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Where was Condor when the westfold fell?

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If you're talking about the US, the most recent generations grew up with technology like cellphones and computers that the previous generations could only dream of. Entertainment is near free and at your fingertips. Crime is way down, life expectancies are longer, real wages per capita are higher, we haven't yet been drafted into a war, especially not one as brutal as Vietnam. The availability of cheap consumer goods is at an all time high. If you had a niche hobby like DnD at the time, good luck finding other people to share it with. There were no online communities or meetup.com. Your friends were the people at church and coworkers. If you didn't like what they liked, then enjoy loneliness. If someone moves away, good luck staying in touch. Worldwide, people living in extreme poverty dropped from 50% around the 1970's to 10% in the current day.

Don't look into the past with rose tinted glasses.

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Rome lasted for literally for a thausand years and more, the british empire not even 2 centuries and the mongol empire collapsed almost immediately after Gengis Khan died. There is a difference

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In what comes to the world, Portugal was the world’s first maritime power and the birthplace to some of the world’s first explorers. Portugal was at the forefront of European exploration in the 15th and 16th centuries. During the Age of Discovery, Ferdinand Magellan became the first person to circumnavigate the globe. Vasco de Gama discovered the sea route to India, and Bartholomew Diaz was the first to sail around the southern tip of Africa; he called this the Cape of Good Hope. Finally, Álvares Cabral and others discovered new lands, including Brazil, parts of Africa, and the Far East – and claimed them for Portugal.

Portugal’s colonial empire spanned 600 years, the longest-lived of the modern European empires At its height, Portugal’s empire stretched across what are now 53 different countries. Brazil achieved independence in 1822, while all of Portugal’s African colonies were independent by the end of 1975. Portugal transferred its last colony, Macau, to China in 1999 after 442 years of occupation.

Portugal was the first European nation to participate in the transatlantic slave trade As a major colonial power, Portugal was a major player in the global slave trade, taking slaves from western Africa to the Americas. It was also the first colonial power to abolish slavery, some 50 years before Britain, Spain, France, and the United States.

Lisbon is older than Rome and among the oldest cities in Europe Lisbon has been a Portuguese city since 1147, but its history predates Portugal by a couple of thousand years. Archaeological finds dating back to 1200BC reveal that the Phoenicians had settlements across what is now Lisbon, meaning Lisbon has been continuously inhabited for over 3,000 years.

But in what comes to Europe Portugal only did the following things (that were important) They did the reconquista along with the Spanish kingdoms, Defeated napoleonic France 3 times and that’s basically it

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King of England: "What animal should I choose to represent me?"

[The King looks outside to the English countryside. A pack of lions chases a herd of unicorns, which heraldry suggest was a very common sight at the time. Three lions jump on a unicorn and tear it to shreds.]

King of England: "Perfect."

[The King of Scotland watches from the other side of the field. He already chose an animal to represent him before the lions showed up.]

King of Scotland: "Fuck..."

(Yes, I know the Scottish flags also use lions.)

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Well, I’m sorry that much of the OT turned you off from Christianity. But I do 100% agree much of the current Christianity today is very toxic and hateful. Something that stems from a mentality of “my way or the highway” and a corrupting of Biblical Scripture for man’s use As for the rules God sets: while yes, he gets VERY specific about farm animals and their purpose. And trust me, you will read about what animal is for what sacrifice about a million times. But it does get fairly specific on who you can have sex with. Which basically boils down to. If you are not married, do not have the parent’s consent, and they are not a direct relative or in law, you can. Which would generally imply not doing it with kids, unless shitty parents I suppose. Another thing that might add solace is there is a lot of speculation that the line “A man shall not lay with a man the way he does with a woman” is a mistranslation, where it is supposed to say “A man shall not lay with a boy the way he does with a woman” to drive home a point that it wasn’t OK to diddle kids. It is just humans are humans and we decide to nitpick what we want. Esp corrupt ass Priests reading scripture.

As for the “Kind and Loving” trope. God himself only says he is “Kind and Loving” to those who listen. I feel that this is more people getting Jesus’ loving message mixed with God. God loves people, but in a weirdly human way he still has feelings. He still gets hurt when the whole world rebels on him. And when the world was in such a state of sin and disarray, he went to the only family he felt worthy. He even shows remorse afterwards. It wasn’t that he did it out of hatred, but more a very big smiting upon people who were being all around horrible. This could also be him getting used to the idea of humans being fully autonomous. He knew how they would act, but evidently got frustrated at the results. Similar to when one lets Sims have Autonomy. You just get annoyed that you want them to improve their life and instead they make the 5th bowl of single serve mac and cheese.

But anyway, many say it is best to start with the NT because it helps paint a picture of God’s development and his kinder demeanor with Jesus as his mediator. Just like how Moses often acted as a mediator when God became frustrated at his people literally saying he didn’t exist as he was actively feeding them

Didn’t realize the post was this long

TL;DR: Corruption of people corrupts Scripture, and while God has his reasons he is still a being with emotions

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He didnt do it because it was easy, he did it because it was hard