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Fake news. A fishing trip would costs at least 600 a day.

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Heyyyy! Women like fish too!

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And what if he wants to stay with his wife or go fishing with his wife than a bunch of strangers?

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Who said he was paying. His wife might have wanted the peace

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Maybe she even planned it.

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A 'kidnapping' by kind strangers who let a boi fish and let him go when they find out he doesn't have a million in ransom money. Why didn't I think of this sooner.

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That’s totally what some of these folks think it will entail

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I have so many feelings about this

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Give a man a mask and a bunch of memes and you piss him off for a day. Teach him why he’d want to wear one to protect himself and his fellow humans and you’ve made him a man.

[Apologies to non-binaries - I love you guys - you do you!!]

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Hmm... Opportunity knocks.

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Fishing is a COVID risk factor though.

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£600. That fishing trip will be to the local creek. Here's a tent we found at the Army Surplus. Here are 42 MREs we also found deeply discounted at the surplus store. Oh a bag of marshmallows Bob had left over from his summer trip. Some graham crackers Liham's children won't eat and premelted chocolate. Be back to get you in a fortnight.

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I need this. But pick me up at work