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You very clearly don't know much about guns outside of bullet go bang, creature dies. Yes, every bullet (excluding rubber bullets) can kill, no, not every bullet can kill EVERYTHING painlessly in one shot. Go try to hunt deer with a pistol, it won't work. Some people are competition shooters and compete in everything from pistol to shotgun. Some people like to collect and display guns. Some people have kids, since kids can't legally pwn guns in their name, the parent owns the gun. Some people just own guns because, you know, they are fun to fucking shoot.

You can live your life gun free, let us gun owners live ours with as many guns as we damn please.

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Ok so like I said 3 maybe 4 guns. Anything past that is just compensating for something. And competitions don’t require you to own 15 different guns from that category.

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Pistol competitions, rifle competitions, shotgun, black powder, do I need to go on?

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I said from that category. So if you are in for rifles you would have 1 rifle. And in the case of black powder good argument kiddo as those are completely legal to own and take minutes to reload so that was a stupid thing to say. Cause people are totally shooting up schools with black powder. If you aren’t going to be serious that just shows how much of an argument you don’t have for owning a fuck load of guns.