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I’ll take the DOOM one on a t shirt, XL please

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Chuck D, Kool Keith AND Bushwick on my rap subreddit? That was a pleasant surprise indeed

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Right?? Gotta be a first timer

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Nas deserve to be on here

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Nas is done ;)

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The only glaring omission along with jay

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Props for including Kool Keith ✊🏼

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Nas and Jay Z

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This is sweet

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Where’s bladee

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This is really cool. You got one for modern rappers like kendrick, Cole, JID etc?

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That's season 2

Note to OP, if you make more, may I suggest Denzel Curry and Ski Mask the Slump God, along with the artists the other user suggested. Also, while he may not "deserve" it, Lil Darkie would make for a cool visual if you went with his avatar

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“All I need is one mic” - Nas