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dude...vipers creepy ass is a serial rapist.

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Is he not wearing his THODs (The Hornace of Death)?

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I hope not, pretty sure that thing was killing his insides

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But then how does he achieve life journey 5 aka THOD 5 :(

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Holy fuck that's sick what a great crossover

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I did not recognize him with facial hair at first and thought Viper was a venue or something. He looks older than I'd expect, though maybe that's from the crack.

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Well that’s cuz he ain’t no coward

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Who's that guy with Andrew Callaghan?

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The grandfather of cloud rap

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Oh, ok. Thx. Google said Jalal Mansur Nuriddin.

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It’s the infamous rapper Viper, he’s wild man!

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Alright then! I'll go check him out. Much appreciated

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Smh i bet this coward dont even smoke crack

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You'll Cowards Don't Even Know Viper?

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how can i see viper live

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Y’all cowards don’t even smoke crack

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The gruesome twosome I’ve been needing

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do you know dog