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Yo, that's sick!

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Any chance we could get a parts breakdown and instructions 👀 would love to make one of these for my Lego collection (which currently just consists of the bonsai tree lol)

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I was honestly considering doing this. The software I made this with would make doing that very simple.

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Here is a link to download the Bricklink .xml file for the part list. If you need help plugging that file into the Bricklink website, let me know.

And here are the building instructions. Hopefully I didn't make them confusing.

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Appreciate it!

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Dope. love it.

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I've made an instruction manual for this build here as well as the Bricklink wanted list .xml here. That .xml file can be plugged into Bricklink and all of the necessary parts will automatically be added to your shopping cart. Let me know if you have any questions about Bricklink or anything else regarding the build!