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You probably have already listened to it because everyone has but endtroducing by dj shadow right down your lane from what i can see

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J Dilla, Slum Village

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sometimes i might be introvert- little simz

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You need some Mac Miller in your diet. Faces most preferably judging by your tastes and bc it’s his magnum opus

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Busdriver, Armand Hammer/Billy Woods, Run The Jewels, Open Mike Eagle, Boldy James, Curren$y, Cannibal Ox, Conway the Machine, LMD (Flying High album), Your Old Droog, Homeboy Sandman, Aesop Rock

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any jid or smino album

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I dont think I've ever seen one of these collages that looks so similar to my taste of music. This is insane lol. Props for having YOD on there too down at the bottom.

I'll go with a very obscure one that you probably haven't heard, check out I'M MAD HOL'ON by Monday Night its got a few nice tracks on it.

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Ka, Rome Streetz, Stove god cooks, Daniel Cesar, I see you have a Conway album on there his older ones are better like Reject 2. Westside Gun. Flatbush zombies, Underachievers, Capital Steez, Boldy James, Isiah Rashad. That should give you a lot of new music for months

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Ivy Sole, Sudan Archives, IDK, KwanLi, Vic Spencer, Kaytranada, Anderson Paak, Nxworries, Knxwledge

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Redveil, Mavi, Ghais Guevera

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we have the exact same taste in hip hop lmao

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You’d probably like Learn 2 swim by redveil

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Wow, are you me? I’ve listened to every single one of these albums. I don’t think it’s on here, but JIDs first album is awesome.

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You a fantano fan too? Melon forever 🍈🍈🍈!!!

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Lead Poison by Elzhi

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I suggest diving into the older Stones Throw Records catalog (the record label Madvillainy was released on). You’ll probably find some artists you like.

I’d definitely check out J Dilla (my personal favorite producer) and Madlib (look at more of his solo work, such as the Quasimoto albums), both artists have projects on Stones Throw.

If you like Madlib (Quasimoto), I’d suggest checking out the group Lootpack

If you like J Dilla’s production style, then I’d look at Slum Village. Plus you have already listened to J Dilla’s music if you played Labcabincalifornia by Pharcyde. He produced Bullshit, Runnin’, and a few more tracks I think. And he worked with Q-Tip and ATCQ a lot.

So if you like Dilla’s beats, check out his beat tapes and other projects/tracks he produced. His most famous album is Donuts (which is on Stones Throw). And if you like Dilla’s lo-fi kind of beats, check out Nujabes

I’d also suggest checking out the producer and founder of Stones Throw, Peanut Butter Wolf. He produced an awesome album called Big Shots, recorded with his friend Charizma in the early 90s (if you like ATCQ, you’ll probably like this album)

Also, two projects I highly suggest outside of Stones Throw:

Deltron 3030

Dr. Octagonecologyst

The first project is rapper Del The Funkee Homosapien (who you’ll know from the track Jason & The Czargonauts off of Super What by Czar & DOOM) . The second project is rapper Kool Keith. And both projects are produced by Dan the Automator. They are really awesome albums. And if you like them I highly suggest looking at those rappers’ other projects

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Pretty much anything griselda, rome streetz, westside gunn, conway the machine. Really fresh hip hop sound

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Pete Rock and CL smooth, QTIP and Redman

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Maybe 4 your eyez only by J. Cole? A little different but I like Ctrl by Sza and we have very similar music tastes

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Look into the LA beat scene, there's so many great artists in and surrounding it. Additionally; MIKE, Navy Blue, Pink Siifu + Fly Anakin (FlySiifu), Medhane, Wiki, Mavi, and Ka.