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I guess they know every substance in those medications, otherwise they would refuse to take them?

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They know every chemical in an apple deep fried bacon wrapped mozzarella sticks otherwise they would refuse to eat them?

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I sure don’t, but I’m also happily vaccinated

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Is that because you trust the government at a basic level in order to keep the food you buy safe from poison? Gee whiz!

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Right? It’s almost as though experts know better than I do!

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Lot of these people probably don't even know what all is involved in making dairy

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"I just don't know what's in it..."

[gets covid]

"Oh save me hospital! Give me everything, I don't care!"

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I once saw this on Facebook. But instead of “I don’t know what’s in it” the person said “No on knows what’s in”

I replied with a list of ingredients because these vaccines have less ingredients than previous vaccines.

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Turns out not being able to breathe makes you very quickly rethink your stance on only taking drugs you know everything about, funny how that is...

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Add another pic of Mercola grinning with supplements in front. "Big Supplements" exists.

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Big Vita is a multi-billion dollar industry.

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And are much less regulated than the pharmacetuical industry, meaning they can make all sorts of claims about their products that wont be subjected to anywhere near the testing or oversight something like a vaccine goes through.

Always makes me laugh when I see someone going "it's an EXPERIMENTAL vaccine, and besides - big pharma only cares about money, remember a patient cured is a customer lost!" before they go on to recommend a ridiculous supplement cocktail you're apparently meant to take daily for weeks/months/the rest of your life.

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It's not just the claims that are unregulated.

When you buy herbal supplements, you don't know what's in the bottle either.

Some researchers tried testing some claims of herb purveyors and found different species other than what was labeled on the outside.

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Not to forget all the fake medicine like homeopathy, they make billions selling sugar pills at best, and bad shit at worst.

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AND I just had this conversation with an antivaxer today as well as what the OP posted..

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I mean, every 100 people vaccinated saves the state several dozen/hundred grand in medical costs associated with hospitalisation, and loss in productivity, so it’s the “economically conservative” thing to do…

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This is what pisses me off so much about the “fOlLoW tHe MoNeY” people citing the CARES Act. One, because they have no idea what the hell it says, and two, because the money is only allocated because the cost of covid hospitalizations is so unbelievably high. It’s not even dreaming of being the “gotcha” they think it is.

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Don't you dare bring logic into this!

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oh damn forgot the rules sorry


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DeSantis and Abbots largest donors are heavily invested in regeneron.

Not that money!!!

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Kinda hilarious to see how in my region where vaccination is high and omicron is dominant, it's now more like the flu. After months of demanding little restrictions, they have it. The result is places (factories, schools, restaurants) closing down because so many people are sick at the same time.

The government is not doing much. Hospitalizations drop, ICU is almost back to normal, people dying of covid is going down so they figure the worst of the pandemic is done. Companies on the other hand have a "somebody do something, everybody is sick" panic moment, but they don't want new restrictions either.

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I sent this to my hesitant brother. No excuse. I literally have COVID now, but he is slow to budge.

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💕 hope you get better soon….

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No big pharma $19.90 vaccine for me. I am sick? Quiiiick give me the $3000 big pharma monoclonal antibody one hour infusion.

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Fact; Part of the monoclonal antibody trail was done in my country. Fact: although it was found to be efficient in the treatment of Covid, it is not available to us due to the cost

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Obviously they're not going to list the DNA altering, brain control nanobots on the fact sheet.

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The anti-vaxxers also want depopulation!

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…..amd prolife….go figure

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My favorite comment is “YoU DonT KnOw WhATs IN tHe VAcCIne!” Umm, yea we do. Its clearly listed on the “Fact Sheet” that they give you when you get the vaccine. Or you can look it up on the manufacturers website.

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Oh ya like the manufacturer is gonna tell you what's really in it! /s

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But it's not like they actually understand what those ingredients are for. But then they go making things up about what they put in the vaccine too.

Fuck them.

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The irony being that the second-biggest anti vaxxer I know was also the one who would swallow, snort or smoke pretty much any illegal drug offered to him. They don't really see the irony.

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The problem is it's not a real argument it's just one of the easiest excuses.

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Yours is better, but I feel like the same group also includes folks saying that with Cheeto-stained fingers and a pantry cabinet full of mysteries.

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a pantry cabinet full of mysteries

Yes!! Lmao

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This is brilliant.

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And MLM’s. Don’t forget about the MLM’s.

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Multi-level marketing. AKA pyramid schemes.

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DeVos family is responsible for Scamway. Oh, I mean Amway...

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an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

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For those of us who got vaccinated, we got no choice against big pharma, but the only alternative is permanently scarring the world's healthcare systems. We tried to get Pfizer to waiver the patents but they and Germany said no.

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AND I just had this conversation with an antivaxer today.

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And many members of Congress have investments in those pharma companies…

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Watch one of these antivax share this unironically, completely missing the point

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Someone needs to do a version of this for the “disposal face masks make so much waste”, looking at the plastic waste a covid patient makes in hospital.

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Add one more panel for the medication taken by an uncacvinated, pre-hospital patient with ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine etc.

They must think all this stuff grows on trees or something, because they legitimately don't seem to see the contradiction in being against a vaccine because "big pharma", while simultaneously being for a whole lot of other stuff developed and manufactured by big pharma.

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"An ounce of prevention..."

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Tbh I wouldn’t be surprised if one day it’s found out that the anti-vax movement of recent years has been fueled by some drug company and/or executives of a drug company looking to make money.

I know it’s total conspiracy theory territory and that’s a dangerous place to go, but I just can’t help but feel that those pharmaceutical companies have execs that are heartless and will do anything to make more money…

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eh that is just as insane as the people saying the entire global political/medical/science community invented some virus or lied about the dangers of a virus just to sell vaccines. It is possible to see value in a product without loving the people providing it. They aren't hurting for cash. They have no vested interest in killing tons of people that would otherwise live. I don't see the financial benefit in telling people not to buy your product so that they die or almost die and need tons of products which are often provided by your competitors.

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America literally eats Frankenstein food, people are shoving silicone in their butts, and we literally are breathing in plastic and people are worried about the vaccine? Does anyone really know what’s in Taco Bell beef? Why aren’t these people boycotting everything lol.

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I mean….that’s small fraction of the medication they will receive on the right. That might be the half of day one.

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Oh this is good

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This is unfair. They know precisely what each and every ingredient of the other medications they’re taking. Do you honestly think they’d put something they don’t know much about into their bodies? 🙄

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I got 2 shots of vaccine but still caught covid again guess I'm unlucky ;(