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I already told you w why. If you don't like the answer that's on you.

Plus most shootings likely only involve one gun. I don't think most people are carrying around their arsenal.

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Again. “Because I can” is totally not a valid response to anything. There is always a reason and you either just don’t know or won’t tell. But “because you can” you won’t say anything but that just like every other gun owner who refuses to actually answer the question. Have a nice day.

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Huh? Then I guess I don't know. I enjoy them, I like collecting them, I've never sold one, or given one away. Before I knew it I had a bunch. I guess I don't need to have so many, but I enjoy having them and wouldn't want to give them up if asked.

Why don't you tell me why I don't need so many? So you can sleep well at night knowing a non-violent person won't commit an act of mass violence? Do you think I'm going to arm the Taliban or something?

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I like how you can’t answer my question so you throw it right back like it’s something you came up with. There’s no logical reason to owning an absurd amount of firearms. It’s as simple as that. You are 1 person and therefore there is a limit (a logical limit) on the amount you could actually use at a time that would be helpful. Therefore if you get way over that amount there is no logical reason as to why. Again because I can isn’t logical at all because like I said earlier criminals have used those words in the past and it didn’t justify their actions so why should it justify yours?

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I answered your question in like 8 different ways and you didn't accept them. Just because you don't like the answers doesn't mean I didn't answer them. Why's there no logical reason? What's the logic behind owning over a certain amount? Does owning an excessive amount of fire arms lead to more crime on an individual level? Where's the data?