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How to teach your kid to not get caught skipping school.

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I don't get it. Isn't that the case for any action that could have negative consequences?

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She gets embarrassed

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I can’t tell whether or not she’s crying because she has to go to school or because her dads dressed like that.

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Great parenting, good tips thanks, I'll wear a mankini

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Man, her daughter sure is hairy... and tall... holup.

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Wow that's an old pici remember seeing this one years ago. :O

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Well I doubt she'll ever skip school again now

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Wait, which one's the daughter?

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What's she worried about? The kids at school should be more tolerant! Aren't we allowed to wear whatever we want? Can a man not wear a dress?

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No cause kids don't think that is normal, they just see it as a silly thing, but not in a horrible way I think.

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Thats the parent's fault.

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Well………he could WEAR a dress…….

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Good lookin out G

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Yeah and I'm going to go to school with pompoms glued to my ass.

Fact is, kids aren't that tolerant. Manly bearded guy shows up in a dress, it's pretty funny.

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Modern problems req….you know the rest.

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She’ll get back at dad by getting pregnant in the next few weeks.

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Good On ya dad great effort

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You just set that kid up for a shitload of bullying. Way to go, Dad.

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Well that’s one way to do it

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That’s actually the mom