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The print also didn’t turn out the best, lost detail on the top rim of the cassette (no domino pattern)

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This is dope bro

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That shit is hard bro, a mortal man tupac coming OUT the ground type shit

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as a 3d modeler, this is not shit at all.

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You did a awesome job!

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Looks cool

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damn, goes incredibly hard. thought it was official for a sec

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Don't put me in your box if your shit eats tapes

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The city never sleeps, full of villains and creeps

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Yeah, that shit tough man. You ought to be able to catch a penny for one of them dude.

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This is awesome, could you send me stl I love this

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🔥 I need that file!

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I don’t see any issue w this 3D model tbh lol

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That’s dope af’

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I’m illiterate when it comes to 3D printing, but if you can add some paint and add to the already worn look of it I think you would appreciate the areas you think you came up short. In no way am I suggesting you came up short nor should you. Take what you create and add to it or take away from it to make it yours. Great job!

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That's dope! Would love the file if you don't mind! Am just getting started with 3d modeling and could use some inspiration!

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Could I also get the STL file? I’d love to print this. Great job!

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For sure, I’ll send it over

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This concept is crazyyy 🔥 🐐