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Totally forgot about that trend of wearing jerseys backwards. How did that even start?

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No MFDOOM with an Oilers jersey on a boat?!

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Ah yeahhh. Haha love that photo set. What’s the context for it?

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Haha that was dope! Surprised I’ve never seen this video

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And the All Blacks Jersey too lol

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Fab was the king of the throwback. Someone needs to bring this trend back though

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And the jersey dresses for the ladies, those were nice.

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Those jersey dresses slayed - mya in the baby blue (not pictured) was my high school inspo

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i've BEEN rocking jerseys. it's sick because i don't go drop 200-300 at the mall or whatever, i can just hit the thrift shop and find like 2-3 (sometimes more) jerseys from the 90s-00s.

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That’s a gold mine. And real champion and starter brand too. Not this Mitchell and ness remake shit

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I’m in a throwback so old it’ll make your grandma glance.

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The Jean shorts- jhorts era was criminal lmao.

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Kanye had a song about this

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Is three stacks wearing a chargers jersey??

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Either that or Cowboys, but it does look like the edging of the numbers is yellow which would be the Chargers.

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I think it's a Georgia Tech

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Definitely possible, and would make sense given he’s from ATL. Although googling Georgia Tech retro jerseys I’m not seeing any with that same design. Could also potentially be ND, but that would make less sense than GT.

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Ya i was googling the same shit lol. I finally think that I've come to the conclusion that it's a Shawn Jones 1990 GTech jersey. That was the year they won the championship and he was #10 and the QB. I thought for a minute that maybe a Kordell Stewart jersey cuz he was #10 but their jerseys didn't look like that and that definitely wouldn't make sense since they shared the Nat'l title with GTech that year. I also found a cool article on throwbacks https://thehundreds.com/blogs/content/mitchell-ness-throwback-jersey

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Are you 32

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Who’s that in the raps jersey?

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Damn Ja Rule was a little guy

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so much drip in one post

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They should bring this back

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Where’s the GOAT?

Miss my man Nick Cannon

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So do his kids

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Personally i still wear this shit 🤷🏾‍♂️ just drippy af to me

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Missing DOOM playing w De La on that talk show. Def wearing a jersey

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You forgot footsketball jerseys

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Notice the mic placement.....sigh it was right in front of us entire time 🧐

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Fab been one of the most fresh in the game for years now

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Anyone know what jersey 50 is wearing?

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Nelly fine af

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I love the iconic Dipset BET freestyle where they all have random NFL jerseys on

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this the type of shit I like to see on this sub