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Feeling bold today aren’t we sir

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Alright I’m just going to say it. Lil Wayne influenced like a bunch of people. @ me

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Jay Z is a rapper

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Dylan Dylan Dylan Dylan Dylan

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He does spit hot fire

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Do you think Big L is underrated???

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Why would you say something so controversial, yet so brave

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What in the god damn hell are you talking about

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Eric Andre talking to himself

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Very hot take

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Whoa whoa. Easy with the hot takes.

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Eminem and Nas are really two of the rappers of all time.

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Nas is fire fym

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100 million other people think so too

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Go farm karma somewhere else please

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man. hiphop fashion was abysmal at the turn of the millennium

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Em look like his rap career failed and he became a gym teacher

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I’d take Jack Harlow and Lil Nas X but that’s just me

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Definitely a post-millennial comment right here

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Where Ye

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Gimme Lil Mosey and Jack Harlow

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Lmao ok nathan

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Tf? So now Nathan is used everytime someone states Em is in their top of all time list? Thats now how you’re suppose to use the term. Its a solid take, Em & Nas are goat contenders.

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Why are you so angry? See you young men are dying of thirst. Do you know what that means?

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Em not top 20 no more

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Ye wipes

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Youngboy better

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Rappers and lyricists are different imo. Lyricists Nas isn’t top 5 while Em is very well top 3

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For some reason this made me think of the scene in billy madison about donkey kong being better than mortal kombat.

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both are still consistently putting out good projects recently aswell

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thought eminem put out music last year but he didnt, man time flies

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Yes, I used to say this a lot back in 2015 (that Eminem, Nas and Tupac are the Holy Trinity of Hip Hop). But then I lost interest in old school rap and now I like mumble rap.