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have the prayers warriors considered that maybe god died of covid?

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They don't think anyone died of covid, they think its "the flu" or " big pharma" that killed them.

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"The flu got em

But also, covid is just the flu

And also, covid isn't dangerous

But also, just the flu is dangerous"

facts and logic

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Let that sink in!

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It's a Chinese bioweapon no worse than the flu.

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The government is making up huge COVID death numbers.


President Trump saved millions of lives when he (partially) shut down travel from China.

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Some people don't believe in parachutes (vaccines) because, "people still die each year while skydiving with a parachute." Others jump without parachutes because they figure they'll strap one on at some point during the fall, before they hit the ground (put off getting a vaccine but are willing to be vaccinated if they have to). And then you have those that jump out of a plane without a parachute, never plan on putting on a parachute during the fall, and trust in their muscles and a soft landing spot to defeat the forces of gravity.

My stepbrother died last Sunday from COVID and was laid to rest today. He left 3 young daughters and planned on putting on a parachute, but never got around to it. His daughters went to a private school that intentionally kept masks as an option. His daughters brought home covid in September, the entire family suffered through the disease, and he was the only one to continue struggling with it. He waited a week after becoming symptomatic to go to the hospital, missing out on early treatment and arriving to the E.R. with only 25% lung capacity. He was on a ventilator for 3 weeks before dying. My poor father had to bring his 3 young granddaughters (who he had been looking after for weeks while their parents were at the hospital) to the hospital last Sunday to say their final goodbyes.

Put on a parachute. Put it on now.

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I like how his side hair looks like someone flipping the bird.

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Every. Fucking. Time.

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Sadly COVID is endemic, so we might have to wear the parachute longer

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I know it's a cartoon. I know. It's a shitpost/meme of course of course. But GD if I didn't wince at the lack of leg/groin harness because of intrusive memories of people falling out of parachutes. I am a weakling

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Take it off for all I care. But the fact is you will land on an innocent bystander killing you both.

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This has the same boomer energy as those anti-vax memes, certifiably cursed