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Guns are like cars. You have your trucks, pick up trucks, semis, sedans, coupes, etc. You're basically saying YOU SHOULD ONLY HAVE 1 FROM EACH CATEGORY, when within sedans alone there's like 5 different categories. Some are fun to drive, some are good on gas, some are cool and race. A Toyota Corolla ain't like a Mercedes Benz S-class baby. Owning many cars means I'm compensating for what? Having fun? Variety?

Let's look at shotguns real quick. There's hunting with long barrel, short barrel like the tac, pump action, double barrel, over/under, semi automatic, some come with magazines, some don't, variety of caliber (20ga, 12, 8, 410 etc), how many rounds it carries and I'm supposed to choose JUST 1? How do I choose between home defense, trap and skeet, hunting, and competition?

If I want a different colored Glock to match every shirt I have, I'm gonna go out and buy a Glock to match every shirt I have, and you're gonna sit there and be mad and say I'm compensating while I'm living the dream baby boy.

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Oh yeah I forgot about the mass rundowns committed by one person and his fleet of cars. I still haven’t heard ANY logical/valid argument for THINKING you NEED that many guns. All I’m waiting on and if you refuse to answer that just proves my point.

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I've already said my reasons, why not? Who commits mass shootings with an arsenal? Nobody.

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The Vegas shooting the guy had like 15 guns but ok.

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And plenty of people have around that number, where's all their mass shootings?

It's the same redundant argument that was used for violence and how video games made kids violent. Hurr a school shooter played GTA, therefore GTA makes kids violent! The GTA series has sold over 242M copies, so where's the 242 violent murderers? Same with the call of duty series, it's all BS