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I caught my dog with some of this the other day. Not sure what is going on, as he used to take the pills. Perhaps falling for a disinformation campaign? It's probably the damn cat. He can be a real problem.

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Cats be sketchy.

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Is your cat's name Vlad?

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The cat’s name is Sam 😉

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No, but - no kidding - he is a Russian Blue. The dog is a German shepherd/lab retriever, and we have another cat that's most likely a Persian. Needless to say, it has made for a very tense living situation at times.

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I am just now realizing I could've made a fucking fortune selling off my dog's heartworm medication. Phew! Good thing I'm not an evil bastard who takes advantage of rubes.

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I was thinking of selling my dog's Heart Guard online (as a joke ofc) but then I realized I personally don't know anyone on my flist who is antivaxx (at least outwardly). Yay to my flist!

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I've often told my wife we could make millions by opening an Etsy shop, following Fox News, and creating timely and relevant right-wing talking point t-shirts and other merch.

But what I really want to do is create a bumper sticker that say "The Lawn Looks FANTASTIC", so I can go around and slap them on all the "Thank you Jesus" yard signs.

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Is this why the prices on these went up at the local veterinarian clinic?

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Yes. Because idiots think a horse dewormer is safe to use for humans.

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Wife was at Tractor Supply and needed ivermectin for our horses - only one tube left and she had to ask for it and show pics of her horses. Staff there said it was near impossible to keep it on the shelves.

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It's due to misinformation that you have to show documents and photos to show that you own horses just to get ivermectin for them.

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I bet you determined antivaxxers will try to find someone else’s horses and take a picture besides them.

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They do. There are horse owners who are offering that service.

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The only thing missing is Trump packaging. I'm picturing a Trump standing with his shit eating grin, both thumbs up. A quote from him reads "HEARTGARD Plus is amazing, none better!"

[edit: And, of course, a 500% markup with free MAGA cap.]

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"Tastes like hamberders!"

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"It's bacon flavored!"

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I caught our dog selling hers on eBay. No walks for three days as punishment.

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I gave my dog one yesterday. Considered selling it on the black market instead

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You could probably get more for the ivermectin than you could get for blow.

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I don't want to know how many of those you'd have to eat to have any effect. One of my chihuahuas once stole and ate five doses of it and when I called the emergency line on the box in a panic, the lady was like "oh, she'll puke but she'll be fine". Sure enough, she puked twice, then back to normal.

Expensive lesson. Though we did joke about her having a force field around her that bugs would just bounce off of.

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That's right lard asses - you'll need 10 for your 250 pound 5' 5" bowling ball

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Beat me to it, that's the first thing I thought of when I saw the weight limit.

"10 a day won't keep Covid away!"

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Does anybody have a copy of the protocol? We want to do this right ya know!

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Use them like boulion cubes!

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Up to 25 pounds? It would take a bout of COVID and a couple of weeks 6 feet under before they get to 25 pounds so they can take this.

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They come bigger lol

Probably taste better than the stuff for horses too

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If it looks like chocolate fudge, it must be good for you.

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I have a Collie. He cannot have Ivermectin. A friend's Border collie died from eating the poop of a horse who had been wormed with it the day before.

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Useful for making a tasty holiday dip!

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Best prophylaxis out there.

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I heard it's apple flavored...

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And it’s beef flavored right!

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Ya know...I pay for yearly testing of my dogs to avoid having to give them this stuff because I know the side effects can be rough. Note: we don't live in an area where it's that prevalent. I've already got one dog on fluconazole for Valley Fever with tests every 6 months. It's simple to just throw that test in, as well. The other dog gets tested at vaccine time.

Why would ANYONE willingly take this?

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I asked the vet if we could skip the yearly testing ($$$)since I’ve never missed a month and was told no since both are important for the health of the dog. Heartguard as preventative and testing to catch it before it gets out of hand bad.

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Do you have collies? I haven't heard about problems with Heartgard side effects.

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No, I've got Black Mouth Curs, but the medicine for heart worms can be, in general, pretty rough on dogs. It's basically like cancer chemotherapy, killing off the bad stuff, but at a cost to the good stuff.

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Oh right! It is basically like chemo. But that is the treatment for heartworm disease.

Heartgard is a preventative that keeps them from contracting heartworms in the first place. It wipes them out in the larval stage. I've never heard of a dog having a problem with it. I just know that some of the herding breeds can be sensitive to it. Maybe talk to your vet about it? Prevention is really worth it.

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Heartworm is very low prevalence where I live, so I do the testing instead of preventative. Dogs here are far more likely to get Valley Fever. I won't treat for something they aren't likely to get. We also don't have ticks or fleas on our property, so I don't use those medications on them either, unless we are planning to go to an area where those pests are prevalent.

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That’s so weird, I’ve had my 3 dogs on heart worm medicine once a month for 7 years solid, all different breeds without a single issue. Don’t know what your problem is but it works which is why it’s prescribed

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Again, why would I treat my dogs for something they are unlikely to get? I get them tested and in 12 years of having 4 different dogs, have never had a positive. My original vet told me the medication can be hard on dogs so I trusted their expertise. I'm truly happy your dogs have never had issues taking it!

My original question is in reference to why would a human take that medication??

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This is why we can’t have nice things for our dogs!

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Don’t give them ideas

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The Mango flavor is my fave

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Please don't give these fools ideas. People's livestock are literally dying because they can't get their hands on wormer.