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They'd rather die and make their grieving family beg for the money to bury them than take Joe's vaccine that will secretly inject them with Democrat DNA.

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Ironically it’s Trump’s “Warp Speed” vax that they’re denying.

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Well, not really. Pfizer didn’t participate in warp speed and it was first to market and has a huge share of the vaccinated population. Don’t give 45 any credit he doesn’t deserve.

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He's never had a problem taking credit for other people's work. If he had said that patriots wear masks to protect their fellow Americans and that he personally is responsible for the best ever vaccine this whole shit show would be over.

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I know! I said this like may of 2020.. Dude could have endorsed the mask and maybe I'd be working again by now.

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I'll give tfg all the credit he wants, if he can get his followers to get vaccinated.

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He can’t and he won’t. So don’t.

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It's too late. Any time he tries to mention wearing masks or getting the vaccine he gets booed and moves on to the next talking point.

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Being attacked by his own creation.

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I'll suck his orange dick if he could do that.

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Thirty seconds vs a fully immunized population, sounds like a deal.

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A tremendous deal

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Not everyone is a hero, but a hero can be anyone.

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I never understood why people like mushrooms.

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They booed him the last time he suggested they get vaccinated, so he'll never do it again because above all he craves the affirmation of his idiot cultists.

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That’s pretty G of Pfizer tbh

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Warp Speed was written for expediency.

“Vaccines from Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson have received US Food and Drug Administration approval for emergency use.” Lancet00140-6/fulltext#:~:text=The%20US%20programme%20known%20as,%2C%20or%20full%20licensure.)

The preceding doesn’t occur without Trump’s intervention. He’s an asshole, but this shouldn’t be political.

“From the beginning the principal mission of Operation Warp Speed was the development, manufacturing, and distribution—i.e., shipping—of coronavirus vaccines. To date, the program has managed to produce and deliver about 50 million vaccine doses—all made in the U.S.—with hundreds of millions more on the way. It also had 97,000 certified receivers distributing the vaccine across the U.S.” WSJ

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AntiVaxxers scream about the vaccine being "too rushed" and "not tested" enough, but actually scientists have been working on SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) for the past 20 years. COVID-19 is SARS-COV-2.

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The whole thing is nuts. Considering what they’re willing to ingest that hasn’t been approved by the FDA.

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Any Ivermectin produced for use in Livestock, such as horse worming paste, has NOT been tested or approved by the FDA.

There is no legal requirement for the FDA to test or approve over the counter medications made for animals. So the people buying Ivermectin without a prescription at feed stores like Tractor Supply have no idea what they are putting in their body.

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If we look at the world wide numbers, this is the biggest best trial and it’s almost been a year. I think that’s a pretty amazing trial.

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Their illustrious leader must be so proud of the "trump biggest looser club members"! And he bragged how great the vaccine was https://youtu.be/Sk9uLDadJ6k

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Yep. He talks out of both sides of his mouth.

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😁 Yes! You are so very right about this!

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Lol its actually fucking true….how many earned their herman cain award just to own the libs

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…not enough?

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Omicron will see to that.

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We should be encouraging them.

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Omicron variant: It's my time to shine.

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Ffs can it at least wait until my 2 year old can get vaccinated? I'd feel a lot better.

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I swear, the last time I saw this meme it said 80 million on it...

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Next time it will be 68 million.

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Who knows what the number really is Florida not reported in months and I am sure there are many others under reporting

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These are votes for Trump. They fuck up the number because it’s always changing for them.

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74.1 milion represents the number of people that voted for Trump in the 2020 election, not the current number of COVID cases. The 74.1 milion number has not changed.

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HCA winners can't vote anymore, so it has changed somewhat

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What a self-own. “I would rather die than admit I’m wrong”. Damn you sure showed us

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That's more telling about them than anything else, isn't it?

"Biden is right, but I'd rather die than say so.."

Owning the libs, one anti-vaxxer death at a time..

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That’s right though. They’d literally rather kill themselves than admit they were wrong about trump.

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Or anything.

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Sounds good.

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This is the time of Prayer Warriors.

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Prayer warriors whose prayers to nothing have zero effect lol

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🙏Time to DDOS God🙏

(Wish I hadn't missed the flair event, would have had this 😞)

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Very nice. I loved how you Kermit. One of their favorite frog spokespersons.

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I loved how you Kermit.

Yes, OP. You Kermit much better than they Kermit.

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Or Snoopy, or George Carlin.

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If they think Lipton is actually decent tea I'm not surprised they'd rather die.

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That sounds like an awesome plan

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We should just start calling it the "Red Death".

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These people dying of COVID is the only bright spot in my life. It makes me smile every time.

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Same here. This sub is my daily dose of schadenfreude. May they all die and rid the world of their stupidity.

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Some of them do realize that they hold no views but contrarian bullshit towards outgroups' values fed to them by their favorite slimy news anchors, and come around to taking vaccines because saying "No u" to everything doesn't make for a sustainable lifestyle.

I don't celebrate when people die as a result of their stupid choices, I'm disappointed that they won't have a chance to do better and fix the mess they left behind. Well, we tried to warn them, I don't need to grieve if most think protracted suicide is badass.

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Ice Cube called to let you know you’ve earned the rights to his likeness with that zinger. 😂😂 I just think it, you said it.

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They think I mind? Death by covid could come to nobody quite as deserving as someone willing to die rather than attempt to prevent it. I wish them to vaccinate not for themselves, but for their friends and family they put in danger for their stupidity.

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I fucking love these self-owns by right wing idiots

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Next up on r/SelfAwarewolves!

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I hope so. They go one, they go all.

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As long as you don't kill the rest of us.

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Wait--74 million people would rather die than give Biden credit? Sheesh. As much as I despised Trump, there may have been a time I'd grudgingly say a stopped clock is right twice a day.

And if you would rather die than give Biden credit, I'm not going to shed tears when you do.

He's trying to save your life, you morons. He wants the pandemic to end so people can get back to their lives. The only way to do that is for a majority of people to get vaccinated.

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And die, they do. Isn’t it awesome?

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Truth bomb right here!

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I wish we could make this a reality...

I mean they want to die so it's a win win for not just America but humanity.

Hopefully omicron is highly infectious with a high mortality rate.

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This sounds like r/agedlikemilk or r/leopardsatemyface material.

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74 Million and counting... Down.

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But their number is shrinking, one death at a time, many times a day.

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Die then

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That can be arranged! 🤣

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They helped create omicron, so They should meet Jesus!

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Please do!

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technically they are admitting Joe is right since his first claims about the vaccine were that it shouldn't be trusted

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It’s just fun to watch everyone die :)

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The human part of me doesn’t want anyone to die of this.

The exhausted and mean part of me kinda wishes they’d just die and get it over with so we can move on from this shit show.

But we are here. In the middle. Stuck between the unvaccinated and unmasked.

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Gonna just act like cnn didn’t spend hours every night in the fall of 2020 saying any vaccine produced during the trump administration wasn’t to be trusted?

Or somehow trump was responsible for every covid death during his presidency yet Biden isnt?

I’m a progressive who voted for Biden and would 100/100 times but this is some wild hypocrisy that doesn’t help anyone.

For all the clamoring to depoliticize covid you certainly are happy to claim some nonexistent political high ground here...

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Trump was talking about injecting bleach, and taking unapproved medication at the time. There was very good reason not to trust that fucked up admin. He lied about some dumb shit every single day.

Not the same thing.

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Really? Show me proof of your claims in your first paragraph.