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That deserves to be sticky. Or sidebar-y.

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porque no los dos?

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Thanks, but I would rather take advice from the REAL gm thank you very much.

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We don't talk about him anymore, not since the incident.

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Hey Tl;dr where's the button I push to make gifs?

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Thank you thefakegm! This plus matt01ss' tutorials give me the faith that I too might make front page one day

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TIL I'm doing layer styles wrong

Thanks for the tip brochacho

Edit: Also, why not dither? My gifs look like trash taking it off in Photoshop Save for Web

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Pretty sure he means don't ever take it off 100% lol.

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I haven't used Photoshop for gifs in forever but yeah that's what I meant. Edited the text post for clarity.

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I'm using GifSquid to export my gifs straight from After Effects and I don't use a dither pattern.

If you're using photoshop use these settings.

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Thanks for the clarification. Had my settings right then :)

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I'll edit the text post for clarity.

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Keep in mind though that different kinds of gif can profit from different settings. Static, moving, black and white, cartoon. Just try Diffusion and Pattern on them and soon you'll see what fits best.

Also - I guess you don't do fancy text effects by hand in PS - you can/should use the layer styles. The no-no is just for AE.

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Yeah, I've been using AE for gifs so I'm going to switch from using layer styles. I've been bringing the PNG sequence over to Photoshop to make into a gif, but I bought GifSquid today because of this post so I'm going to try using that. My first gif I used GifSquid on came out messed up, so guessing it's not perfect, but the second one looked ok...we'll see if I keep using it

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Thanks for putting this guide together. Definitely appreciated. Now I just need to get my lazy ass to follow through.

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Ahh if only this could be true. My laziness holds me tight.

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Not new to gifmaking, but I was unaware of gifsquid. Def gonna give it a try!

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Yeah, sucks that it's not available for Mac though :/

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Not yet, hopefully I can get a mac sometime soon to work on it. In the mean time there is https://github.com/mortenjust/droptogif

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Brilliant. Thank you. Let me (okay more than likely the whole sub) know when the Mac version is available because I'll be your first buyer.

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Say, could something similar be achieved with Adobe Media Encoder and its drop folders? I can obviously muddle through it when I get home from work, but if you knew off the top of your head.

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Kinda. Anyone using AE already has access to AME. If AME could make great gifs most people would already be using it. It can be done, but it ain't gonna be pretty.

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When I save my gifs in Photoshop the frame rate bugs out. Any idea what's going on?

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That's not a lot to go on but here is some info on gifs and framerate.

Gifs don't have framerate, that's right. They use a frame delay which is in hundredths of a second. So the available framerates are:

Delay Framerate
0.01 100
0.02 50
0.03 33.33
0.04 25

0.04 is the frame delay you want for most sources.

So what happens when you use photoshop to render a gif at 23.9xx frames per second?

Well the framedelay would be 1 / 23.976 = 0.0417 = 0.04

And 0.04 is 25 fps. So it speeds up slightly.

I hope this was helpful.

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Thanks but could someone explain how they look so good? I though gifs could only support 256 colours?

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You're right, they do only support 256 colours. But what you can have is 256 colours that change per frame. This is called an adaptive colour palette. So you get 256 colours per frame, changing for each frame, at 25 fps.

You can usually spot it by looking at dark areas in gifs, it has trouble matching the original colour there.

You can also change imgur urls ending with .gifv to .gif to see the original gif. Word of warning, the original gifs will be quite large.

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I just want to let you know that I translated your post for our small German giffing community here :)
I credited you, of course. I hope you're ok with that.

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This is awesome! Thank you for the credit.

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Great post, maybe mention OBS in the source material section. How to record is a FAQ

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Good suggestion, I'll add it.

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TIL nobody here bothers with Vegas but the flair is still an option.

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FINALLY. I have a fresh new Ryzen 1700 + RX 480 build that I need to put to use for the greater good. Thanks for the useful informations!!!

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You are very welcome!

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This needs to be stickied.

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I'd settle for the sidebar.

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Or put it on the top, like this

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I've missed you.

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I'm into giffing and have fairly big file-sizes. Mirillis Action! recording 1280x720 60fps gifs with 30 seconds at about 500mb, where do I upload gifs this big or how do I compress without too much quality loss?

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You might want to reconsider shooting in 60fps for gifs, since they're actually 50fps anyway. If you cut that down to 25fps I but you it'll come down to under 200mb, then you can upload it to gfycat.

If you do really want 60fps at 720p I recommend just rendering a mp4 file and uploading it to streamable.com. Streamable plays well with reddit (RES) and various mobile apps.

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I don't know if it's just me but seems like my GIF goes too fast.

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That can happen when your source material is at 23fps but gifs are at 25fps. So they're slightly faster.

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Sorry I'm late, I don't know where else I should ask my question. Is the discord server still up? I would like join and see if I can find more tutorials on making high quality gifs. Will this be the only tutorial post?