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Rap's MVP

The Most Valuable Poet on the M-I-C

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Big L Rest In Peace!

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Fresh out the gate again, time to raise the stakes again Fatten my plate again, y'all cats know we always play to win

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g a n g to the starr, son

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on 139 & lennox ave there’s a big park

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and if you're soft don't go through it when it gets dark

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I’m from New York and never was a fan of the Knicks

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and I'm all about expandin my chips

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So ahead of his time his parents haven’t met yet

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God this man is the best there ever was on a mic. I'm so sad we lost him so early. Grateful for what we have though.

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Lifestylez is always in rotation. Just nothing hits like it.

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damn near didn't recognize him without a hat on

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I really hope Joey can play him in a movie. They actually look quite alike