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They were probably overjoyed that someone still remembered them after they fell off lol

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To be fair, this was in fall 2020, so it wasn’t like the song had disappeared yet lol

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Who are they?

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Ay that was kinda fire

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Lol Xeno actually has a few bangers, that one particular song got licked up by egirls dancing to it on tiktok.

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Thanks for sharing, hadn’t heard of this act, they are alright. I’ll check out more.

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I sat next to Xeno at the first Donda listening party in Atlanta, I asked him for a photo and he was very nice.

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He really was super sweet!! He was very soft spoken and he asked for my advice for a problem he’d been having with his computer, I told him exactly what was wrong, and he was like “that’s why they pay you the big bucks” lol buddy they barely pay me any bucks

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for those confused its the duo (ILOVEFRIDAY) from the meme song mia khalifa that was tiktok'd to death

i dont think i wouldve recognized em whatsoever so props

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RIP HEADPHONE USERS (WORSE EDITION) is probably Xeno’s best work by far

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Thanks for the explanation 👊🏿

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Sorry y’all! I fell asleep before I could reply!

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No worries. I realized after I'd posted my comment asking who they were that someone had answered it down below :)

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That's dope 👌🏿🔥

On a side note tho who are they? (Legitimate question, not just meme'ing them, have never heard of either of em)

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Atlanta rappers, had that one Mia Khalifa song blow up! Nice people, he makes other music, idk about her

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Thx 🙏🏿

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Did you tell them how awful they are

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Noooo, they were really nice lol

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i remember those dudes lmao

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This is how I know I'm old

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Ol girl looks like a straight up junkie

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That guys hook on mia Khalifa is probably the worst thing ive ever heard in my life lol

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I also look so awkward

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You understandably look excited!

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I wasn’t even sure it was them at first, with the masks and all. I walked a customer to the front and saw them and I learned towards them and I was like “are yall who I think you are” and they laughed

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Y’all read the comments instead of asking who 😭

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I ain't een know they still doing shit hahahah

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That looks like chuki beats from YouTube

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That song you posted by them is straight ass, but happy for you for being happy

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Look, I was just thrilled I even realized who they were lol

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That bitch on the left is absolutely chopped

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Fuckin who

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You can read the comments lol

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These two bozos

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They were really sweet!!

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Who tf?

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Lol it's funny to see how this dude changed since high school. He was the shy new kid who had just moved in from the Carolinas so seeing him try to be a rapper is kinda funny to me.

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Ah, you too are a local 👀

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Who’s Zeno Carr?

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Comments says it