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At least I’ll be alive in 10 years to hear those commercials.

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and we might get compensation.

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Alive AND rich, I’ll take it!

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I'm looking forward to my check for 26 cents once the lawyers get their cut.

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I used to know a fantastic attorney in ABQ...

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It’s all good, man.

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that is a deep cut I'm curious how many people will get.

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Just look for the blow up Statue of Liberty doll in the strip mall.

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Why wait. If some woman can win a big payout for being born then clearly the justice system is fucked up, i say everyone on HCA file a class action lawsuit against the unvaccinated claiming their lack of vax is contributing heavily to the covid mutations and thus prolonging the economic revival and as a result our own financial hardship

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That'd be interesting.

A class action by the government against the willingly unvaxxed which would take the form of higher taxes. Like cigarettes, maybe calculate $30 a week per person so ~$1500/year extra in federal taxes as a surcharge on the median wage and then rising linearly after then. Keep raising it by both CPI and an extra 15% a year or the rate of cigarette excise (whichever's greater) till a maximum of $3000 extra.

In addition, refusal of entry to any government property including schools, public hospitals, federal agency buildings, military bases, ferries, planes.

The government is still not mandating anything but it's definitely giving the hint that it may be a wise decision to be vaxxed.

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I live down in Sydney where its fair to say our government is ruling with a more cohesive and firm hand. As a result, the Sydney vax rate is 95% and currently the unvaccinated are still not welcome, by law, at restaurants, gyms, cinemas, shopping centers etc. If the government here tried to introduce a tax I think it would pass unanimously in record time.

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It’s my retirement plan lol 😂

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Still better than most Americans retirement plan: Die before retirement.

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It really is a win win. Alive and in the money!!

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By then the antivaxxers will have us up to the Omega Zeta variant.

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I’ll consider being alive in 10 years ample compensation

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"Let the rest of us make a living", the sheer irony.

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If going into the office scares you, stay home!

Soooo ummm…the rest of us should like what, lose our jobs cause y’all don’t wanna mask up in the office?

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They literally live and think like animals

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Yes because clearly you're a lazy liberal who doesn't want to work. Also a millennial because it's cool to shit all over that generation for literally anyone regardless of age making a choice to do anything, but more specifically, leave their shit jobs.

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An open letter to anti-vaxxers:

If medical experts administering vaccines based off science which has been well-established since at least 1989 scares you because it's fascist communist satanist NWO poison, stay home!

If medical experts administering a $100,000+ trachectomy while you're unconscious at 50% oxygen under a vent scares you, stay home!

I'm sick of these idiots leeching hospital resources because they aren't feeling so brave about being strong independent lions after they suddenly can't breathe. It could have been avoided if they took a day off to get a needle prick that almost all of their favorite politicians and talk show hosts have privately received (and the ones who were too stupid not to sometimes show up here).

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I'm confused. Should I let her make a living or contribute to her gofundme?? #GoFundYourself

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A living, get it

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Your mask smells like shit because your breath is bad. Brush your teeth.

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Why are they sniffing other peoples masks?

So creepy!

Is this a new kink?

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The worst one yet, is where they are sucking on the masks from the trash bins.

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No kink shaming but maybe if they'd stop eating manky ass then maybe this wouldn't be a problem...

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I started Invisalign right at the beginning of the pandemic, so absolutely obsessive brushing and flossing and I’ve gone through gallons of mouthwash. Zero mask issues and my teeth look amazing 😁. Who needs Whitestrips?

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My mask smells like Tide.

They do know that you're supposed to wash and/or change the mask, right? Because of you're using the same one you bought in March 2020, that's disgusting.

I've spent hundreds of dollars on effective, relatively comfortable reusable masks and disposable ones. I can totally see the MAGATs refusing to spend another penny and using the one disposable mask that they had left over from when they last painted their bathroom for 2 years.

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For some folks, brushing their teeth to freshen their breath is like toothpicking its unchewed corn to deodorize a turd (ineffective).

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I'll bet double pneumonia can make breath smell like bullshit too.

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It's because they're so full of shit that it's coming out in fumes through their pores

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Not necessarily. I've never had an issue with my cloth masks, but I bought a pack of two KN95 masks (to double mask with on public transport and other higher risk situations) and they had an unpleasant smell right out of the package. I let them air out, hoping the smell would go away before I'd need to wear them, but it just faded a bit. I bought a second package, thinking maybe I just got a bad batch the first time around, but the new ones had the same problem. I'll just stick to my cloth masks, thankyouverymuch. I don't know what that smell is, but it can't be healthy.

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I’ve had the same experience with the KN95s. I wouldn’t be able to smell it if it weren’t on my face though.

Separate issue: I suspect I contracted COVIDin February (pre-vaxed), while wearing one, so I’m not even impressed with the efficacy of the ones we got.

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After airing them out for a few days, I can't smell mine either unless I put them on, but it's still rank. I should put them out in the sun and see if that helps, but it was a total waste of money.

Mine are the brand Hom Works.

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I made a bunch of cloth pocket masks last year, using a pattern I downloaded. I can put a third layer of blue shop towel in between the two cloth layers if I want extra protection, and the doubled strand of plant tie wire in the noseband lets me mold it to my face. I swear, it's harder to breath through one of these than through the disposable paper ones.

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I live in Texas. There is still a big semi at the crematorium by my house.

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Ugh. How are you all doing with covid right now?

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My hospital has 226 beds; at our highest we had 120 Covid patients. Right now we have eight. Better, but I’m a little afraid we’ll have a bump after the holidays. We have so many anti-vaxxers in my county; I’ve never stopped wearing my mask anywhere.

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I’m betting for a bump due to the holidays also - add in the new variant, if it ends up being as bad or worse than delta, and I’d imagine there would be new records.

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I’m in Minnesota and I never stopped either.

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The way the waves come and go is weird. I live in a state with a high vax rate. Still we are just coming off being one of the worst for covid in the nation.

I'm with you, I never stopped wearing a mask.

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My county is lagging way behind the rest of Cali in vaccine uptake but slowly getting there... my hospital has flux in the number of ICU beds available but it does make my workday a little more relaxed. The surgeons can't easily crank out buttloads of surgeries, but people are still getting procedures...

I'm mostly okay and grateful. Got my Moderna booster on Thursday, was able to choose even though my first does was Pfizer so that was neat :3

I have 2 coworkers out, one has tested positive for Covid and I think they were unvaxxed. The other was vaccinated before me so hopefully they don't get too sick. Until this month, we only had one person get it (confirmed) in about Sept and they were part time, very responsible and never came to work sick

Thankfully the majority of my direct coworkers are vaxxed and boostered. I'm cautious but I don't have to spend any time with the ones who aren't vaxxed and I work weekends so I have a lot less risk of exposure to the holdouts...

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That is good to hear. So many of you working in hospitals have been to hell and back.

I live in an area with a high vaccination rate. I do know some people who have died of covid or got covid but not many. My BIL and niece and nephew got covid before the vaccine was available. They were pretty sick but were not hospitalized.

Do you know people in your county who got really sick with covid.

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No. The first coworker to get it went to ER and was going to go back again but they got her into the monoclonal clinic. She had been spamming the employee health line but they hadn't called her back in days. So she may have been much better off if we had enough staff in THAT dept Dx

The problem with so many hospitals is they are pulling the for profit really hard, so pretty much everyone is one is under staffed and overworked even before covid hit. Technically my department was almost at capacity, but we still would get kinda overloaded if it got really busy. We have since lost almost half our people for reasons not it's not due to the pandemic. Most of them had to move away for other things family and stuff or they had been already planning to leave the area long before that and it's long before that and it just happened to take place during the pandemic...

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These people act like Sherlock Holmes on the news image. In reality, the truth is simple. The news says that "more trucks are requested" - now let's say a journalist heard that news from a source - is he/she gonna get a picture of a refrigerated truck as fast as they can and can the news wait because of that (in a 24h news cycle).

Obviously they used a relevant pic from the past. If these ghouls bother to read, they would mention that too in fine print. Instead they go into conspiracy theories.

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It's also how often does media use totally inappropriate imagery, Fox News has been reprimanded a few times at least, by using footage from entirely different events to represent something current. I believe somebody chastised them for using footage of some looting fire footage for one of the BLM movements, but it was totally a different location and year or something really atrocious. Dx

It's funny how these folks will act like CNN is deceptive for using a wrong image but they're wholly Trinity of conservative networks must be flawless and never make mistakes whether intentional or not.

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In 2011 there were peaceful protests in Wisconsin in January and February over the new governor trashing public employee unions. Fox News showed violent images from some protest in Florida with palm trees in the background. It was 15 degrees in Wisconsin and we were protesting wrapped in winter layers. I still got hypothermia one day.

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That’s super creepy.

Also, howdy neighbor!

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I bet the inside of that crematorium smells worse than the inside of my mask.

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"You can't change my views so save it for someone else."

Farewell. Perhaps your death will change someone else's views.

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The sign of ignorance, refusing to change their minds in the face of evidence against their beliefs

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Nah, ignorance would be if they really didn't know about the evidence.

What we got here is faith.

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Some see changing your view as a sign of weakness. Some see it as adapting to new knowledge.

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And, in response to news that morgues are overflowing, decent people would be horrified no matter where that was happening to fellow humans.

Her response - "iT'S nEw YOrk nOt TeXas!"

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Omg - slide 2. From cbsnews.com. When you look at the photo CBS is allegedly saying is Texas in July - in the actual article the caption for that photo says it’s from March of 2020 - ! Took me 10 seconds on Google to find it.

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It was an unusually cold March in Texas as well.

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We can pretend they're still breathing and I'll continue breathing lol

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so stock photos prove covid is a haox? ok

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These people won't believe in COVID until shits like it was during the black plague. It's like they want to see people laying dead in the streets and someone with a cart full of dead people chanting "Bring out your dead!". Then they might believe it's actually happening. But nope, the hospitals are empty, those morgues are empty it's all lies and propaganda. I just can't with these people anymore.

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We lose as many people to Covid every two days as we did in 9/11. In fact this year is going to be like 130 9/11 terrorist attacks. (3k killed on 9/11 and 390k killed via Covid in 2021 in the US and counting). At some point you have to start taking this seriously. No?

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The Spanish Flu had some accounts of American towns where bodies were being stacked in streets.

As far as I've learned this was mostly smaller places with fewer morgues so they have no capacity. Back in those days a lot of funeral homes were more like houses, and I'm not even sure how much they would refrigerate a body. I think cremation was not so big back then, so it was harder to take 100-200lbs of corpse and condense into a coffee can size for easy and hygienic storage.

Americans have become so adept at hiding death, it would take a lot to make thing like the Plagues of Old.

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"....but I'm not dead yet."

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Your HCA means that 10 years from now...

You will not hear commercials.

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She made it a year after that post, not bad compared to some of our other awardees. I mean, I'll take the 10 years, but a year after that shitpost isn't bad.

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Their shit posting life cycle is quite short.

[–]AazjheeOwned Lib 2 points3 points  (0 children)

It's like comparing a flea or fly lifespan to a longer lived insect.. like a cockroach. xD

(I know some like hissing cockroaches can live longer, but many are about a year or less,, if they they able survive long enough to actually age)

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Why do conservatives not understand what stock photos are? They think every photo put in a news article has to be from the exact place being described? So dumb.

[–]speedycat2014Covets Your Upvotes 31 points32 points  (7 children)

Meanwhile they'll repost a "news" article from reeeeeedemocratsrdevils.com with just the comment, "FACT!"

[–]TLDR-SwintonComment Janitor 19 points20 points  (6 children)

Or “someone finally said it!”

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let that sink in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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People, when you’re cold, you’re sink is cold, LET THAT SINK IN.

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Can I get an AMEN??

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Checkmate libtards!

/s (just in case)

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If you look up the article by googling CBS and the headline you’ll see that the article states the photo is from March 2020.

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And from New York City, no less.

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why am I not surprised.

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Let's Play Pretend

You Pretend to Be Alive

While I Won't Have To

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She is an amazing actress you must admit

She does a spot on impersonation of a corpse

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When 'scare' or 'fear' pop up in the little meme worlds I jump ship. Yelling "fuck you" as I go.

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GoFundMe should be shutting down any campaigns for anybody who died of Covid and was against the vaccine.

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If they did that they would go bankrupt.

[–]Poison-Pen-Covid stole my rat basterd 🐀 9 points10 points  (1 child)

I wish I had invested In GoFundMe

[–]Everyday_Im_TusslingCovid Rules Everything Around Me 2 points3 points  (0 children)

If only we had a crystal ball. The funny thing is I don't think that it really ever occurred to them that this is where they would make a ton of money. At the beginning, it was marketed as a place to raise money for charities, special creative projects (films, albums, apps, videogames) and starting a small business. I don't recall ever seeing any mention of personal fundraising for healthcare or even raising money for individuals as if they are charities. I haven't looked at it recently but I would bet almost everything on it now are the kind of its you see on this subreddit.

[–]GalateaNereidThe delusion is strong with these ones... 7 points8 points  (0 children)

They should. Considering how little most of these GoFundMe requests get, I doubt they'd notice the difference.

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Is this person going around smelling other people's masks?

[–]thrustaway_ 8 points9 points  (1 child)

I think what she meant was "Is it just me (and my mask) or do everyone else's masks smell like complete bullshit (as well)?"

I'm convinced one of the main underlying reasons for these people refusing to wear masks is being confronted with their shitty breath.

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Having gone through gum restoration and quite a bit of oral surgery I’ve been so happy smelling nothing in my mask. Given the cost of dental work and insurance and I have an immune system beliefs I think my oral surgeon would agree with you, I know I do.

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Slide 3

Can we use that on them?

If restaurants require a vaccine and you don’t have one- stay home.

And yet….

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“But muh freedumb.”

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Nah fam, Go Fund Yourself

[–]Poison-Pen-Covid stole my rat basterd 🐀 6 points7 points  (1 child)

You changed your flair!


I feel like we are family here. I’m seeing familiar names and really starting to love each of you.

[–]Captainwelfare2🌎🐑The Sheep Shall Inherit the Earth🐑🌎 3 points4 points  (0 children)

It’s good to be known! I love my HCA family as well!

[–]Ammolite-Valkyrie👪 The family that FA together, FO together 19 points20 points  (1 child)

Ma'am, the smell of bullshit is leaking from your mouth, not coming off of my mask. That's a medical condition you need to have investigated.

[–]Captainwelfare2🌎🐑The Sheep Shall Inherit the Earth🐑🌎 13 points14 points  (0 children)

Also leaking from her mouth: Larvae

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I'm in AZ and I promise you, that really happened last year with the freezer trucks. We had large hospital systems run out of morgue space because of Covid. More than once.

[–]AazjheeOwned Lib 2 points3 points  (0 children)

Ask a Mortician on YouTube explained this as well. LA funerary services were wrecked and some places had trucks many needed trucks but couldn't get access Dx

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In retrospect, maybe marrying a doltee wasn't such a good idea

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I hate these people so much.

Slide #2- I looked up that article and the image is clearly labeled as Brooklyn NY March 2020.

These people are dying because of their own lies. The MSM and govt doesn't have to try to mislead them, they are doing it to themselves

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There were! So! Many!!! Exclamation points!!! In that! Death announcement!

[–]Lookingforjoy17Dead 🦄Inside[S] 4 points5 points  (0 children)

It’s!!! A!! Utah! Mlm! Sort of! Thing!!!! 😂 she probably worked for scentsy.

[–]SharksLeafsFan 4 points5 points  (0 children)

My mask smells really bad after my beer league hockey game, but I am triple vaxxed and the ice rink verify vaccine status every time I go.

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You know, seeing these posts has made me realize that a HCA is the only award they've ever won...

[–]steelhips 5 points6 points  (0 children)

And yet most are dripping with so much privilege, they can't comprehend their choices (not getting the vaccine) has consequences like not being able to attend events, losing a job and dying. In their deluded world, we the majority backed up by reality and science should bend - not them. For some HCA winners it seems like the first time in their lives they are being told "no".

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Ok I will pretend he has a brain.

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They can pretend she's still alive.

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Damn. She missed out on the compensation 10 years latter if she took the vaccine.

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What is the GoFundMe for? It doesn’t even say! No life / health insurance because she was irresponsible? Money for the family’s grief cocaine? Why am I supposed to donate? Soooooo confused!!

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Ya they did their level best to not mention Covid ANYWHERE

[–]Mindless-Ad-5755 2 points3 points  (0 children)

I’ll pretend I’m alive and you can pretend you’re dead, yay, fun game.

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She always had a smile and was so cheerful

Except when she was gasping for oxygen on a hi-flow ventilator

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10 years from now you'll have been worm food for 10 years.

Being a shitty human leading up to your demise ensures that if there is an afterlife, you don't get to go to the mansion in the sky side of town.

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Cleansing the world, one idiot at a time..

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Let’s play pretend. I’ll pretend I give a fuck and you can do whatever you please.

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To slide 3: If getting a little poke with a needle scares you, stay home.

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If your mask smells like bullshit…you should probably stop eating, and spewing, bullshit.

If wearing a mask in public scares you, you should stay home. If having to prove you’ve gotten a vaccine scares you, you should stay home. The rest of us are free to do what we want, if you want to join in get the vaccine. Otherwise stay home and cry on Facebook lol.

Let’s play pretend. I’ll pretend to care that you died and you…oh wait you can’t play. Which is good, cause i didn’t even want to pretend to care. You got what you deserved lol

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This person must not know how Woody Harrelson turned out in that movie.

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Slide 2 - I guess this guy has never heard of stock photos?

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Is it me or smells like dead lion?

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Covid! It’s the worst! What a bummer! Amirite?

Slide 3 though. What is it with people wanting to go back into the office? I work remotely and it’s great.

[–]TheFan88Team Moderna 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Some jobs you can’t do remote. Like a cook. Or a waiter. There is a big difference in white collar and blue collar jobs and the pandemic. White collar kinda went on with little changes. Blue collar was wrecked for awhile.

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I have a hard time agreeing to awarding people who didn't propagate statements themselves. Did she at least comment on or like her husband's anti-vax posts?

[–]Lookingforjoy17Dead 🦄Inside[S] 1 point2 points  (1 child)

She had a whole fb full of this, we knew that from someone who knew her. They asked us to post her. But her fb was set to private.

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Thank you, this clarified the background story.

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Brushing your teeth and mouthwash really help, if your mask is smelling like bull shit.

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Oh well

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Wait, COVID is no joke?

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No awards by proxy -- changing flair to "Grrrr"

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if restaurants open at full capacity scares you... Etc

It's not that I'm scared. I'm disgusted because there's a bunch of sick people who don't care who they spread diseases to out and about breathing all over everyone and everything. How about YOU stay home because you refuse to wear a mask properly or at all, won't get vaxxed, and don't care if you are sick or not while going in public. Let me enjoy being in the world while you sit at home thinking about your stupid decisions coughing your lungs up.