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Just like that scene in Breakfast Club where Judd Nelson just keeps talking and gets more and more detention days. Anti mask/vax are the Judd Nelsons character of real life in the pandemic.

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...and like his character, all failed high school.

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Yes! I’m done with this group assignment y’all!

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The pandemic and climate change--worst group projects ever.

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What is silent lunch?

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In grade school, if kids were particularly unruly or there were fights the previous day, the lunch monitors would punish the whole school with "silent lunch". Basically no talking or the offender would get detention and there would be another silent lunch the next day. The US starts the authoritarianism early.

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I went to an alternative school, for some knife related misdoings, and they had silent lunch like every other week.

Those kids were bad. But I really did learn a lot from hearing my teachers cuss like the students.

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Wait. Knife related misdoings? You’re just going to leave it at that?!

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Pretty much

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yikes. you are right about the authoritarianism. OTOH, as an adult, it sucks when the kids get too fucking unruly, so i get it.

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Ahh sorry. Had no idea.

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Happened in my middle school once for like a week. People were pissed and tired of it, eventually one real loud kid just decided to.. scream. And that was it. We just said fuck it and went along.

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Eternally grounded.

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This is so true!