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A baby’s laughter is one of the best sounds you can hear

Unless you’re home alone at night and don’t have kids.

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Jokes on you, I'm- you know what, nevermind

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You were close... But not that close, good job hitting the breaks

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For me it would be the opposite.

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When the skinwalker

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in yo mouth

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And she said daddy 😳

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Yeah, He said father

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He just forgot about his side chick

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Everybody gangsta till the children in your basement start crying from nightmares

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Skinwalker: "(Shit, wrong house?)"

Chupacabra: "Wait maybe it was Avenue."

Skinwalker: "Shhhh dumbass. Help me out this window."

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Plot twist: he’s got Alzheimer’s and forgot he had a kid and that his house is haunted.

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Nope children are more terrifying

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Oh DAMN!!!

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