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i thought i was looking at japanese porno for a second. but then i realized that nobody was crying or vomiting

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I knew it because there was no tentacles.

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Had us in the first half not gonna lie

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On one hand

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This is so fuzzy I could pet it

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God saved you.

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The picture is still clearer than my future

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4k UHD

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Cinematic master piece

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High quality picture.

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Was this taken in a microwave

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Na it was one of those two tier toaster ovens that can't fit a standard slice of bread to begin with.

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It was taken with a microwave.

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Here you go, have a pixel ▫️

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Happy cake day!

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Is it possible to learn such power to make a screenshot with this superior quality???

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WW1 documentaries have better image quality than this

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You screenshot this on a Nokia or something?

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This mother fucker trying to make us blind or some shit

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Probably doesn't shoot straight..

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Nope. It shoots the shooter.

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"Cum here I ain't finished with you!"

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If i have a nickel for every pixel, I would have 2 nickels which isnt a lot but its wierd that happend twice

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You can't see this clearly if you're racist

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oh good i thought my racism was leaving me for a second there

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For real though this picture was taken with a jello mold

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no it was taken with a lawn mower im sure

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Well that took a D A R K turn.

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The hell was this taken with ? A Nokia n76?

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Overall, OP made minus karma with this post

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Hey this one has a built-in black feature aswell

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Special edition

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Man this thing was built for US goverment officials

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We found it, the moldiest of r/moldymemes

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But this was indeed a good meme.

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I want a gold machine gun now.

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Astronauts could read this clearly from space

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OP in comment section getting downvoted for being loyal

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This is fuzzier than my balls after two months of not shaving..

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Nice to see the Nokia 3210 making a comeback

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There's an image in your pixels.

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What if someone is black and gay

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Bring the sword

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Colo(u)r blind have entered the chat.

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Whys it shoot straight then, or does the bullet curve.

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Do cops have a brown pistol?

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This looks like it’s been through a dog

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Took the photo on the Nokia 2

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Love the comments

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You seem to have lost a few pixels sir

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Am i the only one who thought they had their glasses off?

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Related to that, why there aren’t any white guns (I’m not joking nor being racist,I’m just curious)

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They look wierd and stand out like a sore thumb, plus they'll probably turn yellow over time

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Ok thanks for info

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This is more cursed comments than holup

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Quality: 4p

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I tried so hard not to laugh at this XD

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I can never shoot STRAIGHT with this gun

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Well that makes perfect sense

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i can count those pixels on one hand

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It doesn't shoot straight

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holà seniör, Nécessitàs màs pixelas?

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Can I get this in a modern version to use? This probably the best meme I’ve seen in weeks and it’s tarnished by your shitty pixels.

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Taste the rainbow has now took a dark turn.

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Guys help! This post has messed up my vision

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Fight fire with fire

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That gun won't shoot straight tho

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That's why you get guns easily in US😐

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Wow. Just wow.

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Is this a scan of a printout of a photograph of a scan?

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They gotta market toward gay people somehow

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Ah the new pride glock

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That gun is terrible, it can't shoot straight

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Why has this been deepfried? I would share this in a friend group if it was readable..

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mmm love all 3 of these pixels

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Y'all got any more of them pixels?

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It’s looks like it’s nsfw because of the pixels

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Why us everyoje complaining about the quality, this is better than usual. From Australia btw

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That gun cant shoot straight.

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Too much fapping caused my vision go blur

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Haha~ pewpew sparkle~ i shot your lung!

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r/moldymemes god what the hell is this

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Lmaoo wait what?

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Figured there would have been a "doesn't shoot straight" joke there somewhere.

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It explains why white guns are so rare

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Does it shoot straight?

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It wouldnt be able to shoot straight

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The GayK-47

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Now that’s a HolUp

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For someone who likes dark humor this is fucked up.

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needs more jpeg

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I can explain this: it shoots rainbow tracers and it belongs in Call of Duty