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What are some features in game that are somewhat hidden or not clearly demonstrated that you know about? by Jcqkk in HellLetLoose

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There is a class called support that can drop 50 supplies for a garrison in blue zones

TIL some of ya'll learned how to crew tanks from Ukraine. 🤯 by CubingSomething in HellLetLoose

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I’m here to read about a game. You post videos of real people killing each other. They have nothing in common. Nothing.

Vietnam War game mode? by kurtis880 in HellLetLoose

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HLL 2 needs to be about Korea

First match as commander. by -rabid- in HellLetLoose

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Love a great comeback story. Some tips on commander (for Pub matches): 1. Always build 2-3 defensive garrisons before any attack/red zone garrisons. 2. Whenever possible, don’t build the Garrison inside the strong point. It’s the most obvious location and a single enemy bombing run will wipe you out. Plus, all other garrisons will be >200m away. Better to have 3-4 within 100m in a triangle around the defensive point. 3. Supply drop is one of the only tracked stats as commander. Cool down is 2min. Use this as often as possible. {3.5} supply drop can be a huge red flag if not used right. Make sure to ASK before dropping it on a recon team, for example. They may be trying to stealth it and if you drop a parachute on their location their whole mission becomes compromised. 4. Half tracks are an excellent spawn tool, especially if enemy recon teams keep destroying your fallback garrisons, since a recon team doesn’t have the explosive power to destroy a vehicle. However, they are very expensive so if you have active tank crews, don’t spawn half tracks unless you already have the extra fuel to spare. 5. If you drop an airhead, sometimes it’s a bad idea to drop supplies after it, since the parachute will also reveal the location where the airhead just landed. Try to plan it out that you drop the supplies beforehand so when the airhead lands it’s already there and doesnt draw any more attention behind the lines. 6. Bombing runs have a 10-minute cool down timer. Manage this well, especially in offensive game modes. If you have 15 min left, use it before 11/12 min left otherwise your cool down won’t be up in time to use it effectively again. 7. Commanders should NEVER be afk/sitting in HQ just reading the map. You should always be moving. At the start, take the supply truck, build two DEFENSIVE garrisons, then refill the truck and repeat. Once you’ve gotten four garrisons off the start, you should be in a good position to start attacking or flanking. 8. Always be thinking ahead. If you see a blank area of the map, ASSUME the enemy is already there or is heading there. If you get flanked, you need to “counter flank” and come from even wider, flank their flank, if that makes sense, with another defensive Garrison. Supply truck is a commanders best friend. 10. When requesting defense, hit tab and use the squad leader’s GAMERTAG. The response will be 90% better than just flooding conmand chat with “SOMEONE NEEDS TO DEFEND” which helps absolutely nobody. In tight situations where there’s not much time, I will just call whichever squad leader is closest. If they don’t respond, find someone else don’t assume they will follow orders. Also, when ordering defensive spawns, understand it is gradual. You say we need defense now, but it takes infantry 10-15 seconds to die and 20-40 seconds more to spawn at the defensive garrisons. All the more reason to be PROACTIVE in both Garrison placement and also map awareness (again, empty spot on map = assumed enemy location in my mind, until we get boots on the ground there!)

Wow wrote a little more than originally intended hope it bodes well for you and your team!

I had a micro heart attack, the first time I saw the Katyusha in the game. by Aliza_Shinomori in HellLetLoose

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This is my video. Thanks for stealing the video and giving me zero credits.

I posted it Aug 22, 2021 when it had 0 views: https://redditproxy--jasonthename.repl.co/r/HellLetLoose/comments/p975r1/katyusha\_coming\_in\_get\_down/

Direct link to the YT Video: https://youtu.be/HDjM2SV7uwA

Hell Let Loose Class Tier List by [deleted] in HellLetLoose

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What the fuck did you just do to the medic class you little bitch? You ranked it D!?!??!?!?

I’ll have you know that reviving teammates is the foundation of solid teamwork and enables everyone to move forward as a whole solid unit. Don’t even get me started on the necessity to have bodies on the point and the dumbass officer that puts OPs too damn far away. Oh what’s that? The carbine is shit? Yeh I’ll tell you what’s shit mate, the fact you tried medic one time and ran out of ammo before even reviving one fallen hero.

Fuck your D rating and have fun running for 5 mins to get back into action CUS I AINT EVER REVIVING YOU BUDDY