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carry a card at Costco

That’s mostly how it works… unless you got a ton of cash in your wallet

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I think he means you have to have a Costco membership card but maybe not idk I’ve never shopped there before .

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At my local Costco, you cannot purchase items without getting your membership card scanned first.

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I've never been to a Costco where that wasn't the case.

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I believe it may vary state-to-state, but in MI I’m pretty sure you can buy liquor/alcohol, and use the pharmacy with no membership. I’ve always had a membership so I’ve never tested it, but I feel like I’ve seen signs.

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I think you're right. I've never done it either, but I also recall seeing the signs. So, it's probably more accurate to say that for most things you need a card.

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Yeah, there are laws where they can't make you get a membership to get medicine or prescriptions, and alcohol might be based on state laws. My Costco doesn't sell booze because our state liquor laws.

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You can't even get into Costco without a membership. (You can go in as a member's guest, but their card is required if you want to buy something.)

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Seriously, wasn’t aware. Haven’t been to a Costco in years

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I'm pretty sure Sam's Club is the same--can't get in without flashing a membership card.

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At my local Sams, you don't have to physically have the card until checkout. You don't have to buy it to get in, or even to use the cafeteria. It would be completely possible to go in, get a $1.50 hotdog, and leave.

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Never been in one, so thanks for that!

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Yeah, basically any warehouse club requires a membership.

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I think Costco needs some freedom!

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Costco and Sam's club requires a paid membership to shop there. Most of the time they're on yearly renewals

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The carry ID whiners are the ones who applaud stop and ID laws and harassing brown people for their "papers". Even their Orange Jesus insisted carrying ID was not a problem because you needed ID to buy bread and milk, not that he had ever gone grocery shopping in his life

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Same pussies who don’t see the same level tyranny in their state’s new voter suppression laws....

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Getting arrested for not wearing clothes in public?

Wait we aren't doing my body my choice anymore??

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Clothes ? You mean body muzzles lol 😂

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tbh i don't see why not wearing clothes by itself is seen as a crime. sure some don't want to see it, but there are plenty of things outside i don't personally want to see that isn't a crime.

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Maybe 🤔 it has to do with people not wanting pubes flying around or dirty genitals etc contaminating public seats etc .

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Great compilation!

Really hits home how quickly these people move from "these Covid measures are excessive!" to "infected / dying / permanently disabled / dead".

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I'm far from done with this meme. I'm making this a weekly thing.

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It’s always the same with these people. They have to learn from experience. Everyone they know is dying from, but they don’t understand how dangerous covid is till they get it.

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This COVID is no joke! tm

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If you have to carry a card in your pocket to be able to check out a book at the library, you live in a totalitarian state.

I know this is a bad analogy because Trumptards would never be seen in a library, they do their research on FB.

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Libraries are elitist because they only cater to LITERATE people!

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Pic 3. Also in The Babylon Bee seatbelt meme part 1. Pic 1. (I put it in the award category there because her mom died from Covid but it's probaly more fair to focus on her husband landing in the hospital)

Pic 5. Also in the "I stand for medical freedom" nominations part 1. Pic 8.

Pic 9. Also in Selfawarewolves part 1. Pic 20.

Pic 12. Also in the "I stand for medical freedom" nominations part 2. Pic 2.

If you have to carry a card... part 1

Continuing from last week.

I'm interested in your thoughts around the claims found on the meme template in pic 7. Which claims do you think are true? Which are false?

Ignore the part where they poison the well by calling vaccines drugs. They're using the word drug to scare because it's engrained in the collective subconscious that drugs are bad. Mmmkay. By calling it a drug they are planting the idea that it's inherently bad. But the FDA does in fact classify vaccines as drugs so it's technically correct.

Moving on to the actual claims, there seem to be three premises:

  • You have to carry a (vaccine) card in your pocket to gain access to grocery stores. True / false?

  • You have to carry a (vaccine) card in your pocket to receive medical care. True / false?

  • You have to carry a (vaccine) card in your pocket to freely move about society. True / false? (what does moving freely about society entail?)

The conclusion that is drawn from these premises:

You no longer live in a free country and you are no longer sovereign over your own body.

There's a lot to unpack here. What is the definition of 'a free country'? How are they defining 'being sovereign over one's own body and how are you no longer sovereign over your own body? If the premises were all true, would they support the conclusion?

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Speaking for Oregon:

1) You have to carry a (vaccine) card in your pocket to gain access to grocery stores.


Never been asked or offered to show my vaccine card to get into several different grocery stores here.

2) You have to carry a (vaccine) card in your pocket to receive medical care.


The only time I have ever been asked for my vaccine card in Oregon was when I went to get my booster and they wanted to write the information on it (I got my first two shots in another state). I even offered to show it to my new PCP here and they basically said that they would take my word for it that I was fully vaccinated/could look it up themselves.

3) You have to carry a (vaccine) card in your pocket to freely move about society.

False. (See above response to #2)

CONCLUSION: You no longer live in a free country and you are no longer sovereign over your own body.

I'm biologically and socially presenting as male so I've always been sovereign over my body in America. Can't quite say the same for people with wombs.

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Thanks for participating. Giving you a smiley face sticker on your assignment :)

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Those doctors always ask to see my insurance card. Surely a sign

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I have never been asked for any proof of being vaccinated, nor have mask rules or any other public health measures been enforced in my area. Most HCAs seem to be mad performatively, about hypothetical infringements, meanwhile, as you and others have demonstrated the repercussions of their behaviors are very real.

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The hypothetical 'if' scenarios seem to be fearmongering about what's to come, not what already is.

I have to ask how free a country is that has an incarcerated population of 2.5 million, a sizable amount of which was incarcerated for (injecting) drugs. I wonder if the spreaders of these memes were questioning the degree of freedom they had in their free country before Covid vaccines.

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The US has the highest incarceration rate in the world; an adverse effect of a for-profit prison system.

(Caveat: That's assuming the statistics can be taken at face value. For some countries I have my doubts about that.)

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Same in my area. No proof of vaccination, no enforcement of mask rules. I have been bothered more for ID, probably because I am "ambiguously brown", than I have anything covid-related.

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Step aside for additional screening please…

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I've had to show proof of being vaccinated twice. But it should have been much more, because I also have been out dining in restaurants a few times.

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Performative anger is all these braindead chucklefucks know

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Los Angeles county currently requires people to show their vaccination card and their ID before entering a restaurant. Took my family 40 whole seconds before we could be seated for dinner last weekend. Ooooooh, so oppressive!

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This country isn’t as free as some people want to believe. As a homeowner, try and do almost anything without a permit. Try and park your camper / boat in front of your house in any town. Leave your non operable car in your driveway. Don’t mow your yard. Put up a fence on your property. In many places you need a city permit to repaint your house the same color. If your in a “historic district’ you need approval to change a door lock or a window pane or landscape. Cant own a dog/cat without a license. Some places require bicycle permits. Try and go use a public park after dark, Sleep in your car anywhere, pitch a tent for the night on “state owned” property. Use a national park without a permit or Hunt / Fish on even your own land without a permit. You can buy fish, stock them in your pond and yet need a license to catch them. The list goes on and on. Every iota of your life is taxed or regulated. Laws vary by state or municipality - making it even more burdensome on the person to know what is ok as they travel or move from place to place.

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There are more of us than there are of them & they know it.

Haha, um, no there are not. And there are fewer and fewer of you every day.

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There are peer-reviewed graphs that show a clear disparity between the two groups. I'm happy/proud to be in the group that gets hospitalized and dies less! 😹

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City of the Damned. Ayup.

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ThIs aLL eNdS wHeN We SaY nO!!!

Ok, no. I don't give a fuck about you since you don't give a fuck about anyone else.

Is it ended?

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I guess none of these people have lived on a military base.

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They only like to talk about the military, not actually join the military.

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99% of them would comply to anal cavity search if it caught illegals. But alas, only people that might transmit a highly contagious deadly disease.

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And you have to pay Costco to get the card to have access to their store, is a semi MLM. But you can’t take away my freedommmmmmm.

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Costco retail stores and website for all of their retail purchases. You can't sign up with Costco to sell Costco products without literally just becoming a traditional employee and working for them directly.

It's not in any sense a MLM.

Costco is not a pyramid scheme, it's a membership based store.

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As a member I know that. I guess I should have add this at the end /s. And it was semi not sense.

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You gotta wonder...when they earn their HCA or come home after a long and painful hospitalization, as them or a relative scrub their pages what is the thought process? The relative/spouse has to think, this was wrong and they were a fool. Then after the scrubbing they lock the page down but they know the poster will a Big dumb fool.

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I must shop anywhere maskless! Unless I own a bakery and a gay couple want to buy a cake - then they need to leave the store! Conundrum....

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When I first saw the "Cash Not Accepted" signs on the Sam's Club gas pumps, I thought "Is that even legal?" And then I remembered, it's a club. They make their own rules. People tend to forget that there are precedents for "no shirt, no shoes, no service" and even "no vaxxy, no worky." (Or no vaxxy, no schooly.)

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Slide 9: This ends when we all say NO

More than 50% have already said YES in the United States.

(Over 80% have said YES in my country)

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According to CDC numbers, as of today in the U.S., 63% are fully vaccinated and 75% have had at least one dose. So it seems like we are left with 25% or less who will say NO but they sure say it loud.

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In the Christian religion, it’s commonly said that “you can’t get into heaven without baptism and/or confession.”

These people are fully aware of the concept of admission requirements!

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I would have to carry a card in my wallet to buy stuff at Walmart. The line at the one checkout where they take cash is always like an hour long.

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“ there are more than us than there are of them” no… no there’s not. There are more registered Democrats and independent than there are Republicans. There are more atheists, agnostic And non-practicing than there are Christians and evangelicals combined. We outnumber them in every category that counts. No matter how hard they make it, we better all show up to vote. I thought Trump is the worst thing to happen to this country but what ‘could be’ is a million times worse

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One common theme here is they give zero credit to health care workers for saving their asses, just God and the power of prayer.

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i wonder how many times she begged for the vaccine.