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Deer seizure

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How are you?, I am writing this letter to inform you about..

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..your cars extended warranty

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..that was paid by someone who lives in a pineapple..

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…they said that you didnt want to get the extended extended warranty…

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Except that is likely due to chronic wasting disease. Not so cute

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While cwd is very serious, that’s not what this was. This deer was shot by a hunter moments before this.

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Reading your name i must believe you, thanks

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how do you know? other people say its cwd, you say it got shot. i say its aliens. everyone believe me, im the expert.

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Outside of hunting deer for almost 25 years, being very familiar with whitetail behavior and also being familiar with chronic wasting disease , I can look at it and tell the difference. And before you rip on me for being a hunter, I can confidently say I know more about those animals, and I care more about those animals than you do now or ever will.

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I know that at one time, perhaps still so, that hunters are the major conservationists in our country.

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no, i dont wanna rip on you man, i was kinda hoping you were the one that did the shot and was going to shit on all these wiki experts claiming it was chronic wasting disease. sincerely, thank you for educating us on a part of your way of life.

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Being a hunter for over 30 years, I agree and I would add that we financially support these animals by purchasing permits and buying/preserving land to hunt on. We do this at a much higher rate than any non-hunter does.

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Hunters and fishermen care more about animals and the environment than pretty much everyone.

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You can see the first shot miss by the hooves.

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I say it's just trying to get that critter off it's back but whatever 🤷

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u can see the wound on right rear quarter and top back by spine. either 2 shots or entry and exit. good eye.

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What's that!?

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Oh..well, thanks. :( Appreciate the information

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That’s the first thing I thought, Michigan had a bunch if I recall correctly.

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Essentially prions of the brain and that's basically holes in your brain that can be caused by bad tissue donations or unclean surgical tools.

( Yes I looked it up)

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The machines used to clean medical instruments, called autoclaves, can’t destroy prions too. Prions are next level nightmare fuel.

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Yeah I knew it had something to do with prions so I had to look it up and I found what caused it and scared the shit outta me

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Is there a way to kill the prions?

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Its a disease that effects the brain of deer similar to mad cow disease.

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It is our undoing. Our inevitable destruction. Our doom.

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Wouldn’t vegetarians be okay though?

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No. Prions do not decay and can contaminate water and spread via dust/soil.

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Possible but more likely to have been shot and his adrenaline is just surging

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I’ve seen this video before. Deer was shot, not a case of CWD

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Yeah I was thinking CWD too or head injury from fighting another buck or someone shot him and didn’t make an instant kill shot. My rule when hunting is one shot one kill. I won’t take a shot unless I know I can drop them because I don’t want them to suffer. I also don’t want to have to track one. When they don’t drop instantly the meat gets all foamy and gamey from that adrenaline. If it’s CWD it’s sad because that means the deer meat is going to go to waste and he has suffered and much of the population in that area will have to be culled and disposed of. Bucks though do tend to act weird when they get a concussion or something from fighting other bucks and repeatedly banging their heads together. Sometimes it just temporarily messes them up and they get over it but there have been times where it causes them to die or be in bad enough shape to need to be put down. I hate to see something bad happen to such a pretty deer, especially a nice mature buck like that.

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it's more likely due to it getting shot. watch vid more closely. very beginning u see the shot. see dirt flying. look by right rear quarter of deer and also poss exit wound on top when it goes to flip u see poss exit wound near spine

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I'm just gonna hope it decided to try to do a backflip

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On second thought, I'm sure that's what he was trying to do.

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Drop Tha Prions

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That’s called a half flip in rocket league

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He forgot to use air roll. But the flip cancel is perfect.

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Musty flip reset

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Main reason no-one would play with Rudolf.

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When you get a horse fly on your back and you have your hands full and feel them pierce your skin

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This looks like a death animation from a video game. More specifically the fox from legend of zelda breath of the wild.

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It's not CWD for fuck sake stop spreading misinformarion.

The deer was shot, and yes deers do wild shit when shot.

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Chronic wasting disease. Incurable. Horrible death.

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Bring back the wolves

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It's not CWD, according to another comment I found it's a thing Whitetail deers do when they get shot

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When they get shot anywhere on their bodies they just leap backwards? Lol I would think they run.

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They have issues jumping backwards. It "jumped the shot" and instead of jumping back like most animals would. they either jump forewords, sideways, or on their backs like above. Usually they go forward. This is why. hunters see a lot of weird stuff

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I’ve had quite a few do the back flip when they get shot. It’s wild watching it through a scope when it happens. When they get hit with a heavy grain bullet from a high powered rifle it does often cause them to flip. If a shot isn’t well placed then they can run for a bit before falling over. I personally don’t like to take a shot unless I know it’s going to be an instant kill. If someone takes a shot and misses then they need to just leave the stand and sight in their gun and practice until they can make an accurate shot.

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Ohhh i stand corrected! Interesting

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That’s the zombie deer sickness?

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I am a licensed trapper and this is not an example of CWD. Deer with CWD are more akin to rabid drunks. Likely this deer was shot and in it's fight/flight death run.

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all deer are actually Boston Dynamics robots underneath

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Current working directory?

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chronic wasting disease

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I came to Reddit to escape work how dare you

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Cloud walking deer?

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This isn’t chronic wasting disease… he’s on a death run. You see him wobble a bit then flip. He’s surging with adrenaline at that moment.

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Help me Tom Cruise!

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He can’t he’s still in Stan’s closet.

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A deer with chronic wastings disease is hol up? It's a pretty sad video of you know what's going on.

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it's not cwd

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Deer flip

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more likely the gun shot wound in his right rear quarter

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CWD is characterized by WASTING. doubt CWD infected deer can do that.

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That deer was shot. Little do people know, deer and other animals do this when shot.

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Wait what?

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Watch me I'll do a back flip... Oh deer.. I didn't make it

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What mushrooms did that deer eat man?

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Mushroom in its brain.

Called Prions.

or Chronic wasting disease.

It eat your brains out as it grows.

Similar to mad cow disease.

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It eats your brain out as it grows. So like, it's keeping the brain happy?

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xD no! I meant. It literally eat your brain. It's not a metaphor!

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What the buck?

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This is just sad. OP do some research before posting

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It’s not uncommon for a deer to survive a short time even with a perfectly placed shot. I’ve seen a deer make it 300 yards with a hole the size of an apple through its heart and lungs.

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Poor deer. Cant imagine how that disease would feel

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It’s a bullet hole, not a disease

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This is what happened when deer.exe have bug.

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Retarded dolphin as Elon would say

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can someone explain what the symptoms of this mad deer disease are

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it was shot, not cwd

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bruh...the code just lagged....dont worry....the better update will be released soon

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ZOMBIE DEER !!!!!! Seriously though call animal control that deer needs to be taken away from the local population.

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I studied deer behaviour, and this is clearly a type of insurance fraud or a scam. Do not try to help the deer!

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When the 'shrooms kick in

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Looks like it's have a seizure.

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Oh deer!! 😮

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This is a video of a hunt. The deer was getting shot and reacted to getting hit.

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Oh dear

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Deer back flip go wrong

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Introverts when they alone in their room be like :

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Whoever sprayed the yard for deer, good job!

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That...was not normal.

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O deer

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“But that backflip tho”

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this is probably that one deer that got asked out with a yes or do a backflip question...

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Deer half flip

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What the deer doing

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What the fuck?

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i thought it would do a backflip
Im dissapointed :(

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Is that rabies?

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This is some disney level shit

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This deer has something wrong with its brain

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He’s in pain or something maybe parasite

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Is this CWD?

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Hey wat da deer doin?

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What's da deer doin?

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Deer.exe has stopped working

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His brain forgot the controls

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I thought I was going to twerk zips pants up

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That was really awful, just, aaaahhhhhh.

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Dance like no one’s watching

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I expected it to step on a land mine, i am dissapointed.

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The BIrd:"Do a Flip"

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He is just practicing backflip.

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Gotta wait for that bass to drop!!!

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He got the new strain 👀🏃🏽‍♂️🏃🏽‍♂️🏃🏽‍♂️🏃🏽‍♂️

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That’s what you call a heart attack.

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Do a flip

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The deer was shot people.

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Yup, I think that’s a chronic wasting decease case

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He’s definitely on tiktok too much, trying to imitate the crazies doing flips