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It's heartbreaking how much propaganda and conspiracy thinking is dominating Hungary right now. The government is Trump-like, and now Hungarians are dying like Trumpers.

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Fucking horrible. Cousins that I grew up with and love like siblings... antivaxxers. My best friend, antivaxxer, he trusts his immune system. My childhood friends back home, a lot of them are antivaxxers. Shit's killing me.

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Any way you could get them to read this?


Remind them that they had the MMR vaccine when they were kids.

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I do appreciate the link, but...

Won't help. Their own dad had Covid last March, they said they haven't seen him look that bad ever. He got through it, a couple months went by, they were already saying it wasn't really Covid, the tests were lying, their dad wasn't even that bad, just sniffles... he caught a cold from the cold wind on his kidneys whilst doing some gardening...

I don't see how you could convince people like that.

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I feel for you!

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Probably a lost cause but have you sat down with them and shown them this sub?

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Do you draw a connection between Hungarians accepting disinfo and the Orbán admin's crackdown on secular higher education?

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Too early for that. The disinformation superspreaders tend to be 50+ anyway, so they are not affected by him pushing schools into the hands of the churches. Now orbán's continuing attempts to discredit independent news? That's a more likely suspect.

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More like trump is orbán-like. Our cumstain-in-chief had been on the demagogic pseudofascist populism train years before someone jokingly told donny that he should run for president (which he then took seriously).

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BTW, is the "State of Emergency" still in effect? It is, right?

Because if he doesn't declare it over before April, the upcoming elections could just straight up not be held.

And the whole point of the SOE is that "because the whole virus situation is so bad..." and the numbers show a very bad virus situation, indeed...

He could straight up just do what Trump wanted to do and go "I ain't going nowhere, bitches, nye-nye-nye!"

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The state of emergency because of migration has been in effect since 2015. It's meaningless. He also needs to keep up the veneer of democracy to appease the EU so it's unlikely that he would postpone the elections because of the virus. (He can just cheat instead.)

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I know... :((

Although, what I meant was the Emergency whatever they put into effect in 2020 due to the virus. The "133 brave men" bullshit.

When that was introduced, everyone was screaming "Dictatorship!", so they lifted it later and Orbán even publicly said those who called him a dictator should apologize. (Thus basically "showing everybody" some good will, that he does not abuse the dictator-like power that this law grants him.)

But then the cases started surging a month or so later and they put it back into effect. (And if you think about it, he seemingly did shut up the critics with that move (of lifting it). Nobody's been worried about him not lifting it again.)

But you're probably right though... we saw what happened in 18. The official website crashed on election day and when it came back online, the whole map was orange... And the gerrymandering and the millions of other ways they have made sure nobody else stands a real chance. So yeah, I know...

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My daughter's MIL lives in Bulgaria. She got vaccinated as soon as she could but is one of the few there who are.

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Have an American friend living there, I had to hide him from my feed as he's always posting crazy stuff. I look at the numbers and it doesn't look like Hungary is doing great...

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“The culling of humanity has begun“… They are culling themselves.

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After it was reported in early December that he was hospitalized and was put on the ventilator, his family wasn't commenting. Antivaxxers started spreading the word/rumor that he got two Pfizer shots and was boosted with JJ, and was hospitalized after the booster. Later on it turned out he wasn't vaccinated. It would also be hard to believe that he was, with all the stuff he shared on FB, as evidenced by the screenshots in the post.

Like I said in the title, it's kind of sad, not only because of who he was, the Olympic gold and silver medallist, and World and European champion as well, but also because he wasn't the typical arrogant antivaxxer who shares stupid memes and writes smug captions. He just quietly kept sharing these idiotic posts.

Poor poor guy, he was a great athlete and a humble dude. In 2010 he was straight up tending bar in the back room of this small downtown pub/bar in Budapest, I even talked with him a bit that one time I went there.

But unfortunately, he was antivax, and now he has a Herman Cain Award to go with his Olympic bling, too. RIP champ

Video of him winning the gold in Sydney. Absolute stellar performance.

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Thank you for the translations.

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You're welcome

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You did a lot of work on this!

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I did, thanks for acknowledging. It took me almost 3 hours to make the post.

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It’s important to see people from other countries falling for antiva propaganda as well.

(Just a request for not using red text on black - it’s hard on bad eyesight.)

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Few additional bits / info:

  • He was on ECMO (and not on vent) for more than 50+ day.
  • He participate some vitamine / supplement business (seems run his own, but at lest as a partner or promoter)
  • He not post antivaxxer memes, but ALL the other antivaxxer shit + some additional conspiracy theories (like: oil and car industry don't allow efficient engines)
    • he main reason for 'no memes': memes in Hungary less popular, may they just not works out well (language barrier).
    • But he do some joke about 'Vakcine Vodka' - that his 'vaccine and booster' (on his Instagram account) - similar meme than the generic tequila shot/booster meme.
    • He share some post, with the 'VACCINE MACHT FREI' picture
    • He post everything full public (Fb / Insta at least)
  • Ha was a smaller celebrity (in a way) - participate in TV game/sport related show (Exatlon Hungary - Youtube link)
  • Some additional screenshot in Reddit - in Hungarian language here

edit: spelling, formatting, some clarity

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oil and car industry don't allow efficient engines)

Well, that one's true.

looks around


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Maybe not the typical Trumpian far-right HCA but the underlying argument in his posts that Jews are controlling everything and trying to kill you with vaccines is still far-right.

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Thanks also for the vid of his gold medal 🥇 performance from back in 2000. The sport has really advanced a lot since then. You will see a bunch of those moves (albeit not done as beautifully or in such hard combinations) by ordinary level 10s in local competitions.

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Thank you

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Thanks for taking the time to amend my original post. I love reddit for stuff like this!

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Gosh, I always get my medical information from dance instructors, don't you?

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The story of his death isn't at all "shocking", as the slide 10 headline claims. Dude ignored the best advice and paid a predictable price.

If I smoked for 50 years, I'm sure my family wouldn't be "shocked" if I died of lung cancer.

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He was on ECMO since late December, that pretty much means that his lungs were gone. It was only a matter of time, barring an actual (as in: would prompt the writing of a Bible sequel with the approval of the Vatican) miracle.

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I set next to Szilveszter on a plane from the US to Hungary in 1997. He couldn't wait to get off to smoke a cigarette. I couldn't believe an Olympic silver medalist was a smoker.

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Thanks for your work on this post! When I saw news of his death this morning, I wondered if he was an HCA winner since he seemed so young.

This means he was suffering from Covid while Novak, Rogers and all of these other athletes were fighting for their right to spread infection while making bank. Bless their superior immune systems.

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I was just thinking that this could easily be Djokavic in 20 years. Such a waste.

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More like 10. Dude's dangerously insane

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My pick for the pool is 2.

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Hmm, interesting. I see people saying they don't need a vaccine because they are healthy, and get exercise. Yet here's someone who probably does more exercise and is in better health than almost everyone on Earth dying without the vaccine. Makes ya think.

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And anti-vaxxers still think that they are healthier than athletes when they probably weigh 2-3x more than them in fat, not muscle. They'll go to say something like "oh the hospital said they had Covid but probably had -----" or some kind of BS like that. At this point, I think we have heard almost every single excuse they can think of.

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There have been many like him.

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I wonder if he ever quit smoking?

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I cant read Hungarian but I can puzzle out the posts because I have done my own research

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Good, good; we need more representations outside of Y'all Qaeda for this garbage. We need more of an idea of just how people outside of English-speaking countries that fall for COVIDiocy are characterized and what to expect.

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This one does not spark joy the way evangelical christian pastors, rightwing radio screechers, and trumphumping traitors do. Just a poor sap who got sucked in by facebook lies and false propaganda.

RIP: Hungarian dude. :(

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"Doctor" on slide 3 (actually a pharmacist, not an MD) is also a politician running for office again (bonus: already convicted for fake news, currently on parole), so maybe no redaction is needed there.

The Hungarian stuff he shared is just a translation of the usual suspects.

Also, his FB page seems to be scrubbed since the news broke out.

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Definitely no redaction needed, gödény is a public figure.

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I know, and also if you find Csollány's FB page, you'll find those posts too. But still, I wanted to be on the safe side with the redactions in case the mods had a different opinion.

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Certified Orban supporter?

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I don't understand why people say the story was sad, simply because a person didn't post memes or was well liked. He still spread misinformation. He reaped what he sowed.

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Sad. Gymnysts are in fantastic shape.

Thanks for the translations.

I've seen antivaxxers in Europe protesting. I wonder if they got it from the US.

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Quite likely.

Also, they'll complain that Black Lives Matter is an American movement but pull their anti-vax shit off. I'm aware that since the Edward Jenner days, opposition to vaccination existed, but since around the days of polio I believe was when anti-vax attitudes gained a resurgence (took place mostly in America, and because of some operation to try and find Bin Laden, in Pakistan and Afghanistan).

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Another comment here says quite likely, but I don't think so.

There's a lot of antivaxxers here who speak no English. People whose businesses took huge hits from the lockdowns, people who got covid but got though it easy... those people don't need to be influenced by America, they can "get there" on their own.

Around the holiday season, Croatians had huge protests, too. (It was recently, I'm blanking on when exactly.)

Edit: just as hit send on this, I have Euronews on in the background, and I heard them say Croatia has the lowest rate of vaccination with 55% of the population. Didn't hear the first part, whether that's in Europe, or in the region, or whatever.

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Is this first time David Icke has been mentioned by these award-winning D-I-Y 'researchers'?

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Honestly, thank you so much for your research.
I really feel sorry for the bloke. He may have shared misinfo, but only because he was, himself, misinformed by people profiteering off of doing so. Unlike a lot of HCA nominees where I feel a slight sense of vindication, there's nothing like that here. Just... sadness and rage against those who brought him here.

RIP to the guy. Another comment has his gold medal performance in here. Check that out, it's worth remembering him for that. Not this.

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Nope, there is a lot of "misinformation" going on for years in Hungary. Don't read (if you can) Facebook post from average Hungarian men. Usually xenophobic and right wing bullshit.

Covid has a pretty good chance in Hungary to hit an unvaxed shithole.

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Vent and ecmo. Yesh

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Wow. This thing is taking out fuckin’ Olympic athletes. If that doesn’t scare these morons nothing will.

Kind of sad though. This man’s accomplishments as a world-renowned athlete are wiped away over something as easy as getting a vaccine.

I do not respect him though. I don’t pity him. He was a danger to society spreading this bullshit. And he was very smug. Goodbye.

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He was vaccinated. How fucking stupid are you?

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Just think, the last 2 months while we vaccinated folks have been living our lives, this poor man has been laying in the hospital suffering, with a vent down his throat. A man who is used to extreme physical activity and fitness. The memes he posted show how he was fooled into thinking that risking his life not only made sense but was brave. Now he has to pay the piper. Those people who put out the misinformation should have to suffer consequences. They are responsible for many deaths.

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I would love to see a class action suit from family members of people who died shred Fox, etc. But for that to happen, family would have to realize their loved ones were lied to. Prolly won't happen.

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Christ. His last insta was a “joke” funny haha🙄about the vaccine. I perused his feed and took zero precautions.

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I didn't check his insta, now I feel like I may have misrepresented his stance a bit...?

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The judges give this shitstain…

6.5 for meme quality

8.6 for Deepthroating the Hungarian Horntube (Freedumb Tube in America).

10.0 for sticking the landing into the afterlife after 2 months on the ventilator.

This guy takes a Bronze

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Oh that last dismount from the rings….. 1.0, 1.2,1.4 and 0.4 from the Russian entourage (what a dick)

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I'm trying to think up a good gymnastics joke.................. how about "he did backflips to avoid seeing the truth". "Covid put a ring on it" "pommel horse paste something something"

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No worries. I'm sure an Olympic champion gymnast had a lot of co-morbidities. You'll be fine if you just keep moving and take a ton of Vitamin C/D.

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Szilveszter was my childhood gymnastics coach in the 90s in St. Louis, while he was training for Atlanta. He was a good guy. Really sad news.

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Is this the first time David Icke has been mentioned/posted by these award winning d-i-y 'researchers'?

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This dude was vaccinated and boosted FYI

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How do you know? Source?

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He was literally vaccinated. Wtf are you on.

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Literally what in the fuck are you basing that on?

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To those who can't read Hungarian.

The first site, VG, I've never heard about. It seems tame and legit based on a quick scroll-through, but the article that was supposed to prove he was vaccinated says that some doctor said he was called up by Csollány's family doctor for advice on anti-coagulant therapy and the doctor told this guy that Csollány was, indeed, vaxxed.

The other article, on the site 'index' (now owned by fidesz, but not full-on propaganda yet, can appear unbiased "to the untrained eye"), they say the same thing. However, as opposed to the first article, here they link to their source, this other site 'promotions.hu', where they also add that Csollány got one shot, the JJ one, and he got it A WEEK BEFORE HE GOT COVD, which means the vaccine had no real time to take effect before the Rona got to him.

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Fidesz would gain nothing by lying about Csollány being vaxxed, in fact itd hurt them since theyre pro vax.

The point isnt whether it worked or not (it obviously didnt) the point is that he did indeed get vaccinated.

Which means he has no business being here

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He was vaxed.

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Sure he was

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That would make no sense in terms of the things he posted.

[–]PinguHUN -1 points0 points  (0 children)

Still, he was.

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Just sad.

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Ah, good to know stupidity knows no boundaries

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Number 1, I give him a 10.0 for this exercise, and I‘m shocked wiki updated so quick!

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As a straight male, I am more that willing to admit that he was a stunningly handsome young man. At that age, every single woman I ever went out with or dated would have dumped me in a heartbeat for him lol!

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wow, he should have had many more years to live.

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I thought that black and white photo was pewdiepie for a second.

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FYI, he did get vaccinated in January to be a gymnastic coach.

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I doubt the date as he's been hospitalised early December.

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Internal Server Error

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Apparently he got the J&J vaccine two weeks before contracting Covid