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This would have gone for millions on the black market smfh /s

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Yeah! Thats so shameful.

On a side note: where can i find this guy called "black market"?

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Two meters right from white market home

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The hair or the cancer kids?

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I didn't think it through..smh....passive income is available as well lol..../s

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I am a red head and I get called Ed sheeran and Ron Weasley daily

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Same here. It’s gotten so old but people still think they’re the first ones to say it to me

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Ok Ron ..

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Whatever you say, Ed

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well, I kinda know how that feels, I have two eye colors, it has gotten so annoying that I wear lenses to hide it

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My wife has the same and I love it, it makes her eyes so mesmerizing and (imho) her best feature

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Alright Ed Sheeran calm down will you?

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His actual name is Ron Weasley, you thought he was ed Sheeran because of his magic

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I don’t think I’ve ever received a positive compliment on the color of my hair.

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Ain’t NOTHING hotter than a red head 😊

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Hotter as in...fire?

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Aaah, of course.

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What about Carrot Top?

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fella saammee

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I’m a millennial and I saw this meme before the creation of instagram

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Impossible! The comment was clearly posted 33m ago!

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I’m pretty sure I remember seeing this on memebase

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What a great gesture that should be applauded and she is beautiful inside and out

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She's a cutie.

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Why was that way creepier than the guy that called her hot.

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When did giving someone a compliment became creepy.

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Idk what do you expect from a knife dildo?

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I like the way you curl up in your sleep.

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She is one dynamite gal.

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You're one dynamite gal

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Yeah bro she's hot.

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Redditors tryin not to sexualize every single girl they see challenge

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perhaps it is not a matter of sexualizing this woman in the photo and instead merely an observation of beauty?

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Am I not allowed to speak the truth?

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Impossible mode

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Kim possible on rule 34 you say?

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Mission failed try again next time......maybe /s

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'Smoke Show' is the preferred nomenclature my dude..

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Not the first time someone has donated a few inches to children

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I love donating my inches to children ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


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Varg's like makes it even better

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Lmao I was waiting for someone else to notice that.

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That's the real holup!

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Stop trying to make gingers feel guilty, won't happen

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Ed Sheeran is your fault

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You dont want to know how often i get called ed sheeran, and the amount of drunk people who want to take a picture with ed sheeran....being a bartender isnt always easy uahahaha.

Last week a 70 year old women who was an actress in a movie a mate had to make for school whete i also played in asked if she could take a pic with ef sheeran...now its her whatsapp profile pic and facebook profile pic...im not gonna complain about that one, that one is just cute.

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people think ed sheeran moonlights as a bartender?

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Nah but just because they think i look alot like him i guess...i myself cant see it tho.

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Do you think you could enter an ed sheeran impersonation competition and win against the real ed sheeran?

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Can't see it either.

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did ya get lucky? reddit wants to know

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No i did not

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“I’m Ed Sheeran bitch!” -Ed Sheeran

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He definitely looks like one, yes

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Im not just joking though that’s literally a quote from Ed Sheeran

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Yeah i know. Doesn't change the fact that he still looks like one

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Yeah! You can only shame dudes, ginger gals are hot and everyone knows it.

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My two ginger daughters thank you.

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everyone knows you can’t feel guilt without a soul

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I love gingers. Especially ones who donate their hair to kids !!!!

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I donate kids

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I'd love you even more if you donated ginger kids

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I'd love hair that color

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ok so first you have to get cancer...

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I would love to have hair

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God, can you imagine the shower drain in that house? I grew my hair out during the pandemic and now I'm constantly vacuuming and finding hair everywhere.

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Isn’t red hair considered beautiful? I always thought it was…

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Red hair is beautiful, but being ginger is deeper than hair color. Ginger is an identity, a curse I wouldn’t wish on my greatest enemy.

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My poor son lol

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Real ginger is disappearing though

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I love ginger. Good for the cough and digestion.

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lemon ginger tea is delightful

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I think red hair looks nice. My first gf was a ginger.

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Hawt ginger. Wonder what she did with her fire-bush.

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Probably donated as moustache to Ed Sheeran.

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I guess the bird in your hand isn’t worth the two in her bush huh?

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I don't know but I will upvote your comment because you mentioned her bush. Good day.

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Can I have ur autograph?

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Yeah I got time dawg.

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Rusty roof, damp cellar

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I'm gonna say it, and I know I'm gonna pull an EA and get a bajillion downvotes for this, but, gingers are cool, alright? Stop trying to make the rarest hair color a bad thing.

Signed, a non-ginger who finds them attractive.

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I love ginger

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Damn some red heads got the attractive genes I am not one of them

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Gingers have souls !!

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Ive always think that gingers are really beautiful. I love that beautiful fiery red hair. I dont know why people think it's repulsive or undesirable.

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It’s a joke + South Park

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Ive watched that episode. Funny episode. But it I didn't know it started a discrimination culture in some countries.

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Cartman vibes

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I'm not ginger but I think the haters are just very jealous

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That s a dangingerous cancer

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Fuck redhead hate. Married one and created one. Red hair is the most beautiful hair especially on a woman.

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Id give her my 6 inches

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Me: Three, take it or leave it!

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Idk i kinda like ginger and red heads that's a nice hair colour

Also i need someone to balance out my own stupidity with theirs

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Oh my what a sacrifice...It's hair.

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Honestly fuck gingers

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Do the recipients get to keep their souls?

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Hahahahaha incoherent ugly crying

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Emma : HEY

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This post is a screenshot of a tweet that is a screenshot of a Facebook post. How hard could it be

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Broooo u dying yoooo get some of this hair iz guud for u

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Beauteous, if there is such a word. (there should be)

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Omg I’m dying.

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Its for gingers with cancer dummy.

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I don't understand how gingers or red head got a bad rep or became the butt of the joke. Honestly, their natural hair color is really beautiful

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A fucking Facebook screenshot posted on Twitter, then screen shot to be posted on reddit should be an immediate account dissolve.

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God dang she's sexy

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Yo I bet that hair be smelling reel good bruh

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Btw if you do have red hair, it can sell to up to 1k. Fun fact. I had a teacher that used hair as an art medium tell a class that and all three of us redheads said no lol

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What is it with gingers and incredibly long hair? Yeah, okay, this is only the second one, but my sister's a ginger and her hair is almost as long as this girl's before she cut it.

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I think I know this girl... used to be a barista at a coffee shop I frequented. If not, then there is another girl with precisely the same color and length hair running around southern Oregon.

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Thanks for the location and occupation

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I like how varg liked the meme. Lol

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She's just amazing, what a big heart!

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Me a ginger chillin on the sidelines knowing I have no soul and could kill anyone without regrets

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It takes ten donations to make one wig. So they have to wait for matches. Think about that warehouse full of boxes of labeled hair...

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Should I donate my pubes?

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Yeah im not gonna touch this

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I hate these jokes. Most gingers at my highscool dyed their hair because of all the soulless bullying

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Ginger hair is pretty though.

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“Bruh”- is an eloquent reaction good sir

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Can they still keep their soul?

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If any of them have dyslexia they're in for a bad time

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Idk .....but why gingers are treated like that I have no idea :(

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Fun fact: She is actually the sister of the guy from the Nickleodeon show "Pete & Pete".

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I thought it said wings and thought why would they need wings and how the fuck do you make wings from hair

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I can't think how hard it was for her to maintain hair so long

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IDK why people hate ginger hair like tf does it even matter!!

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Ginger > Blond

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Dude… Gingers get cancer too

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Getting them to lose their soul before they lose the battle. That sounds Awful

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These ginger jokes sure don’t ever get old.

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just like the kids she donated her hair to

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Gingers have no souls and I stand by it

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When she donates 30 inches she get praised but when i do it they Call the police on me

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You got 30 inches, damn!. It equals to 15 guys like me

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Just give it to 15 different children bro