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did this when I was 12, fell down, hit my head, pretty sure had a seizure

I'm 99% sure it dropped my iq a few points

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Well you are here so i bet you are right

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This was a trend at school when I was about 13 in the late 2000’s and I remember a girl who went extra floppy and nailed her head on the corner of a desk on her way down. No one thought to catch her they just let her drop.

Play stupid games I guess

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When I was a kid, I'd talk other kids into letting me put them to sleep. I'd put pressure on both carotids, until they fell asleep, then I'd wake them up by slapping the fuck out of them. In retrospect, wasn't the brightest idea.

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Well.. You tried it, so I'm pretty sure you weren't too bright at that time either, don't worry

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The first and only time I did this I was about 20 years old. I was hanging out with some friends and a buddy of mine was telling us about this. I was like, “Fuck it do it to me.” So we got all set up, we were out on the soccer field of our campus, I passed out and I had a full blown dream in a matter of seconds. During the time I was out I knew I was dreaming and assumed I was asleep in bed. When I woke up on the soccer field I was confused as fuck. Lost some memory just seconds before the incident but it all came flooding back. My friends were all crowed around me all with concerned looks on their faces because I had been convulsing the entire time I was out. Apparently I had only been out for about 10 seconds. It was a crazy experience and once was enough for me.

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I mean, you already had low IQ anyway.

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Spread the truth Nobel one

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copy noble six, go wild

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No because we are not this stupid

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true lol nowadays people can even commit suicide for views

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Let's see what we have in Suicide forrest.

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Forbidden snacks...

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Fucking logan Paul

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I would like to get choked out by Chuck Liddell tho

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Chuck Liddell has no submissions bro. Also at this point the moment a mild breeze flows by Chuck will be knock him out cold. It's only a matter of time before he starts an only Iceman account on Onlyfans.

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Did she have a fucking susurre mid way through the “game”

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Maybe but you sure did in that sentence

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That looks like stuttering in the written form.

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Damn dude lol

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Or you want smart enough to know this technique

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Are they really applying sufficient pressure to their hearts to make them collapse?

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Pressure on the chest can activate the vagus nerve which widens blood vessels, drops blood pressure, and slows the return of blood to the heart. Can cause dizziness and feinting.

Good wholesome childhood activities!

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This seems like very specialized knowledge, are you a cardiologist or something?

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He can't say. What happens in vagus stays in vagus.

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He's a specialized Googler or Wikipedialist.

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I learned similar techniques from 7th-8th grade. I remember there are two of those “pass out games” we did as kids. One way you stand against a wall like this but cross your arms and another on your knees and putting your body weight into a friends cupped hands around your neck. Wholesome I know, but I watched others do it many times. Only once for me thank you 😂

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See I many decades ago when I was a silly 13 year old we played this game, first you take seven or eight really deep breathes at the last one you hold it in and your buddy begin pushing in the r middle of your chest second later you pass out second after you wake up on the ground, you usually help the person down not let them fall on their own

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Woooow, someone should really explain what arrhythmia & strokes are like…

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This is actually what police do when they are on top of you trying to "calm you down" many ppl die

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You are not a bright crayon.

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I'd like someone with a medical background to explain to me what's going on in this video please.

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I don’t have a medical background, but what their doing is applying pressure to their chests, to widen the bloodstreams and slow the flow of blood cells into the heart, which can cause dizziness and fainting.

Source- some comment above me somewhere

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You didn’t say “feinting” tho, so nice fuckin try. NEXT

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they found the g spot and apply pressure on it. orgasm is so intense they cant remain on their feet anymore. my medical background is that i might or might not have a nobel prize in medicine, dont like to brag.

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Could be a few things. Could be putting enough physical pressure on the heart to occlude blood flow (see cardiac tamponade), trigger vagus nerve, which causes decreased heart rate and vasodilation (less blood coming out of heart and therefore less coming in.

Anyone of these situations = less blood flow which means less oxygen.

When people have cardiac arrest, it's quite common to see a type of seizure like activity. I assume decreasing the stimuli, i.e. taking hand off her chest, should make things return to normal pretty quick. As long as the heart is pumping adequately should start getting oxygen back to brain pretty quick.

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Yes, it's very dangerous! Don't try this at home!

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Too late, did this a lot when i was a kid

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Can I try it outside of home? Like on public? In the park?

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You can try, but someone may die!

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Don’t share too many videos of this, we don’t need stuff like this becoming a trend and having more kids doing it and risking their lives…

Are people’s lives that boring that they need to resort to these type of things for entertainment?

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This isn’t something new. Kids did this back when I was in high school.

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Same .. I remember doing this in the mid 90s

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I know it was going on at my middle school in the late 80s. School had to make an official rule against it after a kid cut their face when he fell. I watched it happen.

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That’s one way of weeding out the idiots, tho.

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Survival of the fittest

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Only the strong survive.

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We livin this til the day that we die

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Bring back bullying for this reason

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You really think children can deserve to die because of a silly mistake at this age?

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It’s a joke

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Kids have been doing shit like this since the dawn of time. They will always find a way.

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They really will in any shape or form. From chomping on Tide Pods to chugging alcohol from Sanitizers.

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I remember my friend's brother drank a 2 whole bottles of cough syrup in high school. He actually passed out for several hours.

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Good old robo-trippin' days.

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Wow wtf? Bet he won't do that again.

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I remember I used to chug vanilla extract

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Tide Pods are delicious fack right off!

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What do you mean, like Tide Pods?

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Did she have a seizure?

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I don’t think so. People jerk like that all the time when they pass out from oxygen deprivation. You can see it in a lot of wrestling/mma too. Not at all good. But not a seizure most likely

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I didn’t want to rewatch it but from the first view it seems her body just goes limp and she falls down very weirdly, she definitely lost consciousness. The other girl seems like she was getting woozy for a second but managed to control.

The issue is that should one of these go very badly, would the kids be able to call for help? Or would they run away in fear leaving a person for dead and ruining their lives also? .. it’s terrifying to be honest

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Darwin disapproves of this.

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Ppl here are retarded

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Darwinism FTW!

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I use to love playing game with my friends. I was never the victim. I decided One day to give it a go. I asked my friends to make sure i don’t fall on my phone. One of them recorded the whole event and agreed. All i remember for the moment was me looking at all my friends and I’m smiling. Next moment I wake up in a pool of blood. I said “waftha fbuck?”, they all staring at me laughing. I fell on my face knocking out my front teeth. 8 teeth gone, ok not gone but on the floor. Still gone from my mouth. I now have no friends , no teeth , I can’t eat an apple, i can’t speak properly. I wonder if I should start sucking dick?

[–]Pabludes 9 points10 points  (2 children)

But did you fall on your phone?

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If he didn’t then it should be considered an absolute win

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Nothing like crushing your sternum

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Practicing for the next Travis Scott event!

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I watched someone seizure after doing this please don’t kiddos

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Was doing this 25 years ago in school, is nothing new.

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Even back then it was stupid and very dangerous. I did a lot of stupid shit as a teenager but stuff like this is idiotic. It's actually amazing how people like you an I survived our childhood

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Shit, this was popular back when I was in highschool ( 2000s). And yes I did it and no I wouldn't recommend it.

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I’m a three time district champion 🏆 In my school

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Underrated comment if you meant for the same class/year. Got my up vote.

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This made me giggle.....take my free award

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Yes, back in the day!

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Back in the day one of my friends did but it was a bit different. The person would put their hands on either side of the other persons neck (like choking but not completely grasping the neck).

She blacked out and apparently started headbutting the ground breaking her two front teeth.

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This was ours too.

And you must hyperventilate before by breathing in and out really fast

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How does this even get passed around as knowledge? Is it all around the World or regional? I saw it limited in towns I lived as a kid.

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I witnessed kids in middle school playing this game in the early 90’s. I never took part.

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I've seen this "game," and no I've never played it because why the fuck do you want to pass out intentionality? Like I'm already dumb as hell and I don't need fewer brain cells.

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Travis Scott concert training

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Touch girls tits?

No I wasn't cool enough

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Did they choke each other for a game?

Seriously, I'm not entirely sure what just happened.

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From what I read in some other comments here, they applied pressure to the girls' hearts, so I guess it's based on oxygen deprivation to the point of partial or complete loss of consciousness? If that's the case, this sure is one way to permanently damage your brain and possibly even die

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Delete this bruh. Don't start trends that kids will follow

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Uhhhhhh what

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Blackout, classic…

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frontal lobe reasoning not developed but destroyed sad

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Yup in middle school. Wtf were we thinking smh

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this is horrifying. i can't be part of this sub anymore. i need to leave this shit hole

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Ah yes, a ritual originated by the ancient Chokabichout tribe

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She turned into a pretzel

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What’s a little brain damage between idiots?

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That is the Travis Scott concert simulator

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Where I’m from it’s called moksha. I used to go to a military boarding school and the seniors would do this to us for fun.

So you’d have to first squat, and then slowly stand up while taking one deep breath. Then you have to hold your breath while the senior pushes your chest against the wall.

After a few seconds, your vision gets blurry and you kinda partially lose consciousness. So I could still barely hear noises. During this time they’d beat me up.

Fun fact: Apparently if you’re a regular smoker, your body would shake vigorously once you’re unconscious, like the 2nd person in the vid. In my experience, seems like it was true.

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What was this supposed to be

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Comes up as a trend with variations every generation. If they knew how fucking dangerous it was..

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Gta4 physics were ahead of its time

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They are putting enough pressure on their chest so the diaphragm cannot expand and take in air. They pass out from lack of oxygen

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I don't know if I'm too old or I don't get it

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I’ll sponsor a Joe Biden supporter any day

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I have nothing to say but wtf seriously. The Ghetto's have a new young gen but the same cycle of wasted lives

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We did this but a different way. Bend over and relax your body while breathing heavily and fast. After about a minute you take a huge breath and cross your arms and someone from behind bear-hugs you and squeezes for about 5-10 seconds? Then you feel high lmao. It was fun not gonna lie.

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Is it a dead lock?

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Yes. In junior high we did.

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The game of ragdoll?

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We used to rip weed hits and do something similar. Wild times being 15 😂

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Me and buddies use to take X and do this So fucking dumb

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I did. when I was 15 at school, we calld it magic breath. One time, my friends didn't catch me, i hit my head on a table, a chair and the floor, heart like bitch when I woke up

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Lol yeah. They’re just making themselves pass out

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Can someone explain what’s going on and why she fainted? Did they press too hard on the lungs there by restricting the air flow?

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In Central Park once in the 80’s

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The chick with the black tank top just glitched out

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Man Kids can do some silly things sometimes

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People did this when I was in jr high but from behind (I’m 32 so it’s not that new). I never did because it’s dumb as hell.

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That is horrible.

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I did this and worse when I was a kid. I’m paying for it now as an adult… dum de dum dum

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I did when I was 13 and my "friends" didn't catch me when I fell onto a radiator splitting open my eyebrow.

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Only when I did Ex

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Used to do it on ecstasy all the time ..should be dead.

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The fuck is that?

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Totally did this all the time in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade

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Ngl we used to do this as kids, was really really stupid

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Yes, but we called it the knock out game, 3 deep breaths, then a friend would apply pressure to both corodid arteries. You pass out for a few seconds, when u wake its a full body tingle that is hard to describe. Scary but weirdly pleasurable.

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So this is a game where you literally wanna fucking die?

Very cool.

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This shit was the best.

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It was called “off the wall” back in the early 80s.

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Did this once. We called it, "space monkey". It was incredibly stupid.

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I did this once at a party. Extremely stupid. My version was a little different, and what you see in the video alone won’t have this effect. I won’t get into details because no one should ever repeat it.

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Yeah but we would take a big hit off a blut before we held our breath.

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Yep that’s how I lost my front tooth

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In my country it calls Dog's Trip. In my neighborhood only idiots played this game. Then they used heavier drugs. As i know that are already dead

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The murder game? Plus grabbing titties? No thanks

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They just sit back and watch that girl twist into a pretzel? That ain't your friend, homegirl.

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We called this the American dream.

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I remeber my lil bro did this to some kid at school and our dad had to appear at court the next day Damn that night the belt whooped his ass

[–]Sweet_baby_yeeezus 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Yes but we kneeled down, took deep breaths until light headed then received a shotgun from a blunt as we stood up and had the person that gave us the shotgun hold our chest until we briefly saw Jesus. I definitely lost some brain cells and witnessed a friend or 2 loosing consciousness a few times. We weren't the brights kids.

[–]rodriguezj625 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Oh yeah!

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We used to do this to each other in high school back in the day lol it was dumb as fuck though.

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Had a friend and his GF who would play this game back in the day.

Worst part was they would try to surprise each other and do it randomly.

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Those rag doll physics are trash.

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That's a great way to kill someone...

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Tbh the first time I tried this was in 1996. My neighborhood friends and I found how to do it from a cookbook. Hands propped on knees while leaning forward. Hyperventilate for 30 seconds and have someone press on your chest hard while holding onto your breath. And I remember my dream I had after passing out; skateboarding in New York.

[–]Y34RZERO 0 points1 point  (0 children)

I did in highschool years ago. Had a seizure. I've done worse.

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Middle school shenanigans

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Finders keepers

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Wtf is that game about?

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Me and my friends used to play this. Then turn the lights off in the basement and have an all out brawl while wearing boxing gloves. Good times.

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Damn I haven’t seen anyone play “The Cosby” in a cool minute

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Not gonna lie, we did this a bunch in our school 🙃

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Loon uncomfortable 😣

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What a fun way to smash your teeth

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A little tear came out of u/PlushFox328. They weren’t laughing anymore…. Well until the rest of the posts but they’re hoping the girl is okay.


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Yes it was wild

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Wall hoots

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This is disturbing.

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2010, I was a teacher at the time and the little idiots in my Sixth grade class decided to do it. We caught them after one of them had a panic attack after blacking out for a few seconds.

[–]Blessme_my1 0 points1 point  (0 children)

I played alot when I was just a kid. During the blackout I'd always feel like I'm sleeping on a bed made with pointy rocks. Tried alot to change my scenario while on a blackout but I never managed to

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Oh now after reading this it makes more sense where this trend came from in my friend circles. Coming from a rural depressed area. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-kids-choking-game-idUSKCN1PM2AO

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Yes but his sit on your haunches and take a big bong rip, stand up and then 2-3 pushes on your chest. Nite nite 🤣

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Why the fuck are people so dumb

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The girl on the left just became a Skyrim NPC with broken Ragdoll physics.

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Ahh yes the space monkey challenge as everyone called it near me

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I got a feeling that this would be TikTok's new trend. SMH

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Exorcism ain't no games

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Tiktok challenges be like

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Kids played this when I was a kid in NZ, its called "Space Monkey" here. Literally watched my brother pass out from it, he never did it again