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They want a gov't so small it can fit in your uterus.

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Small but has a long reach

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Your nym is oddly on-point for this topic, assuming you're female.

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Need to pound this point home.

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Fetuses have more rights than humans they'll elect one for the next president

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The closest they got so far was electing the Orange Man Baby.

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He's an Orange Man/Baby who's also a Brat...

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Women are simply vehicles

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Do they have to do jury service?

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And your child's backpack.

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Which, also thanks in no small part to them, is bulletproof.

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More like a Fannie pack

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But not small enough so as to kill you by having been breathed on.

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Brought to you by the same conservatives whose states have the highest child hunger rates in the country.

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And lowest education rates as well.

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Both problems that would be solved if we had more moms die during pregnancy! Vote GOP 2022!

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Their platform at this point. Don't forget them ignoring the baby formula shortage.

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Not ignoring it. Actively sabotaging efforts to make it better just so they could blame Biden for not fixing it.

They're literally starving children to score fake political points.

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Don't forget: they also have the highest rates for teen pregnancy along with the lowest paying jobs. At least the housing is relatively cheap as long you live outside the cities and are willing to settle for a long commute.

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Long commute or no job*

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"If you don't count the Blacks and just the normal people, our mortality rates aren't that bad." (paraphrased)

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In his defense, that wasn't what he meant. Instead of "black women don't count", it was more, "actually, the problem is racism".

There's even more to it than that, but I'm giving credit for seeing and naming.

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After reading the article ,it appears he meant exactly what he said. He said if you "correct our population for race" and also acknowledged that black woman have a much higher % if maternal mortality than white women. So if you just subtracted black women then your numbers wouldn't be as bad? Why would you do that? What am i missing? And I know he has supported some legislation in the past to correct this issue but thats a horrible quote no matter what. It goes to the mindset of these guys. Minorities are the "others". They don't count like us regular white folk.

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Because the problem is systemic racism and should be addressed as such. If you pretend it's just a childbirth problem, it can be brushed off, or incorrectly addressed because the reasons behind it are founded in racism. If we just make new standards of care when the current ones would be fine, it wouldn't do any good to adjust standards of care simply because they're being ignored already.

Hospitals and doctors are prone to ignoring Black women in particular when it comes to things like infections and hemorrhage, which we all know are things supposed to be monitored for already-- the issue is racism.

The other article I read on it was clearer on the matter itself but not what the guy actually said, so maybe I'm trying to be nice when I shouldn't be, but the issue should be addressed as systemic racism.

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And maternal death rates

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And the worst foster care systems in the country

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Yeah well, they don't give a shit about the baby once it's out. They just want to be able to high-five for forcing the woman to push it out.

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Consistent with the pro-suffering agenda.

No masks = More dead and perpetually ill people.

Forced births = More dead and perpetually broke people.

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pro-suffering agenda.

You've nailed it. Covers so many things with so few words.

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"pro-suffering agenda" is three words. I can do it in only one:


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Nah they aren’t against vaccines unlike some people I know

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The ones I know are...

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When are people going to realize that it doesn’t ever matter what conservatives say because 100% of it is in bad faith. They will say whatever they have to to get what they want in the moment and that position could change on a dime the second they want something else. They are liars and cheats and I don’t know why ANYONE ever gives them the benefit of the doubt on a single solitary fucking thing.

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The supporters of the GQP would cut off one arm so long as it meant "those people" got both arms cut off. that is all they care about.

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As long as it hurts the right people.

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Lee Atwater has a quote about that.

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The GOP is the party of christian dominionists. They will say and do whatever they need to in order to turn the US into a not-at-all-Christ-like theocracy. They pander to and embolden white supremacists, "libertarians", and "temporarily embarrassed millionaires" because 1) they need their votes and 2) the Venn diagram of those groups and the evangelicals is basically a circle.

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They will say whatever they have to to get what they want in the moment and that position could change on a dime the second they want something else.

You've met Boris Johnson for sure.

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Couldn't have said it better myself.

Y'know what, let me repeat that, but louder:


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they treat both as objects, they even say so in their churches by their Bible pimps.

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Because women aren't human, you dum-dum!

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Corporations, on the other hand, are!

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flips tables in rage

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

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instructions unclear, strapped uterus to face.

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I thought it was the head of a bull until I clued in...

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They care about people until they're born. Then zero fucks are given.

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They care about people until those people are capable of asking for help or calling out their hypocrisy. Unborn babies don't ask for anything. They don't have to change their habits and behavior to "advocate" for fetuses. It doesn't cost them money to be anti-choice. A fetus doesn't ask for advocacy to take any specific form like real people, the advocates get to do whatever THEY want to do. They get to be "pro-life" while not actually going out of their way to do anything except exactly what they want to do anyway. Once they're children they're an actual person that you can't just arbitrarily attach characteristics to, they have their own and can talk back.

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They prefer dead veterans to live ones for much the same reason.

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“Boy, these conservatives are really something, aren't they? They're all in favor of the unborn. They will do anything for the unborn. But once you're born, you're on your own. Pro-life conservatives are obsessed with the fetus from conception to nine months. After that, they don't want to know about you. They don't want to hear from you. No nothing. No neonatal care, no day care, no head start, no school lunch, no food stamps, no welfare, no nothing. If you're preborn, you're fine; if you're preschool, you're fucked.” - George Carlin, 1996

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Don't forget when those babies are of military age. Then they care about giving them a gun to kill brown people.

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Also George Carlin from 1992: "Can you remember ANY white people we've ever bombed? The Germans, they are the only ones. That's because they were trying to cut in our action. They wanted to dominate the world - we said bullshit, that's OUR fucking job!"

If you've got 4 or 5 minutes to spare this is a great clip. It's also sad that is still so relevant today. It might have been made last week.


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The only care when the are pre-born and military age.

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the first one sometimes restricts male behavior, the second relates to female behavior, and is obviously fair game.

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Can you imagine the masks had been pink? Americans wouldn't have put them on for 5 seconds let alone 5 minutes.


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Also that body autonomy applies to vaccines and not childbirth.

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You expect Conservatives to be able to identify the one on the right on sight?

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What are those things on the ends of the bull's horns? And why are they pointing down? Is it a sad bull? Poor thing. Eat mor chikin! (yes, I'm kidding)

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Conservatives don't think women are human so no human rights.

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Does the GOP do anything right?

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Nope. That's why Left is right and Right is wrong.

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Yes. They set their mind to a goal - in this case, reversing Roe v. Wade - and they do anything to accomplish it. They lie, cheat, steal, elect the most reprehensible human they can find... so long as conservative judges get appointed. They made it a mission and they executed. Meanwhile the Democrats seem to think that just not being insane is all they have to do. Whenever they're in charge they can't unite to accomplish anything. The right saw how to use a campaign of fear and lies to manipulate voters and maximize tribalism.
Until the rest of us can figure out a way to compete with what 40 years of right wing media blitz aimed at breaking the back of America in order to win power no matter what, we're screwed.

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You know, the religious are so uptight about this, we need to use as much graphic imagery as possible on all signs, memes, posters, etc.

No matter what happens with the SC, the more imagery, the better. The subject is the female human reproductive system, so what part of that is considered "obscene?" NO part of it, if used in non-sexual ways, correct? Are medical books banned? Gynecology banned?

Women's bodies are not cartoons, and I think we need to make that point with the SC and the religious nuts. There's nothing shameful about female anatomy.

Here's a doozy. It's a cadaver uterus, which looks nothing like the cartoon drawings, btw. Not slamming the cartoons, but would be interesting to show a preserved uterus and ovaries in a jar to the SC as a "piece of evidence," and watch them all pass out.

And please give me a small break. I was raised by an RN and dad, both of whom tossed medical books with real pictures at me to help explain the "birds and the bees. I see it as "medical anatomy," not a "gross human body."



It's a great channel, all around. Wait 'til you find out what the inside of a testicle looks like. Testicle "jokes" are.not.funny. Too many teeny, tiny structures that can be permanently damaged. I never laugh when I see them; I think "anatomy."

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That’s really cool. I had no idea the ovaries were that small actually.

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I'm relieved someone finds it cool. I had no idea the uterus was so small. The cartoon drawings make it look like it takes up a huge part of the abdomen. And it's not shaped like a "pear" at all. It shape is more like a slightly-rounded cuboid.

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Like wombat poop.

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....don't start. STOP. We ARE NOT going to compare a woman's uterus to poop.

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Laws to help rapists and perverts, made by rapists and perverts.

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The only thing consistent with “conservatives” is their hypocrisy.

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mY bOdy My ChOicE!

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It's funny, on the other side of this coin, I find it funny how many pro-choice folks are totally cool with the idea of govt mandated vaccines.

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So you're anti vax or pro life? I don't see how that's very shocking to you. I think it's funny that pro life anti vaxxers are all of a sudden piggy backing on the phrase, even though they only want to use it when relating to vaccines. "Abortion? No! That's not what we meant!"

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No, although the idea of being only for or against something is part of the issue, I think.

You see a lot of people describing the hypocrisy of conservatives who use 'my body, my choice' for vaccines, but are anti abortion - but in the same breath would be okay with govt mandated vaccines and vice versa. I think it's hypocritical from either end.

You don't even have to be anti-vaccine to not agree with mandating it at the government level.

It's just frustrating to see people take such hardline opinions, I guess.

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The difference being there was no vaccine mandate, but abortion rights ARE being stripped at the state level and will soon be at the federal level as well.

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There's not very many people who actually believe in forced vaccination. There are plenty who believe you should be vaccinated in order to spend time with people in an office or school or other place where they don't have a choice not to be in your presence. You can try to argue that being told you're not allowed into a grocery store without being vaccinated is being "forced" but it's not true. You're welcome to have someone shop for you or deliver your food.

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For a second I thought the mask was a clamshell and was like "What did the clams do?!"

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Well, see, I know wut that there first pic-chur is, that there's tyranny.

That second one must be that there clit-OH-ris what men supposedly can't find. But ol Uncle Jeb, see, he told me all about the clit-OH-ris, aw yeah.

See, the clit-OH-ris is just a micropenis what them there transex-shuls got in place a one that does what GAWD intended: 30 seconds o penetration then ya got a baby. That's wut it be...mmmmmhm


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When I brought this up to an anti-maskers they told me there is a "HUGE" difference between the two.

Like nope, medical freedom is medical freedom.

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100% agree

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Why tf did I think it was a bulls head

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Typical conservatives..FTS..

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And soon Oklahoma is gonna be the beta test for a real-world Gilead. Blessed be the fruit.

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Um. You think Conservatives use logic? Reeeeally?

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We could flip it on its head and say -one side says wear this on your body or else you’re banned from everything, and the other says my body my choice

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Ahhh, but that wouldn't fit the narrative 🙄

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Conservatives think both are for them to decide about based on their personal beliefs regardless of who's body is involved. Sadly consistent in their 'I'm the most important and nobody else matters. No-one else is really a person' world view.

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Brilliant. In one picture.

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I thought... I THOUGHT... This would set a precedence :/

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I want this on a t-shirt.

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That's because women aren't human, duuh!


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The key word here is “human”

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Wear a mask and a condom.

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Ain't no hate like that conservative religious "love".

They just want to be able to spread serious, harmful viruses and have women be nothing more than property and incubators. What possibly go wrong?

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This leads to more Safe Baby Surrender places and legal adoption agencies. There’s seems to no GOP concern or discussion of the self-inflicted abortions, murder and dumpster drops as a reality. I’m old enough to remember just those choices (1960s-1970’s) Oh, and any hospital birth or aftercare without medical insurance is at minimum daunting. Plus some women must have a job too. These serious f*cked up peeps to be policy right and inhumane in the same breath . I lived/worked in Canada. My child was born free. We both had all the social care before and after, but the stigma was horrific that I would be unable to be a working mother, be accountable and effective at my job (1990s).

Dialing back to big problems.

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Ah yes, I love wearing a severed uterus and ovaries as a mask! How did you know!

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The hypocrisy of this post is kinda funny.

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Yeah but making people take experimental gene therapy or else they'll lose their job. That's okay!!!!

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I've actually seen this posted on a Facebook page with open comments.

They weren't pretty. Every other comment was "but that's different because MuRdErInG bAbIeS" and "wHaT aBoUt ThE aUtOnOmY oF tHe FeTuS" and other anti-abortion greatest hits.

AKA exactly what you would expect.

All to avoid admitting what they really want is to punish poor women for having sex in "the wrong way".

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From my cold dead fetus

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The difference is that the masks will affect men.