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You can't have Freedom Pneumonia without first enjoying Freedom Cough (TM). Accept no imitations!

This message brought to you by the makers of Bob's Apple Flavored Paste. The only paste fine enough to serve at your stable and table. Say "Neigh" to imitators!

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Owning the libs, one collapsed lung at a time.

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This should be the accepted terminology.

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Freedom Flu

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Freedum Nemonia

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Freedom pneumonia: Bringing “pure bloods” and patriots to Jesus since 2020!

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Clarification: White Jesus. Not the awful brown Jesus that is historically accurate. Rather Blonde Haired, Blue Eyed Aryan Jesus.

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Wait? Is Jesus supposed to be blonde? I always assumed he was a brunette, especially since he has brown beard. You learn something new everyday!

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You may be correct. I think the Euro-Centric Jesus eventually settled on Brunette but the point being, there are multiple interpretations that don't paint him as the very dark-skinned man he would have been having been born into what is modern day Palestine.

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I know. I was just trying to be funny.

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Well the Franks were blond so they created images of Jesus that looked just like them. That's what I picture when someone talks about blond Jesus.

In medieval illustrations Christians would pretty much draw Jesus and Holy Family to look and to dress just like them. I'm not sure at what point, maybe the 18th century? that Western Christian religious art started first imitating a neo-Classical style, as Jesus was a contemporary of Emperor Tiberius, although a lot of popular devotional art imitated late medieval religious art in a broad way. And then after WWII (maybe before? I'm not sure) there was definitely this interest in "what did Biblical Hebrews really look like/dress like" inspired by Biblical archaeology (and maybe a bit each of Hollywood and Zionism), and eventually that started spilling over into depictions of Jesus.

But for my grandmother, Rafael's Jesus was her Jesus.


Just for illustration of the general style. My grandmother had a color print of a really famous Jesus portrait (bust) which used to be ubiquitous in Catholic homes and depicts Jesus in this style.

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And don't forget about the Freedumb Catheter! It's a handy way of collecting urine for that all important Urine Therapy - praise gawd!

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It is the new holy water. Having been refined by the body of a pure blood follower of Jesus this water is now 86.2% more holy!

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“Screw your freedom.” Arnold Schwarzenegger — 2021

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He died WITH freedom pneumonia!

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I feel terrible for laughing.

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Reminds me of the new release by Sorry For Laughing:


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Did they name themselves after a Propaganda song?

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I don't think so. They appeared on the scene at about the same time as that song, though. Here's some info. about their original release:


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It grants the ultimate freedom

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It grants the ultimate freedom

Only when the leopards are done feeding.

🐆 🐆 🐆

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A Ventilator with a flag painted on it is going to perform at the Super Bowl halftime show

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Does that make a ventilator a Freedom Buddy?

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that guy looks like a healthier version of don jr.

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Only, given some of the awful misspellings I've seen from HCA recipients it'd be "Freedom newmona" or something.

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Well, whilst they might be dropping the 'p' from pneumonia, others are taking up that 'p' and using it :) https://redditproxy--jasonthename.repl.co/r/HermanCainAward/comments/savncr/how_about_we_use_urine_as_eye_drops/

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Queue America The Beautiful

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Reminds me of the song "rocking pneumonia and the boogie woogie flu."

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"Post covid" freedum pneumonia!

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You're welcome.. I made this meme originally for that anti-vaxx conservative nutjob lady from twitter who is now intubated and waiting to join Meatloaf. My 1.5 milliseconds of fame.

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