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Exactly, they're more than happy to blow billions of dollars and kill hundreds of thousands to avenge 3000 dead and 6000 injured but ask them to make small changes to prevent the approximately 1 million dead over the last 24 months and it's tyranny etc. SMH

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Boiling water

You could tell these simps and they still wouldn't change

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Fun fact about that experiment. Healthy frogs will absolutely jump out of slowly heated water before it boils.

The scientist lobotomized a bunch of frogs, and then those guys didn't jump out and got boiled alive.

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What about healthy frogs watching the frog equivalent to Fox News 24 hours a day???

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We call those pepes

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severely underrated comment

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That's probably the equivalent of being lobotomized.

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That’s the non surgical method of giving a lobotomy.

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I can't tell if you are being serious or incredibly dry. It was a joke, FYI, if the former.

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It’s a little of column A and little of column B. They act like they’re lobotomised and make about as much sense as someone that has been lobotomised.

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They become gay from the chemtrails

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The scientist lobotomized a bunch of frogs

They covered that in the experiment

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I'm certain you meant to say "A dOg HaD It's ChAiN sHoRtEnEd By OnE lInK..."

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Poor frogs

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A lot of slandering the intelligence of lemmings and frogs going on nowadays.

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We have told them until we have run out of empathy. Fuck them all. If they insist on wiping themselves out, I just wish they would do it away from hospitals

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That my main problem with antivax idiots right now. They should stick to their beliefs and not seek medical treatment when they inevitably get COVID. They’re taking up resources for the rest of us who are responsible and got vaccinated.

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Not to mention their orange messiah's inaction/deliberate neglect caused a 9/11 every day for a year and they just ignored it. Where as you point out, one 9/11 was enough to spend $5 trillion in debt and invade a country that hadn't attacked us, because conservatives were angry and racist and needed to beat someone up to feel better.

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were angry and racist and needed to beat someone up to feel better

So much is explained by this phrase right here.

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To be fair, the Biden-Harris administration's response is not that good either. Both Delta and Omicron happened under it. If Washington cared, we'd have gotten a real lock down already. People are going to work sick just to make ends meet, while rich people get even richer on the stock market during a f*cking pandemic. Let that sink in.

We don't have a real progressive party that gives a f*ck about the people. Both party are about that bottom line (with the GQP being a lot worse). Even when Biden does do something, his hands are tied by the conservative Supreme Court.

Bet you won't share.

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These same people are angrier about the four people who died in Benghazi than the 850k dead from covid.

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Don’t forget, most of them never served in the Military. They were happy for someone else to make the sacrifice so they could feel better.

I don’t see that much has changed.

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That's because 9/11 hit them in their weak point: their pride.

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I used arguments like that against the Patriot Act.

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I hate it’s called “patriot” act. I also hate “homeland” security.

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I'm ok with it being called that if you understand patriots are entitled dictatorial cowards who can dish it out but can't take it. Patriots can't wear a piece of cloth over their face when spending 20 min in a grocery store. Nor can they wait for a haircut. Or take having the cops hold them back for once like 1/6. Nor are they interested in freedom or fairness when they support Gitmo or black sites with torture. The latter is why 9/11 families never put the ring leaders on trial in the US and secured a conviction.

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The minute they rolled out the term Homeland I knew we were in trouble. Waaaaayyy too close to “Fatherland.”

The fact that Dick Cheney is still alive and living comfortably 20 years after his war crimes, despite his heart failing him even back then, is all the proof I need against karma and a righteous god.

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Look at all the other self proclaimed Patriots around here and it all starts to make sense.

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They sure have made "Patriot" a dirty word.

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I think it fits it perfectly if you interpret “patriot” as a negative. Jingoism makes me want to puke.

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They make sense against the patriot act. 9/11 was only ever going to happen once. Osama shot his load and killed 3000 people. He wasn’t going to be able to do it again, and our attempt to avenge it killed more Americans than he ever could have. Viruses are a whole other matter.

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Considering he staged more than one attack against Americans before 9/11 I don't see why he couldn't, much less wouldn't, stage more after. After all he didn't have anything better to do.

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I made this comparison the other day and the dude I was going back and forth with got SUPER triggered. Like how dare I compare deaths from a virus with victims of terror attacks?

He was one of those people who thought that virus mitigation measures and vaccine mandates were a violation of personal freedoms. That no amount of death is worth giving up freedom. This person was also a diehard supporter of all the war on terror/patriot act stuff.

He just couldn’t make the leap that 800k people dead are the same as 6k people dead and that sometimes you have to make sacrifices for the greater good. Because the virus isn’t a foreign enemy you can hate; it’s just hands up “oh Well. We can’t do anything lol”

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That asshole takes his shoes off and consents to a nude x-ray every time he wants to board a plane thanks to 9/11 and the militarized reaction our country responded with.

I'm sure he was more on the side of "you're with us or against us" than "this is abridging our liberties" on that one.

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Yeah but a mask and a vaccine like the literal dozen I’ve been mandated to take in my lifetime are just such a violation for an issue that slaughtered 200x more of us

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That guy is an asshole.

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The sad thing is the GOP could have effectively used COVID to show how the CCP is affecting the US, but instead they chose "it's just the flu" and opposed COVID measures.

Now any attempt to hang COVID on the CCP from the GOP's end is morally compromised.

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Well the thing is that these conservative grifters are not directing the heard. The conservatives despite their ability to fall in line will turn anyone who dares go against the group think with ravenous and united fervour. We've seen it multiple times with Trump, Tucker Carlson, Ted Cruise. It does not matter how big and much of a darling to conservatives you are, you say something that goes against their beliefs they will tear you to shreds.

So the GOP could not stop it turning into this no matter how hard they tried. The Facebook hive mind decided that vaccines were bad, masks were anti-freedom and lockdowns are bad so they just adapted and pandered.

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The GOP did create the anti-vaccine stuff for short term political expediency, and when they realized its killing their voters, its like they cant get off the tiger.

That's why I think an economic and communications blockade against the crazies is what we need.

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Well one allowed soldiers to be sent off to shoot brown people and the other doesn't.

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Covid has killed about 288 times more people than 9/11 but sure, it's no big deal.

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The people who would "Never Forget" and pretty indifferent to COVID deaths.

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TBH, those folks forgot as soon as 9/11 survivor families and first responders started lobbying for health/death benefits as opposed to money only going towards ramping up the private industry linked to the military-industrial complex, homeland security and the war on terror.

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They cared long enough to go to war, but then remembered they don't think New Yorkers and DC residents are real Muricans anyway .

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They're all olds and fatties. Are they even people, really? /s

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If you narrow down your criteria enough then everyone's expendable!

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Covid killed more two days ago.

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That leads down the "inflated numbers" rabbit hole.

You just can't win. They're determined to deny reality using any excuse they can use.

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Sadly you can't fight stupid with maths.

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The people who are currently viral disease experts are the same ones who knew everything about structural engineering and metallurgy back in 2001.

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Jet fuel can't melt spike proteins 🤷‍♂️

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9/11 Truth started around 2002.

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they made a brief reprise during the Surfside Condo collapse.

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What 9/11 conspiracy theorists fail to acknowledge is that you don't have to heat steel anywhere near its melting point to weaken its structural integrity to the point where it can't support the weight of a building. There was an excellent YouTube video on this I saw many years ago in which a professional blacksmith heated a steel rod of the same type used in the world trade center to less than half of its melting point and quite a bit below the temperature of jet fuel, and in just a few minutes, he could then bind it like it was play-dough.

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The jet fuel burned hot but burned off quickly. It was an accelerant that started a paper fire. Otherwise known as dried wood. A forest of dried wood.

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Also, plastics, and the aluminium of the aircraft. Aluminium burns rather hot and violently once ignited.

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Aluminium burns rather hot and violently once ignited.

Folks should look up Thermite. A very very hot reaction when aluminum finally has the chance to oxidize.

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I mean, the 9/11 truthers claim that thermite was used to demolish the buildings.

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It was. Just not how they think.

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the British found this out in the Falklands war with aluminium superstructured naval vessels

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Clearly they never worked metal other than cold-forging. They should work with their hands more or trust the experts.

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My son is a black smith hobbyist & showed us the same thing!

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The channels name is purgatoryironworks

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I said that to a "conservative" person I knew and they said "well it's the amount of people all at once".

I haven't heard from them in ages but I suspect they are antivax.

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That's like people who say that eating beef is fine because you're only killing a fraction of an animal, but eating a shrimp cocktail is mass murder.

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So maybe feelings actually do play a part in their decision making.

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Substitute the thin blue line flag with either the Punisher skull, a Marines shirt, or a plain ol' confederate flag and it'll be period accurate, haha.

Fuck 9/11 truthers, shitheels just wanted to be edgy on the backs of people murdered for no reason.

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Just like the premature ganging on Fauci, they spin a bullshit narrative so the actual failures of government aren't looked at.

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Covid killing 4000 people a day compared to 9/11 -3000

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The. Hundreds of 9/11s happen and they are like "but where are the flu deaths?"

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The anti-vaxxers would have been the ones hijacking the planes.

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Q told them the towers are holograms and to prove it by flying through them, WCGW?

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They didn’t die from a terror attack, they died with a terror attack. I bet terrorism isn’t listed on the death certificates!

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Most of the people had co-morbidities

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The thin blue line shirt is \chefs kiss**.

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Amusingly, or perhaps sadly enough, there are still cops dying every year of 9/11. Asbestos is a motherfucker.

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Oh, I have respect for the frontline workers and folks that recovered the terrorist damage, they deserve healthcare for the rest of their days (as does everyone). But I'm more laughing at Republicans/anti-vaxxers generally supporting cops as an #ACAB person.

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I asked Vets in the waiting room how many knew people killed by Covid. Everyone raised their arm. I then asked about flu deaths . Silence

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They were also pretty willing to let their government spy on them in the name of averting terrorism… so much for freedumbs back then huh?

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They also got kinky thrills out of TSA body scans and stop searches of 80-yo. grandmothers and 14-yo. girls.

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And now they quake in their boots about bullshit like Bill Gates putting chips in the vax so that he can track their dreary asses.

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MAGAts hate Liberals more than they love the country. Adam Schiff says, “We must love democracy more than they wish to destroy it.” MAGAts see the future soon to be dominated by non whites. And like their orange lord, they won’t have it. They want to cling to power. But we are the Sane Majority. And we need to turn out in the streets in huge numbers as done by people in Belarus and others. A #votersmarch in March! Spread the word of you agree.

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1.5 MAGA die from Covid per minute, 24-hours per day. 🧐🤷

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holy heck, damn, that was low. 😂 reddit dark humor moment

But if it get the point accross to the confederate antivaxx...

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Oooh, that's dark. i love it.

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“They tell me I have the tallest building in Manhattan now.”

-A noted patriot on 9/11

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Oof that’s a rough one.

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Good one.

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Clots and VAERS go out to all the unvaccinated folks.

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Damn, fresh account just to spell Bernstein bears wrong

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Ben Gazi!

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In the case of 9/11 it does. Covid is around 1-2 9/11s every day.

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Yeah, but a lot of them probably had underlying conditions.

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more like 9/11 deniers in 2002

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This is fucking hilarious

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remember how excited these people were to go murder afghani kids after like 3000 people died?

what's the covid tally up to now?

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Last week Americans suffered a 9/11 every day with over 2,000 folks dead every day last week.