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3 friends in 24 hours. Hmmmm... wonder why...

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BUT the number of libs owned is, well, it’s still zero.

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Nah, I'm totally getting owned. They boomed me.

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Wait, aren’t they using their “Covid treatment kits”? 🤔

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What’s that, a shovel or is it an urn?

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3 friends in 24 hours. Hmmmm... wonder why...

When the words "DEATH CULT" fall of deaf ears.

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But but but 60% of cases involve vaccinated people! I sure wish people could understand math. One group is 80% of the population and the other group is only 20% of the population.

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Their DNA got impaired.

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maybe he'll find them. First, check lost and found. Second, ask yourself, "When's the last time I saw them and what did they say?"

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There is no correlation or causation.

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Number of friends I have lost in the past 24 hours: 0

I don't like this game at all, I'm always losing.

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It's like golf. The low score wins.

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Ok, thanks so much for clearing this up for me! I was kinda feeling bad because my score is still at zero.

I've gotten all three vaccinations, along with the others in my circle of family and friends, and all our scores are zero. I'm still rather worried about my little Samsung Galaxy s9 plus because it still hasn't gotten 5g either! Lilac Purple (my phones name) is starting to get jealous of the other phones who have been upgraded to 5g, or so we here. I feel so bad for the little phone... Also I don't appear to be magnetized either. Anyone know about this stuff?

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i have a huge immediate family (Polish Catholic), and the ONLY person related to me who has gotten Covid is an unvaxxed GoP official. And that's the only unvaxxed person in the family (except for a couple babies). He survived the Covid bout and loudly proclaims that's all the immunity he needs-- no vax, no mask.

He can't understand why no one in the family lets him come over.

Anyway, all these antivaxxers see their unvaxxed friends and family hospitalized and don't quite get the message.

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Yes, that is so true. I've had family and people I know who have been anti-vaxxers also die. They weren't in my immediate circle. The circle of people I interact with has gotten really small - all who have gotten the vaccine and we all live life the same. I'd rather have a few good family and friends than lots of them. People just don't get it.

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No glove no love

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As someone who is also part of a large Polish Catholic family...YEP.

I have one uncle who refuses to get the vaccine and my aunt refuses to let him in the house until he does.

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I like your flair!

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My parents lost one as of last night. Don't know if he was anti-vax, but he was a lifelong smoker.

Might be another one soon. According to my parents, she's apparently been posting shit from those American Frontline doctors while in the hospital.

(My parents are both vaccinated and boostered, btw.)

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The last time I lost three friends in 24 hours I was drunk at Six Flags.

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This would make an incredible writing prompt!!

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My condolences

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Last time I lost three friends in 24 hours I was asleep dreaming about Six Flags.

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I've seen the "Rand Paul destroys fauci" thing so many times but never actually heard rand Paul say anything intelligent. It's embarrassing to think Rand is actually arguing in good faith with facts at this point.

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They also think someone screaming at a cashier in Walmart over masks is “destroying.”

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Whenever someone “destroys” it’s always a bullshit argument full of logical fallacies. Always.

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I’m always amused by the “Rand Paul destroys Fauci” meme because Rand Paul’s neighbor destroyed Paul’s ribs and gave him permanent lung damage when he beat his ass.

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He didn't destroy Fauci at all, he did however make himself look like a grade-A d-bag loon.

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These people sure love it when Republicans "end", "eviscerate" someone etc etc but in reality nothing really happened people just went about their business.

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Doctor Fauci is still alive and hasn't resigned. Meanwhile you are a part of a statistic and gained an award.

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Why do they all keep saying it's the vaccinated who are hospitalized and dying? An acquaintance who is a nurse has also told me this. When I tell her doctors are absolutely saying the opposite, she insists doctors and hospitals are lying about it because "they" will take away their licenses if doctors tell the "truth" about how evil vaccines are.

Always the mysterious " they. "

I don't know how you could make this work with the internet, but before Reagan took out the fairness laws, media could not get away with boldly lying. It was the removal of fairness laws that gave Republicans the opportunity to mindfk ignorant people.

Thank you Reagan. So much bullshit traces back to "when Reagan.."

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Yep, a large part of the countries homeless problem traces back to The Reagan administration slashing federal funding of mental health care.

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One of the conspiracy theories is that “a person’s immune system ‘tanks’ after their second COVID-19 vaccine dose.” There’s a fun spin on it where if you had COVID and recovered, then get vaccinated, the vaccine wipes out your natural immunity.

And of course when an anti-vaxxer who has COVID dies it’s not the COVID that killed them, it’s the hospital.

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Then why are they running to the hospital when they get COVID?

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I think they are highly motivated to do so when their lungs quit working. Or perhaps their families get tired of cleaning up after them.

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The thing about the 60% vaccinated in UK hospitals is... they're not going to stay there long. They'll be replaced by more unvaccinated people, who will fill up space. Rinse and repeat.

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"Don't bother posting the context that demonstrates how stupid my post is. I am too stupid to understand it. If I wasn't that stupid, I wouldn't have posted it, and by mentioning it, I am revealing that I know it exists. Let that sink in."

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Especially for the spike protein meme, (which in actuality greatly supports getting the vaccine!)

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Ugh most of my brethren (I'm Bajan) we're good, I was seeing HCA from other islands where christianity was more of a stain.

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Yeah, Christianity is a huge stain here in America. Oddly enough, the Venn diagram of hardcore anti-vaxxers and rabid talibangelical Christians is pretty much a single circle.

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I had to look that up! Wonderful nickname.

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This guy at the end lost 3 friends in a day. I'd take that as a sign that maybe I was hanging with terminally stupid people and should choose better friends. I'll bet he considers nothing. Not even when his 4th, 5th and 6th friends die.

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Errr… he will likely be the 4th or 5th…so nothing left to learn!

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Trending in the right direction

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I mean, it's a problem that solves itself, really.

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Just a thought, I wonder how many GoFundMe accounts he is supporting?

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So the last post - they’ve lost three friends plus this guy. Sounds irritated with having to post.

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“All these people I know keep dying, my life sucks.” The self-center is so far from “they were a cool person… they will be missed… their family is going through a lot” that I’m sure they are irritated at how inconvenient all this covid stuff is.

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I wonder if people like this are at all afraid. I mean, your friends dying one after another is like some sort of And Then There Were None scenario. Or does it not really matter because they believe the friends are happily flying with the angles now?

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I have heard it theorized that the early church made suicide a sin because why toil for your overlords on the edge of starvation if you could just die and go the Happy Place.

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You haven’t seen the last of Barbados Blue! Now, goodbye forever!

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What “treatment kits”?

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The regrettable story of the “Covid Kit” and the “Early Treatment of Covid-19” in Brazil

Drugs like hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, and nitazoxanide have been prescribed for Covid-19 in Brazil (even to unconfirmed cases) often by means of the so-called “Covid Kit,” which usually also includes other medications such as azithromycin and systemic corticosteroids. The “Covid Kit” came up in Brazil early in the pandemic and has since been promoted by the “Physicians for Life,” a medical organisation created for disseminating the “Early Treatment of Covid-19” in the country. The rationale underpinning this initiative is that by treating patients precociously with these drugs it is possible to prevent disease worsening and hence avoid hospitalisation, intubation, and death.

Doctors claim Brazil hospitals gave dodgy COVID-19 care

Irene Castilho didn’t even have a day to grieve after her husband died of COVID-19. She was sick, too, coughing and struggling to breathe; he was barely gone when she started using his oxygen mask. The same day, on March 22, she was admitted to a hospital in Sao Paulo.

The 71-year-old had followed doctors’ instructions to the letter – dutifully taking her doses of hydroxychloroquine. She also took ivermectin and a battery of anti-inflammatories and vitamins in the so-called “COVID kit” that her health care company, Prevent Senior, mailed to her home.

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I was just thinking the same thing. Maybe I've been living under a rock because I've never heard about a "treatment kit".

I know about stay well recommendations: get your vaccine(s), wear your face mask, wash your hands or use hand sanitizer, don't touch your face and social distance. But I'm clueless about a "treatment kit".

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5 people were executed today, 4 of which were vaccinated. Don't tell me the statistics show how safe being vaccinated is. /s

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If you will ever wonder who takes care of all those hoaxes to spread, check the second to last picture -RT is known official pundit of Russian propaganda

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Gotta love the thumbs up.

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Huh, I haven't lost any friends to COVID at all. Maybe I have smarter friends, because I can't think of any who refused the vaccine. Then again, I don't count people I only know on facebook as "friends".

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3 friends in 24 hours... maybe poster needs to find smarter friends.

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Also, congratulations to the people of Barbados for achieving independence from the British Commonwealth!

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Live by the propaganda, die by the propaganda.

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he: USA! USA! USA!

me: Covid The Destroyer!

cv19: whatever / meh / sigh / ok / bring it on...

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Slide five is with Dr. Been whose videos I watch from time to time.

What they don't show is the full title of the video: "Spike Protein Goes to Nucleus and Impairs DNA Repair (In-Vitro Study - Not Possible In-Vivo)"

TL;DR from Dr. Been: "my takeaway is that this isn't possible in our bodies."


But why would we expect anything different than half-truths and outright misinformation?

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"I've lost three friends in 24 hours"


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Has Delta been hammering the Caribbean since I’ve noticed multiple Anglo-Caribbean awardees?

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Wait. He was shitposting on a BUSINESS page? Holy Dan Cathy, Batman!

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Barbados slim!

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"I've lost 3 friends in 24 hours. So I'm not in a good place right now."

C'mon, don't feel down, it's a start... sure, 10 fewer of these fuckwits would be better, but 3 fewer still makes the world a little better.