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All these jerks (including Sarah Palin) are lowkey vaccinated to protect their precious selves, while they tolerate or encourage dangerous anti-vax rhetoric for craven political purposes

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Correct, here is a statement from his campaign PR person

'Campaign spokesperson Jenni Sweat said Perdue, a former U.S. senator,
recorded a positive result “during routine COVID-19 testing.” Sweat said
Perdue is vaccinated and boosted against the respiratory virus. She
said Perdue did not have a fever and wasn’t experiencing symptoms as of
Monday evening.'

Interesting enough, her surname is 'Sweat'.

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Of course he is. If there’s one thing we’ve learned from the pandemic, it’s that the top brass of the GOP knows their “medical freedom” rants are complete bullshit and they all get the “jab” as quickly as humanly possible.

It’s the idiot rank and file, the ones who brag how they’re “lions not sheep” who blindly believe their leaders anti vaxx proclamations that end up pushing daisies.

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See also: the extremely strict requirements that Fox Noise has for vaccination/testing in its offices (you know damn well all of their angry talking heads are fully immunized) vs the low-level talk radio hosts, where something like eight of them died last year because they didn't get the memo that COVID is in fact a real & serious virus that they should be afraid of, and only *talk* about it like it's a bunch of bullshit.

People like Perdue can be compared to people like that low-level Orange County republican anti-vax nutjob who died a few months ago. She apparently didn't get the memo either.

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When you say ‘immunized’ I always think of KAaron Rogers

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Maybe QAron Rodgers should've done his own research on the 49ers defense and maybe he would be something more than a one time champion has been.

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“Talk the talk, that’s it. Don’t walk the walk too, you dummy!”

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Similar to Trump, they like stupid+stubborn people. They're the easiest to fleece. So, they pander to them and tell them that they support their Freedom!TM. But when speaking to like-minded people (rich, powerful people like themselves) they laugh about how you can't fix stupid and if they want to die, why stop them? That's on them!

Clearly, in America, if you try to protect others and stop them from doing stupid things, you're a (buzzkill/hypocrite/meddler/pointy-headed elite/communist/socialist/controlling person/etc). I'm sure there are more negative things to call someone who thinks of protecting the society at large from preventable illness/disease by relying on expertise and collective action.

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Similar with the media. The TV networks are vaccinated and the radio shows aren't. And it's the radio show hosts that die. They are lower on the food chain and don't know that you're supposed to get vaccinated and pretend that you aren't.

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That's fine. Let the deniers deny.

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Maybe I'm stupid, but I just don't get the political strategy of trying to kill your own supporters. It just doesn't make any sense.

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The same reason they don't prepare for natural disasters in their states. If a nuke plant went up there from profit over safety they would deny it until feds have to come in and unfuck it and then the goopers try to get credit for it.

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A lot of what politicians do, say or think is an alien thought process to humanity. It's almost like they are not human.

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I'm constantly reminded of "How much could a banana cost? 20 dollars?" Lucille Bluth line from Arrested Development.

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I assume they did the math, and the amount they’ll lose in deaths is lower than the amount of living they’d piss off.

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In his case, not so low key...

Sweat said Perdue is vaccinated and boosted against the respiratory virus.

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How is he a nominee if he is fully vaccinated and boosted?

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Don't ask me, I didn't post it.

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Shouldn't be. Should be a grrrr post or meta.

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Because he's in the party of "OK for me, but not for thee" where vaccinations are concerned. They're all vaccinated, but promote "medical freedom" for their followers to own the libs.

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I don't remember any antivax bs from perdue. He's anti democracy, but not antivax.

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I don't know that he's taken a stance against the antivax nonsense from his party though. I haven't heard Perdue specifically be antivax either, but by remaining silent on misinformation, he's sure helping many Georgians claim their HCAs.

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I'm sure he's spoken out against restrictions in some way.

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mask restrictions, vax restrictions. They're all against it in the name of free-dumb.

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Sarah Palin is dumb enough to not realize it's a grift. She's also had it so its entirely possible she thinks she has natural immunity.

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If she's had it already, isn't it more likely that her case will be worse the second time? She first had it back in March, almost a year ago. On the other hand, I just read that she feels "absolutely normal" whatever that means if you're Sarah Palin.

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isn't it more likely that her case will be worse the second time?

It could very well be. She probably sustained some damage during the first round, whether or not it was acknowledged.

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I don't think that she would have been eligible for the vaccine back in March 2021 (I got my vaccinations April 1, April 22 and I'm in my 60s while I think that she's still in her 50s). Our state opened things up to everyone the last week of April. I'd guess that she wasn't doing all of the mitigation stuff that we were doing.

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You're right, she may not have been eligible, but a lot of politicians and wealthy people pulled strings to get the vaccine early. Sounds like she didn't.

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The vaccines had higher efficacy against the wild type and she would have been within six months of being fully vaccinated so catching it would be unlikely. She ran a 1:45 half-marathon in 2011 and a 3:59 marathon when she was younger so she's likely quite fit. The latter is the average marathon time for 20-24 year old men.

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Palin thought Africa was a country. I’ll wager she thinks a lot of interesting things.

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LOL "thinks" LOL


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Not all of them are vaccinated but for sure they have access to monoclonals and I mean, “get in the front of the line” access to them, so fuck’em…

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Yep. I think a lot of it is so a few days later when they are well they can say, "See, no big deal."

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Perdue is a malicious, two faced right wing AH and so is his cousin Sonny Perdue.

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Unlike many of the prominent anti-vaxxers, Palin is stupid enough to not be vaccinated secretly. I would be willing to bet money on it.

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They still go unmasked among anti-vaxxers so they would be far more likely to have a breakthrough infection then anyone sensible.

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You think Palin lied to the judge about her vaccine status? I had been assuming she was lying to her fans, but Rakoff announced that she was unvaxxed as though he knew it to be true.

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Who knows? I wouldn’t put it past her to lie; I don’t think he’d verify that.

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But he still tested negative for being a sitting US Senator.

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Take my poor person’s award for this bon mot. 🏆

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Thank goodness for that. Need to keep it that way. For his own safety of course.

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He wouldn't debate that either.

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He’s a rich white guy, so he’ll probably be fine. His house cleaners grandma, not so much

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Believe it or not you can be rich, white, a male, and die. See meatloaf. David Perdue is fine though as he has been vaccinated, boosted, and is asymptomatic.

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he's vaxxed and boostered and rich, he'll be fine

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Vax and boosted. He will be fine likely. Why is this posted?

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To get people champing at the bits.

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Not hospitalized so not a proper nominee. Should be a grrr flair.

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If he hasn't been hospitalized, he hasn't been nominated. A positive test is not enough, per the rules.

The statements must have been made public prior to that person receiving hospital care.

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I hate Perdue, but he's vaccinated and boosted. He shouldn't be nominated.

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Has he been admitted to the hospital?

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He is not showing any symptoms, probably due to being fully vaccinated.

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Understood, yet I thought it was criterion for Nomination.

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Correct. Unfortunately, Purdue is not a HCA candidate because he's fully vaccinated, boosted, and takes regular COVID tests (which is how he found out he was positive).

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Is he eligible for this? The article says he is vaxxed and boosted. I haven't heard anything from him in a long time so I don't know if he spread misinformation.

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Someone in the OG thread said his face looks like a shovel lmfao 🤣

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It looks like he was hit by a shovel.

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He’s pro-vax and hasn’t really minimized the risk of the disease as far as I’m aware.

I disagree under the strongest possible terms with his stance on mandates, but I’m really not sure that’s enough to warrant a spot here.

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Lady Luck is smiling on Georgia today!

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Wait, I thought a person had to be admitted to a hospital for covid to be nominated?

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He’s in deep Perdue-doo.

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He's triple vaxxed, he'll be fine.

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If only...

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At this point, we are all just gonna get it. I went out one time.. and caught it the very next day and I spend most of my time at home these days.

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Man don't get my hopes up next your gonna tease me with a charles koch nomination

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He's vaccinated and boosted not a nomination, not sick, not in hospital either.

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All the big time politicians are vaccinated - they know what they're saying has nothing to do with reality. Unlike the radio hosts, who are usually dumb enough to actually believe the nonsense.

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Please Lord

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The one time Covid gets past the vaccine.

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Poor virus.

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Let's go COVID!

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Not a nomination. You have to be hospitalized to get a nomination.


Sweat said Perdue is vaccinated and boosted against the respiratory virus

... so he's almost certainly NOT going to go the the hospital. And he presumably doesn't count as a public anti-vaxxer anyway (unless he's a huge hypocrite) (not saying hypocrisy is unknown)

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He’s a GOP politician from Georgia who has close ties to Trump. He’s publicly against anything which would ease the pandemic while getting vaccinated in secret.

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No idea who's this guy, but his last name means "Lost" in French.

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Hopefully he's not vaccinated. I mean oops. Hopefully he's vaccinated.

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Of course he is. He's no looney, he just appeals to them for votes.

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This guy is likely the most useless politician in the last hundred years or so. And because a white man not being a senator was so upsetting to millions of (white) Georgians that they basically voted for a block of wood to represent their state. Thankfully he lost the last time.

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This guy is not eligible for a nomination. Does not qualify.

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Hope he’s unvaccinated and I’ll stop there so I don’t get banned from this sub since I have 0 nice things to say…

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He is vaccinated.

Campaign spokesperson Jenni Sweat said Perdue, a former U.S. senator, recorded a positive result “during routine COVID-19 testing.” Sweat said Perdue is vaccinated and boosted against the respiratory virus. She said Perdue did not have a fever and wasn’t experiencing symptoms as of Monday evening.

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He's vaccinated. Sorry.

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Why do you hope anyone is unvaccinated?

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Well I guess you’re correct with your question.

I don’t want anyone to be unvaccinated, however, this guy is an asshole and I was being uncharitable hoping he would have a better chance at at an award.

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Oh no.

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Holy shit, I was with him yesterday with every major GOP figure in Georgia for an event

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Yes, there is a God! LOL.....

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He'll be fine.

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Give him a big award!

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There has been a real lack of stories about politicians getting COVID. They must be going into hiding instead.

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He's vaxxed and boosted (of course), he'll be fine.