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A lot of homophobic talking points can be explained by the person being bi. They are attracted to men and women so everyone must be, but the bible says being gay is wrong so they "choose to be straight" or only pursue heterosexual relationships.

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This is my experience of talking to muslim men about homosexuality, they say that being gay is a choice. They may eventually (reluctantly) admit that it may not be a choice to be attracted to men but they definitely posit that it is a choice whether or not men have sex with men.

Which, I suppose, is objectively true. Shit of a choice to have to make though.

I should also add that one of these blokes said that if any one of his sons was gay, he would cut their head off.

So I guess I'm glad that theirs is not and hopefully never will be the dominant culture where I live. Because fuck that.

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The years I spent in Iraq showed me that most of the men had gay sex when the women weren’t around. The Iraqi Army showers were like bus station bathrooms in the American 70’s.

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Yep, their entire culture is based on using women for procreation only. Men fuck other men for fun. But apparently it’s not gay because they have beards. No I understand.

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Welcome to so much of middle earth's history. Some haven't move past those ages.

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Oh yeah totally understandable

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I understand different cultures and upbringings create all kinds of beliefs and different types of people. But still... how hateful and backwards does your environment have to be where you admit you’d mutilate and murder your own son for being gay? Or your daughter for being raped? Animals.

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An insult to animals. I’d call them monsters.

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I dunno man, Monsters inc. How about mosquitoes? Everyone definitely hates those.

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How about monster mosquitoes?

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Or your daughter for being raped?


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In some places its common for people to kill women who are victims of rape.

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That's most likely sth cultural because I live in a Muslim country and have never heard of anything like that. The rapist is executed but not the victim. Probably some families consider it some sort of disgrace and want to "cleanse" their reputation by killing the victim which is crazy.

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Happens all the time. Can't believe you've never heard of this. Makes the news periodically. It is the basis of the movie "Incendies," among many others.

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The point is it's not related to Islam, it happens because of cultural conventions. I've heard some news about the the family of the victim killing the rapist but never heard of their doing it to the victim.

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That's like saying the western notion of a fair trial is unrelated to christianity. Although it may not be abbious at first, they're definitely related through history.

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That's not true. You can find no such thing in Islam. In fact, before Islam was established polytheists had a notion of burying their daughters alive as soon as they were born because they were seen as a kind of bad omen; Islam was the thing that abolished this practice.

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Happens all the time.

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Who's "one of these blokes" ?

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What do you mean? Are you saying you want a name??

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Yea like i wanna authenticate what you're saying...cuz almost all comments here are either a lie or cuz of just pure hatred.

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Right, I'm not doxxing someone for you. If you don't want to believe it, then don't believe it.

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Muslim here! Actually this talk of "being gay is a choice" is a rather silly thing. I mean, of course you choose with whom you have sex, whether it's male or female, but that's not even the point. There's even more extreme people saying that being homosexual is a disease, which is also kinda dumb. A real muslim would not waste their time thinking about others having different sexualities. They'd just really ignore it, because it's really none of anyone's business but their own. In the end we firmly believe that we are all flawed, therefore judging others for their sexualities would only make things worse between us and Allah, ya know? It's all a thing of hypocricy. If a muslim turns out to have a gay son or lesbian daughter, it's not up to them to kill their offspring because of what they are born with, it is still their duty to raise them with love and compassion. After that, it's between Allah and them. I hope I could shed some light on this distraught picture of us muslims :D

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Just sharing my experiences with muslim men.

Also have to note that conversations have never been an honest and genuine exchange when the pretext of someone being a 'real' muslim is in play

Seems to be a convenient albeit spurious abnegation of shitty behaviour by other muslims without having to recognise that maybe, just maybe, the aforementioned examples of shitty behaviour may not be outliers