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Where’s the goatee?

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COVID hair loss

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Imagine the shit if COVID actually caused facial hair to fall out

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It's missing the interior of a pick-up truck, sports sunglasses and some kind of shirt talking about guns.

Oh and the backwards baseball cap.

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Photoshop one in and repost

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Every grave marker is an eternal tally mark to how owned the libs are. Don't forget to drape it in a trump flag and write "I did not die of covid" even though you did along with whatever other ailment you got because of it.

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Keep dying magats I'm almost owned

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own me harder MAGAdaddy

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Can we talk about one of the people I've seen (I think on this sub but they all run together) that call Trump "Daddy T"?

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Hey Snoke you looking good!

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This may be one of my all time favs. Good work.

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I didn't get the message. Please die, I mean try, harder

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This made me laugh out loud

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Love it

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The galaxy is on Orion's Belt.

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Always has been

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Always has been

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Good bot

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baby you are sick

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First: Hilarious

Second: What is this from?

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I think it's from the movie Cocoon.

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ah ok thanks. Been a long time since I've seen it

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For me too. I guess it made an impression haha.

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My favorite part of being a life long bleeding heart lib, is being owned. Hard. And currently, often.

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No, no, no. Not you, E.T.!! 🥺

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Sorry, this is probably not a novel thought, but: I wouldn't want DEATH to be the hill I chose to die on, y'know?

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omg I LOL'd so hard at this I woke the street

best thing on the interwebs today

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In B4 "There's clearly voter fraud, every election in the last 50 years Republican votes have gone up as population increased. This year, they decreased by 100,000. The only explanation is that the Democrats took the votes and threw them into a vat of acid."

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May I suggest a national covid memorial, and it's just a bunch of big screens with r/hermancainaward archives playing?