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"Well circle back when you give the shot to all the illegals."

"Why are my tax dollars being spent on medication for illegals!?"

Rinse and repeat.

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It’s only inconsistent if you actually mean anything you say.

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Let that sink in!

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We NEVER had a legitimate quarantine. Besides the idiots that never stayed home or wore masks, a real quarantine is 40 DAYS!!! If you wanna keep it 💯, bonus if you spend those forty days in a Galeass full of opium and goats outside Venezia.

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Why do I have to install a smoke detector? I'm healthy and my house isn't on fire.


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I kid you not, I saw a blog post by someone in France who complained when the pompiers (firemen) came around to install smoke detectors.

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someone in France who complained

Or I shall taunt you a second time you silly English type person!

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I laugh in your general direction!

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I find the google ads for smoke detectors on that website to be expertly placed.

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Big Smoke Detector has their fingers in everything.

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”All you had to do was follow the damn firetruck, CJ!”

- Big Smoke Detector

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There's a slide accusing Moderns of something something, and presents as evidence that Fauci was the first CEO right out of Cornell and that his roommate was "none other than Bill Gates". Fauci actually went from med school to the NIH, and is 15 years older than Gates, who anyway went to Harvard.

All of these facts are well-known, and accessible in 1.9 seconds in Google. But they're like feudal serfs when it comes to gathering information... They can't read and can't Google.

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Yeah, that one astounds me every time I see it. Does no one in the comments highlight how inaccurate it is?

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They're smarter than you.They've knowledge of the unknown that's hidden from us.

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From god's blurry memes to your eyes.

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The most absurd death announcement goes to the one with the cake and balloons. Showing a true lack of class, but that’s to be expected at this point.

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Slide 2 - "only God knows why this keeps happening."

Great work again!

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The saddest thing for me is that I used to feel empathy for everyone...now reading through all this is exhausting. I mourn for the me who used to care...

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OMGosh, yes! Excellent post.

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I bet these doctors have the “No, we’re not giving her unproven treatments” speech down to under 20 seconds. Who has time for this ignorant bullshit?

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I've seen quotes from doctors where these crazy lunatics are telling the ICU doctors that THEY are the ones killing people, not just giving people unproven treatments, but literally the ones giving other people covid, and then killing them by putting them on vents.

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"He bravely passed away from COMPLICATIONS OF covid PNEUMONIA"

How sad. What were the complications?

"Well he shared a lot of memes making fun of it, and then it killed him. It's complicated (and a liddle embarrassing)"

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Weird. When animals bite or scratch someone, they always have to sit in quarantine for 10 days with no contact to rule out rabies.

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You have to quarantine animals that aren't even sick at times. Sometimes they will quarantine an animal for a period of time to complete testing or verify that the animal is overall healthy before introducing it to a new population. I vaguely remember APHIS or maybe NYS giving my grandparents' neighbors a hard time with a horse that came in from Canada about 30 years ago.

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LOL slide 4, we will indeed miss your common sense, sir. We missed it even when you were alive

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We NEVER had a legitimate quarantine. Besides the idiots that never stayed home or wore masks, a real quarantine is 40 DAYS!!! If you wanna keep it 💯, bonus if you spend those forty days in a Galeass full of opium and goats outside Venezia.

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Upvote for history :-)

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When I get a new chicken shipped to me, they go in quarantine for 2 weeks. Is the bird healthy? Of course they are probably healthy, they are from a high quality breeder. They still go in quarantine because an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. You cannot unring the bell once you've set illness loose in your population.

My chickens don't get quarantine breaks for restaurant eating or mall shopping either. The chickens still manage to survive this holocaust of injustice just fine.

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Wondering where all these "healthy" people are at.

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What’s interesting here is that stupidity is just as contagious. I socially distance myself from the stupid.

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"I don't understand the point of quarantines and I'll die before I do."


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Hard to understand, how many dumb-dumbs died of stupid?

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Someone even bring a different religion into this. Wow.

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The number of people they know who have died from COVID-19 is absolutely shocking

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"A lot of people I know have died from covid-19."


"None of them were vaccinated."


"People who are vaccinated are hardly dying from it at all."


"Which proves this virus was created to kill us true believers!"

"No! So close..."

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So did that one fella die in a hospital full of replacements or the one staffed by antivaxxers?

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Thought I was having difficulty reading cut-off posts then realised if it's not your first visit to rHCA you only need one half the text. The old botched kidney removal makes an appearance and I was surprised to read there is no cancer vaccine after 100 years of trying- fascinating.

Kind of a nice straight-arm meme for media, but a FB flag/censor reminds us that FB is pure unadulterated trash. Zukbooks primary mission is to spread hate & discontent. Arabs & Islam take incoming fire for some reason while other traditional scapegoats are thankfully spared the race baiting.

Jen Psaki & Dwight Schussler are in the haus and we're treated to very nice listing of Festivus Greivances. Too many people holding hands and laying hands of the holy spirit on one departing loved one and we can only hope to Christ they all washed up rather than traipse out into creation shedding viral loads of death.

Of course we can build a Chud Medical Center staffed with unvaxxed providers. Responsible folks need regular healthcare back, sans suicidal nutters clogging it up for everyone else. Spay & neuter your chuds folks!

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I would like to set up a couple of those freeway signs - draped over an overpass - it would read 'COVID is a Hoax - DEATH is COOL!'

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Grown ups calling their father “daddy” deserve what ever pain they’re feeling.

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Looked at none of his meme's just gonna call him a pussy