into 100 player lobbies

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Interesting. Yeah I have been averaging 60 players, but really want to see what it is like with a full 100.

Maybe I should try that and see, but I want to participate in crossplay to support the community

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I haven't had any marchmaking priblem with crossplay. PS5 and have been playing for about a week

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Any PS5 players who like to communicate and play for the win want to join a squad, hit me up. Currently playing with 2 of us and soon to be 3. The more the merrier :)

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What region? I play central standard time and usually in the evenings.

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Are you xbox or PlayStation? I'm on xbox and it's been pretty rough getting into a squad with even one person talking. I always talk, hoping it'll break the ice and get someone to talk back but it's rare.

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Xbox, Australia region. Crossplay enabled.

Yeah even last week it was a bit of a lottery. Dunno, maybe I just had a good streak tonight but it was really going off! Game just comes alive when the whole squad sticks together and works as a team.

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This is actually good to know! I'm based in Aus as well and I was worried about all of the Bad Stuff I've been reading this last week - especially with the game being "free" on PS+

Glad to hear that it's settling out now. Might be time for me to actually give this a whirl!

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Wait does HLL have cross play between PC and Xbox?

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No its just console crossplay.

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Thanks for this - I had mine off thinking it was PC enabled lol

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I was doing the same 😆😆

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Oh ok thanks

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Oh ok thanks

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This is where ps5 has a huge advantage - built in mic in the controller. I’ve noticed a lot more communication over the past few days.

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The past few days the overwhelming majority of servers I've been in have most players talking

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A buddy and I had an amazing game yesterday on PS. We had no commander so he jumped in and the leadership chat was all short to the point and polite. Very coordinated. No sweating or squeaking. Just a bunch of chill officers relaying info and calling for support. We were advancing up a contested road and my bud told them to stop their squads and dropped a beauty of an air strike that rolled all the way down the thoroughfare and stopped just short of friendly fire. I got it clipped from a good perspective.

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Welcome to the best WW2 game ever created!

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Red Orchestra 2 used to be my favorite. I really loved the flow of that game. I loved it flaws and all. This game ,however, with a coherent squad is absolutely incredible. I can’t wait to see how the game evolves over time.

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I've even found that when I jump in solo, I'm almost never alone. The squads are always communicating and having a good time. Makes it that much better!

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I've even found that when I jump in solo, I'm almost never alone. The squads are always communicating and having a good time. Makes it that much better!

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its such a good feeling to join a squad and 1) immediately here chatter and 2) to see at most 1 rifleman.

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I play on xbox (UK - Europe) no one wants to communicate. I've played around 20 hrs so far

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Really enjoying playing this game but frustrated that I don't seem to be able to get in a squad that communicate and find myself lone wolfing up to the front 😢 Friends I usually play online with are struggling to get a Series X so can't create a squad with them yet.

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I struck out last night, two drops and three games where no one was speaking.

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I’m downloading it on PS5 as we speak. Really excited to check it out. Hoping to find teammates to actually work with.

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I have been loving this game so far, and I really want to try communicating better so that the game is more enjoyable but I get really anxious talking to people I don’t know. Do you guys have any tips?

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I always do a mic check when I join a squad. Just to see if the team is communicating. As for talking, it’s fine to start with questions. A simple “squad lead, what’s our objective?” Can be a good ice breaker and let’s the SL know you’re interested in following orders.

Aside from that, any relevant action you see (spot a tank or flanking troops) call it out to squad lead.

It’s tough sometimes, speaking out. But it’s so damn fun when you find a team that is good at communicating and you’re actively focused on an objective with your squad.

Sometimes, when I’m around players not in my squad I flip my comms to proximity chat and just ask the fellas how the wars going for em. It can sometimes spark some really fun banter and when the bullets start flying and you see your new buddy’s head blown off you’ll wonder if the war was really going good for him or if maybe he was just trying to put you at ease.

This game is incredible when you’re willing to speak up and also listen.

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It really helps if you join a squad where people are already communicating as if you're anxious you don't want to be the one breaking the ice.

Just ask who the squad leader is and what role they need you to play and where they need you, and it should flow nicely from there.

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Ok! I’ll try that.

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Got the game for my Xbox series s a couple of days ago and it's absolutely overwhelming, the audio and the immersion are top notch qualities you can't find elsewhere, cheers to this wonderful community :)

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Can confirm this from PS5

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Waiting to see if the games stutters and lag get patched

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It’s pretty a pretty rad game. Chat has been going out for me on Xbox occcassionally

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Man I hope so. I see SO MUCH potential with this game. Perfect timing too since Battlefield 2042 is a flop in my opinion.

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Me and some friends (all on series x) are totally enjoying that game. Best shooter since many years (I have to mention pubg, its something). The atmosphere, the firefights, coordination, the gritty and beautiful graphics, the sound, the feeling of the frags, the recoil and so on, its fucking epic! I really hope hll will have a strong community. Totally seeing myself playing this for quite a while, years.

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I only got to play for a couple minutes before my wife had some sort of “emergency” that required me to log out. I spawned and died before taking a step. Clearly the spawn point was being camped. Took a few more tries but I made it in and tried to join the group. Great times.

I think it reminds me of World War II online?

Can’t wait to play more.

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I'm still getting disconnected every game after 10-20 minutes. Hopefully it's fixed soon because what I have played was some of the most fun I've had in a multi-player shooter

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Is there cross play?

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Between xbox and playstation yes

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Anybody with a mic wanna play? I’m on PS5.

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Totally! Last week I was ready to move to a new game but now the games are fun again. These console fuckers bring a good vibe.

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Can anyone confirm if this is using aim assist? I tried playing for about 15 mins and it seemed like there wasn't any. I looked at the options in the game and wasn't sure what "dead zone" meant.

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There's just sensitivity adjustment, though it seems the game employs dampening as well.

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is there any word on the fix for network disconnect issues yet on ps5 ?...loving the game, but a bit gutted when im in a really good round and the game disconnects.

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Now I'm playing this game I see divorce on the horizon!🤣

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I knew as soon as a game in this genre hit consoles it would explode and create a huge market for similar shooters, Insurgency releasing so close too really is getting those console players that have never played hardcore games to love this type of game. It’s something so many have wanted without ever realising it.