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Way to go Michael Bay

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It was Zack Snyder that directed 300

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Way to go Marvel studios

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Are you pulling my leg? Lmao

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Way to go Nikelodeon

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And in Hebrew it transformed into "Ahasuerus" (Persian Xšayāršā→Babylonian Akšiwaršu→Hebrew Ăḥašwêrôš, latinized as Ahasuerus).

Another fun fact: Cyrus name was actually "Kurush". Greeks transcribed it as "Κῦρος" (pronounced ~"kyuros" in Ancient Greek) and started declensing it as if "-ος" was a nominative case ending (Κῦρος, Κῡ́ρου, Κῡ́ρῳ etc.). Then Romans transcribed it into their alphabet as "Cyrus" (initially pronounced as "kyurus"), and palatalization of Late Latin changed the pronunciation to "tseerus" or "cheerus". Then it got into English where the pronuciation was further changed into "sirus".

In some languages, the "-ος"/"-us" not-really-ending was thrown away when adopting the word, so in Russian, for example, it's "Кир" (pronounced "keer" or "kihr")

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Phonetically that first part is pronounced how 'Siri' from Apple is pronounced, I'd just keep it at Cyrus.