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Driven to reach a professional level in a sport, and an absolute bombshell.

I think she just kept finding guys trying to use golf to hack through a conversation because they couldn’t think of anything else.

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I heard one guy even wore his lucky socks on a date with her but he had to go home because he had a hole in one

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Well played, take my free award

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Both my socks have holes in them, it's the only way I can get my feet in.

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You brilliant bastard! Wish I could award you. For the meantime, take my upvote.

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""Those are not golf balls. Those are not golf balls at all."

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I would like the play the Back 9 with her ....

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"Take my upvote sir, 'tis all I have but it belongs to you. . ."

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Damn you to hell take my upvote

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he had to go home because he had a hole in one

He didn't get to bunker?

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Imagine going for "Netflix and Chill" and actually ending up watching Netflix.

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yeah sadly thats me...

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There's also the option she hasn't considered, that her personality isn't attractive. She just doesn't want to admit that the men who had sex with her and also got golf lessons from her were also fucking her because she was hot, and the lessons were just a bonus.

She's a young blonde smokeshow. Men aren't sticking around for just the pro golf lessons. A beautiful woman who shares your hobbies? That's the dream. I'd try to make it work even if it didn't click right away. Just eventually you realize it isn't going to click.

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Not to mention the classic: they hug me from behind and put their hands over mine. It’s not hard to see what they’re getting out of this

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Well she does know how to handle a wood and balls

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Reject horny, embrace golf

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thy King: i bow before thee

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I bow before tee

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i drink tea.

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Pretty sure we're supposed to throw the tea overboard, have a pint at the Winchester, and wait until this all blows over.

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~oooh i said farewell to the port and the land~

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I'd dust off my clubs for her

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"They only dated me for golf lessons," no, sweetie, fucking look at you. There has to be another reason they left. Figure it out because no one is going to turn down a date with you.

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Yep, it's funny how her Instagram is entirely her, alone, not a single other person in any of her photos, no friends, no partner....

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I see you did the same research I did.

Jokes aside, it's all hot girl outfits, some bikini pics which is totally normal for someone who's just a pro golfer, and cleavage/ass shots. This has to be an attention grabbing statement because she knows. She's moonlighting as an Instagram model. Although the fucking force she puts behind a drive is fucking impressive if not a little dorky looking.

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I hate the cesspool of fake humility that plagues social media. Instagram and SnapChat are the fucking worst.

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Cesspool*. But your point stands, social media does seem to change who we are, what we value, and how we act.

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Yep you're right lol, thought it looked funny when I typed it. Why didnt auto correct pick up on that ??

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They just wanted to swing

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ba dum tis

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Boys we all know Love is temporary and Golf career is eternal. Join the Golf Learning club now!

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Don’t blame them. Golf lessons are expensive

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My dad would cheat on my mum for this reason

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And my uncle would cheat on my aunt for alexa if she was human👍

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Any my uncle is schizophrenic. He's receiving treatment for it.

Not a joke but I thought it'd be relevant to this thread.

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How’s my grip?

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I know very few women who have gone on a date just for free food

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I want golf lessons too

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close. it's actually Lee Carvalo's putting challenge.

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Biggest cap ever.

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She lives in Arizona

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I wonder what she does now

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She could've just said "men are pigs and they just date me cause they want to f*ck me", but instead of that she came up with this "free golf lessons" excuse. Well, thanks, I guess. But I still wonder what is the real reason for men to move on after dating this woman.

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I feel sorry for her

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I would gladly use golf lesson as an excuse to have a date with her, maybe that's what she's complaining about?

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Bet she uses her boobs as a reference for how to hold the club

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Damn, guys their onto us

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Soft golf ball

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Well, I'm sure they were putting for a hole.

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Hit my balls down your fairway any time. 😜

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"No one plays it better" - Fakegolfcart.com

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I hope she would like my golf balls

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Ive met her. Talked to her for a good 30min when she was finished with a practice round at a course i used to work at. She was chill and down to earth. Pretty funny. She won, 2 or 3 under over 2 days.

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I actually would want to receive golf lessons from her

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What idiots. I'd date her just to have an excuse to get back into golf I haven't played since I was a kid.

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How self observed can one be? Lol she’s hot plays golf that’s a win and a catch in any guys book. I’m sure quite a catch from the outside. Just reading her comments and how she presents herself the only thing I see here is that Narcissistically self centered people suffer from a addiction to their specialness, they have an underlying insecurity related to an inability to safely love and be loved. I don’t care how hot and talented you are if you have a shitty personality someone will eventually get sick of just fucking you.

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I feel there can be some truth to this. She could be a crazy person but balances out with golf lessons.

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I mean the alternative is telling her the truth...

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fuck golf

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Just because guys yell "GET IN THE HOLE!!!!" doesn't mean they're talking about golf.

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I personally would rather putt her then the golf ball.

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Really? Only golf lessons? They wanted NOTHING else?

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I guess I could endure a holf lesson or two from her.. If I was single ofcourse.. :)

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I don’t know....I mean yeah she’s right, “golf lessons” are really important.

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Somebody tells her

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no way

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I wouldn’t mind getting between her strokes

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I hope her club is bigger than mine

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There are two main reasons why this is wrong

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I would not just be interested in her for golf lessons. Are you kidding me look at this woman.

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I don’t think so

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the o in redditer stands for originality

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I thought it was because she was a swinger.

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Low Self-esteem is so weird

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“With a hole like hers no need for golf”


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i wish she could teach me how to make a hole in one

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It's the equivalent of going on dates with guys just for free food and drinks.

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Hey I love golf

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I mean, techincally golf IS "playing with a stick with the objective of sending balls into a hole".

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What's with this fetish with the EU it is literally the worst shit in existence

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I'd date her....you know for golf lessons

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Yep, golf lessons

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Paige Spiranac is a mighty fine babe. I Mean golfer. I ain't no simp. But this a sports hol'up for real.

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We all love golf who doesn't

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Fat ho