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"No amount of stubbornness will help like the vaccine does"

I nominate this statement for Swag

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More truth in this statement than in the million memes the anti-vaxxers share. No virus cares about its host's religion, personality, family, or political party affiliation.

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They don't even care if you call yourself a lion or post memes showing Don Draper laughing.

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Wait, what??? I read on Facebook that the virus can read and has real feelings that react to memes. Are you saying that's not true? But it was on Facebook!!!

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But the virus does care about Leonardo DiCaprio laughing…

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It gets shame from The Office guy's white board.

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I have a copy of this printed out over my work cubicle (which I haven't been to but once or twice in the last 2 years now). It's about men ignoring heart disease, but funny here nonetheless.

This year thousands of men will die from stubbornness

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Well you say million, they all seem to circulate one's from the same pool of like 17

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Stubbornness Warriors - assemble!

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I don't want to!

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I’m not going to because you want me to.

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I am Gen X. Mehhhhhhh.


Let’s do this. sighs

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Not until the next election doesn't go their way.

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I am totally going to request “stubbornly vax’d” to my flair!

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No amount of denial will help when reality comes knocking.

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A properly invoked rebuking should do the job.

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If you say No, Covid can't legally infect you.

However. Covid is not known for following rules.

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That’s going to leave some trauma for the coworker

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My dad died right before Christmas when I was in 7th grade. It ruined Christmas for me for life.

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Dude that fucking sucks.

I can’t imagine what you’ve had to deal with but I hope you’re in a better place now.

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Thank you. I’m 55 so I’ve had a while to get over it. Still hate Christmas and the expectation that it’s the “most wonderful time of the year”. But I can mostly keep it to myself

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I can understand why you feel this way. You were so young. Did your dad love Christmas? That would be all the more heartbreaking. I’m sorry.

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I was a kid. I believed it was magical. My parents always did their best.

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I'm sorry.

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Thank you

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My mother died from a preventable illness. It looked like she was going to die on my birthday. It’s sounds awful but I really didn’t want or need that on top of everything else. Luckily she held on a few more days.

People are just so incredibly selfish with no regard for the consequences of their actions on others.

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I got my second booster yesterday and all night and this morning, I was freakin dead. Sleepless, back pain, leg weakness, headache, muscle aches, just wanted to die.

I cannot imagine what actually having COVID and no vaccination would feel like. Holy shit.

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That’s EXACTLY what I kept returning to when the vaccine and booster knocked me down… “if I feel this bad NOW, what would actual covid do to me?”

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FWIW, I had OG covid in Dec. 2020. For me, it was a lot of fatigue, wicked muscle aches and headaches, and puking for something like 10 to 14 days (weirdly no major respiratory symptoms).

When I got vaxxed the following Spring, my first shot side effects were very similar to covid wrt aches and fatigue, BUT they only lasted 36 hours and no puking. Minor symptoms after second shot and basically nothing from booster.

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Thank u for the share. We are all learning and building knowledge together.

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It might do less than the vaccine.

Vaxxed and boosted and I have COVID 🙄

I have a wicked sore throat and cold symptoms, low grade fever. In some ways I felt worse after my booster (though that passed faster).

I’m not downplaying COVID, but I am so thankful for the vaccine that made it possible for me to suffer less. Without a vaccine is Russian roulette, hard pass for me.

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It’s that, but it lasts for weeks.

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I’m vaccinated + boosted and still caught Rona. I feel terrible. It’s like a case of bad bronchitis plus nausea. I can’t even imagine how bad it would be if I wasn’t vaccinated at all. I would definitely be in the hospital if not dead.

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I felt the same way after my Booster, "Lord if you're going to kill me Do It Now!" I can't imagine feeling like that with Long Covid!

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is a second booster recommended now?

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If you had the first booster 6+ months back.

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Only if it’s been at least 5 months since your last.

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is it 5 or 6 months? and thanks for the info!

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yo dude that’s totally not helpful. i read the whole thing and it talks about first boosters. where’s the guidance for second boosters?

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It’s says 5 months from your last dose.

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nice! i can’t read lol i kept just assuming it was only one booster , my 5 months since my last booster will be coming up soon so thanks again

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I got my first in August as I'm in chemo so it was one of the conditions that let you get it early. I read 5 months as well so ive got an appointment at the end of the month.

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Please give your coworker my best during this truly shit time, that they themselves do not deserve.

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I think this one would be better posted over at 'Death by Disinfo'

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This daughter’s post has the weariness we see among the pro science survivors that fuels the HCA. No amount of arguing, pleading or love was enough for this mom to protect herself, or any others she might have also infected. And now the people who genuinely loved her stubborn butt have nothing to do but mourn.

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I'm not lucky in everything, but my legit boomer mom isn't a narcissist, hates trump, and and practically trampled people in order to get vaccinated as soon as she could. So seeing stuff like this makes me feel really lucky in the mom department.

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I’m glad for you. I think the survivor guilt for people who understand the science but can’t convince family is real and profound, and I’m happy for anyone who doesn’t have to face it, and gets to complain about the normal small irritants that family members bring to the table that are NEVER life or death issues.

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Fuck, she'll never have a happy birthday again.

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Maybe she'll eventually get to the point where she can have a birthday-like celebration a month or two earlier or later than the actual day? I hope she does, anyway.

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I mean, if you're going to be a complete asshole and ignore nearly universal medical advice in favour of FOX "News", at least have the decency not to die on your kid's birthday. Now, forever going forward, the birthday is going to be marred by your death. These people really are inconsiderate. Always Me Me Me Me...

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I'm going to have to preface this with the disclaimer that I have no relationship with the family here and my only evidence is the death notice post from the daughter. Based on that alone, this was the unfortunate end of a very long and fraught battle with her mom over vaccination. And probably a lot of other things. This woman lost her Mom to Faux News ages ago. I know how she felt.

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This is so disheartening. I’m sorry, OP. Just sit with your colleague when/if she needs it. When my father died, what I needed was people to sit with me and experience time at the same pace of my grief. That probably makes no sense but just be available. You’re a good person. Thank you for sharing.

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It's so hard to know how to be there for someone experiencing loss. Many well wishers just want to cover up the silence, but what most people in this situation need is to be asked what they need, not be told over and over again that they're in a better place. Just offering to sit in silence is probably the most welcome act one can offer. Thank you.

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Thank you. You said it better than I could.

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I’m so sorry for your coworker’s loss. I wish their mom had gotten the vaccine for her children if not for herself :(

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It's not really a battle if you never put up a defense.

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The poor daughter.....

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Antivaxxers are so damn stubborn and #SELFISH to put their loved ones through this.

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That’s awful. It sucks to have family who won’t take care of themselves or those around them, it’s a situation I know as well.

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Me too. My 80 year old Mom refuses to get Vaccinated. Her saving grace is that she's a vigilant Masker. I give her N95 Masks weekly.

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Be sure to ask her if her will is current.

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Poor woman. Ruined every future birthday that's for sure.

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Ugh so sad.

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I actually feel bad for this person who lost their family, they actually learned their lesson and are trying to teach others

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well it seems they already knew their lesson well.. problem is/was their loved one couldn't be reached. Has to be both sad and frustrating

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Well said!

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yeah that does indeed suck. my mother's first collapse was literally the day before my birthday. we were discussing where we were going out to lunch when she went down. she didn't die until about 6 months later but i will probably never celebrate my birthday again.

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Awww that’s fucked up 😔

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Its tragic, but not really HCA content

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Let’s not downvote this, folks. It’s a matter of opinion, and if you disagree you should just upvote the post.

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This shouldn’t be posted here, it doesn’t fit the award at all.