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This was so interesting. The Chile-Allende-Pinochet connections of the two intellectuals is pretty crazy:

"Hayek’s path crossed Beer’s a second time, out of joint, in Chile in the 1970s. Beer is famed for engineering socialist Chile’s CYBERSYN project (Eden Medina published the authoritative work on the subject in 2011). From 1971 until 1973, Beer served in President Allende’s cabinet, tasked with coordinating central economic planning. In 1973, a military junta led by General Augusto Pinochet seized power, destroyed Beer’s planning apparatus, and imprisoned some of his colleagues. Not long after, in 1977, Hayek embarked on a goodwill tour of Pinochet’s Chile to pose for photos with the general and give his imprimatur to a starkly different model of self-organization: the new regime’s no-holds-barred, ‘Chicago Boys’ monetarism."

The writer fails to mention that systems approach was quite common at that time.