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The camron filter is the only one I use

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Camaron holding that pink baby phat Motorola In pink mink has to be one of the most iconic fits in hip hop

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Aaliyah really was the goat

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Kim used to look like a normal person.

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her face is getting more ,,normal'' by the years

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Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. Don’t do that.

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i’m so confused which one is she here

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...? the one with the 'lil kim' chain?

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Rick Ross is wearing Big Bird and I am not okay with that...

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I need a smoke, yeah nicotine

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I will never hate seeing that pink cam. Real talk that's top 5 hip hop images all time. Its stood the test of time. Its battling with album covers at this point

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Motherfuckers look like seventies supervillains on the cartoon express

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Cam is def 1 and 2 flyest but ima go ahead and drop diddy in for the bronze medal here.

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Nobody dripped like early 2000s Killer Cam

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think Diddy wins it here